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9 Reasons Silicone Wedding Rings are Popular

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As much as you are enjoying the beauty of your engagement/wedding ring, you’re probably also very careful about wearing it. Diamonds last forever – unless they get stolen or lost.

That’s exactly why silicone wedding rings come in handy. This amazing invention can take the place of much pricier rings to reduce your concern no matter what you are doing.

Let’s check out 9 reasons why silicone wedding rings are so popular!

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Who Wears Silicone Wedding Rings?

Silicone wedding rings are great for people in professions such as construction or those who work a lot with their hands in general.

They’re perfect for individuals who need to wash their hands often, do physical work, pull weeds in the garden, or myriad other reasons why they might be uncomfortable wearing a traditional wedding band the entire time.

In fact, every day carries activities where you use your hands – starting from the morning when you’re showering, dressing, and brushing teeth to preparing lunch and other tasks that are waiting for you throughout the day.

Some people feel more comfortable when they leave their wedding rings aside so as not to scratch or even misplace them if they take them off for a while.

Silicone rings are also an excellent choice for people who are traveling, going to the gym, or pursuing some other activity outside of their homes.

You won’t feel guilty if you lose one because they’re cheaper and easier to replace than the traditional metal ring, but you’ll still be able to wear your special symbol of love.

Are Silicone Wedding Rings Safe?

Silicone wedding bands are a comfortable and safe alternative to classical engagement or wedding rings. They are thin and light, so you can wear one under gloves without it feeling odd or damaging the glove.

If a silicone wedding ring gets caught it will break, without causing any harm to your finger. Silicone rings are generally easy to replace, unlike metal rings – especially wedding ones.

How To Clean a Silicone Wedding Ring

It’s rather easy to take care of silicone rings. In fact, you can clean them using just a combination of soap and water. These rings have a smooth surface which is why there won’t be any dirt left in hidden crevices.

However, don’t put your ring back on until it’s completely dry. It’s also not recommended to wear it while taking a shower. If you wear it in water without removing it to dry, bacteria can grow in spots with no airflow between your skin and the ring itself.

Do Silicone Wedding Rings Stretch?

Silicone rings are made to hold their shape firmly, but still slip off when you need to remove them. They’re not designed for you to stretch them out on your own.

Silicone rings come with the exact amount of stretch. They’re made of flexible material which keeps your finger movements fluid.

If you just got a new silicone wedding ring and are feeling a little discomfort, wear it for a couple of days. This material should adjust to the size of your finger over a short period of time.

How To Size a Silicone Wedding Ring

checks looks the size of the ring

Sometimes it’s not enough to wear a ring for a while – the size simply doesn’t fit you, so you need to reconsider some changes.

This type of ring is designed to conform to fingers of all sizes. With this in mind, the majority of online or physical stores will help you determine which size fits you best.

If you’re trying them out and are between sizes (or even a half size), it’s better to go with the size down. If it’s sliding up or down, it probably means that one is a little too big.

On the other hand, if the ring is slightly tight, wear it for a couple of days to stretch it out. If you’re feeling it’s too snug even after that, maybe you should think about exchanging it.

How Long Do Silicone Wedding Rings Last?

Silicone rings are made to last – if not forever, at least for a very long time. But that part depends on the conditions they’re affected with.

Here are two factors that make an impact on their longevity:

  • Silicone Grade. One of the most important factors that will help you determine your ring’s longevity is the grade of the silicone elastomer used in its fabrication. This feature guides the mechanical properties of your ring.

That way, you have high-consistency silicone rubbers (HCR), liquid silicone rubbers, or silicone elastomers vulcanized at room temperature.

For most silicone jewelry, manufacturers often use HCR. When creating wedding rings, they use an injection molding machine.

  • Environment You Expose Your Ring To. Where and when do you wear your silicone wedding ring? High heat, direct sunlight, water, or other “extreme” conditions will certainly play a big role in its durability.

The silicone elastomers used in the fabrications of rings are the strongest and most durable of the silicone polymers. However, they won’t last as long as, for example, thermoplastic will.

If you don’t expose your ring to rather extreme conditions and you do take care of it, it will last for around five years. General durability is between 1 to 5 years, but the exact period depends on the use and conditions the ring is exposed to.

Can You Shrink a Silicone Wedding Ring?

You can shrink a silicone wedding ring if it’s too big for you.

First of all, clean it off. Remove all the dust and dirt it may have on its surface.

Boil water, but not to more than 230°F. Silicone is a pretty strong material, but be careful because it’s not invincible.

If you boil it too high, you could seriously damage the silicone. The temperature we’ve mentioned is high enough to shrink it, yet low enough to keep the aesthetics.

Submerge your ring for around 5 minutes. The heat from the water is going to make the silicone shrink down by half a size. It can go up to two sizes – depending on how long you boil the band and what its initial size was.

Wait for the ring to cool down for half an hour and try it out to see if the size fits you now.

Where Can You Buy Silicone Wedding Rings

You can get silicone wedding bands in plenty of storefront retailers or online shops. Since they’re becoming quite popular, the choice you have is pretty wide, whether we’re talking about designs or price points.

Some of the popular online shops are Enso Rings, Botthms, and Qalo – but, of course, you can also find nice silicone rings on Amazon or other popular online marketplaces.

Why Use a Silicone Wedding Ring?

Silicone rings are made of flexible, durable, and comfortable material. They come in a wide variety and are affordable.

If you would like to keep your traditional wedding ring safe and unmarred during everyday or work activities, a silicone ring is a great replacement and an excellent choice for you.

It’s also handy when you’re traveling or spending more time outside of your home. If you take it off and leave it somewhere, you won’t regret it as much as you would do with your traditional ring.

The silicone ring is also a very safe solution. If caught, it will break before causing any harm to your finger.