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About Me

Hey there!

I’m Lily and I’d like to welcome you to my blog.

While I haven’t been blessed to find the right man yet, I’m all about weddings. I know one day it will happen for me, in the meantime I’m doing my research, getting inspiration, and sharing it here with you!

I have always dreamed of a beach wedding. Something about the waves crashing peacefully, the sand in your toes, and a beautiful sunset, just makes a beach wedding sound like a dream.

The problem is, I also love the look of barn weddings! And also love the beauty and tradition around a church wedding.

That’s why I started this site…hopefully to help me make up my mind. There are so many things to consider and writing here helps me feel like when the time comes to plan my own wedding, I’ll be more prepared!

I hope my site helps you on your journey to your perfect wedding day!