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Types of Yellow Wedding Flowers

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Yellow flowers are your go-to option if you’re looking to add some radiance and happiness to your big day. 

The color yellow has an illuminating and bold effect, which makes it a perfect addition to your wedding.

Whether you’re having a summer or winter wedding, yellow flowers add vibrancy and happiness.

Portrait of a beautiful dahlia flower against blurry background

The beauty of yellow flowers is that they blend well with an array of shades, allowing you to incorporate them into whatever theme you’ve chosen for your wedding venue and reception. 

Read on to learn more about the different yellow wedding flowers.

15 Types of Yellow Wedding Flowers

1. Craspedia

Beautiful yellow billy balls or craspedia flowers in bride's hand

Craspedia is the perfect yellow flower if you’re after a mustard yellow theme on your special day.

Craspedia have a bright color that’s not overpowering. Their wooly heads add a whimsical and vibrant feel.

You can find Craspedia flowers year round.

Craspedia flowers are small yet delicate, making them ideal for your wedding bouquets. You can also incorporate the blossoms into boutonnieres and table centerpieces.

These blooms are also durable and excellent for DIY brides who prefer making floral arrangements.

2. Yellow Dahlias

Man holding beautiful bouquet of fresh red and yellow dahlia flowers

Yellow dahlias are another excellent flower option to consider for your big day.

Dahlias symbolize kindness and beauty. They also represent steadfastness, as they tend to bloom when other flowers have died.

Dahlias represent positive vibes, happiness, and hope.

The blooms have a pale-yellow color and rounded petals that stand out in any floral arrangement.

On the downside, yellow dahlias are delicate and require careful handling. Additionally, you can only find them from June through October. 

You can add these lovely flowers to your bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and other flower arrangements at your wedding venue or reception.

3. Yarrow

Bouquet of yellow yarrow on womans hand

Yarrow flowers form dense, flat clusters. Their foliage has a leathery yet soft feel.

These blooms have deep yellow and mustard tones, which makes them easy to add to any floral arrangement.

Yarrows are hardy and durable, making them ideal for DIY weddings. 

Yarrows are a symbol of love and courage. They also represent bravery.

You can use yarrow flowers as a filler and combine them with other blooms like hydrangeas, peonies, lilacs, and tulips.

Yarrow flowers are available from April through September. 

4. Gerbera Daisies

A fresh yellow gerbera daisy on a bright yellow background

Yellow Gerbera daisies add a touch of elegance and freshness to your springtime wedding. These blooms have a lemon-yellow shade that blends well with many colors. 

Gerbera daisies symbolize cheerfulness and innocence. 

Their durability makes them perfect for your bouquets and table centerpieces. You can pair these blooms with flowers like dahlias, pansies, ranunculus, and tulips.

5. Peonies

Beautiful yellow peony flowers in the garden

Yellow peonies are a must-have if you want to add brightness and texture to your floral arrangements.

Available in light and pastel yellow colors, these blooms can work alone or pair with other blooms. 

Yellow peonies represent a happy marriage, an excellent theme for newlyweds!

You can add peonies to your bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral arrangements at your reception or wedding venue.

6. Calla Lilies

Yellow calla lilies wedding bouquet on white table

Yellow Calla lilies symbolize marital bliss, and their unique yellow tone makes them stand out.

You don’t need several stems to make a Calla lily bouquet: their petals are full and form a stunning arrangement.

Their elegant appearance makes them a fantastic choice for your bouquets and most floral arrangements in your wedding venue and reception. 

7. Yellow Roses

Bride holding her wedding bouquet of yellow roses

Yellow Roses are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

These blooms are a popular option in spring. Yellow roses symbolize joy and cheerfulness, a perfect theme to add to your special day.

You can incorporate these yellow flowers in your bouquets, table centerpieces, and altar decor.

Yellow roses pair well with other blooms like dahlias, yarrows, and Calla lilies. 

8. Yellow Gerpom

Yellow gerpom wedding flowers closely resemble yellow Gerbera flowers, but they have fuller petals. These flowers are available throughout the year.

Gerpom are perfect filler flowers.

These blooms can also go on their own for your table centerpieces and crowns. 

Gerpom blossoms are delicate and require frequent hydration to prevent drooping.

9. Yellow Carnation

Yellow carnation flowers on white background

Opt for yellow carnations If you want to add volume and texture to your floral wedding arrangements.

These blooms are hardy and durable, making them ideal for DIY brides who prefer to create their arrangements.

Yellow carnations are famous for their color consistency, which makes them work well in boutonnieres, bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, and other large flower arrangements. 

10. Yellow Hydrangeas

Yellow hydrangea flowers with water droplets

Yellow hydrangeas make an impact. They’re pretty and voluminous, adding interest to any flower arrangement. 

Yellow hydrangeas symbolize happiness and gratitude.

These gorgeous blooms can act as standalone flowers or pair with other blooms for a touch of sweet aroma and romance.

Hydrangeas mix well with roses, ranunculuses, and dahlias. 

Yellow hydrangeas are hardy and hold their beauty for a long time. That makes them perfect for bridal bouquets and table centerpieces. 

11. Yellow Iris

Yellow iris flowers blossom in the garden

Yellow Iris flowers are not a popular wedding option, but they are a hidden bloom that you should consider for your big day. 

Iris blooms symbolize passion.

The pretty flowers are vibrant yellow and blend effortlessly in bridal bouquets and other floral displays.

Yellow iris flowers are available in spring, and their fragrance adds a unique touch to any arrangement. 

12. Yellow Lillies

Woman holding a bouquet of yellow lilies

Yellow lilies are a must-have for your summer wedding.

These stunning blooms symbolize devotion and humility. They also represent cheer and lightheartedness.

A yellow lily’s trumpet-shaped petals add a unique factor to any bridal bouquet.

You can also incorporate yellow lilies in centerpieces and other big flower arrangements at your wedding venue. 

13. Chrysanthemum

Beautiful yellow Chrysanthemum flowers blooming in garden

Chrysanthemums are timeless, classic flowers you can use as accent or filler flowers on your big day. 

These blooms symbolize cheerfulness and are an excellent choice for a wedding. 

Yellow chrysanthemums have a bright yellow color that’s easy to pair with other wedding theme colors. You can use them in your boutonnieres, bouquets, and centerpieces. 

As filler flowers, chrysanthemums pair well with roses and dahlias. 

14. Daffodils

Unrecognizable person holds a bouquet of yellow daffodils

Daffodils start blooming when winter ends. That makes them ideal for a spring wedding.

Their pastel yellow color adds a touch of elegance to any flower arrangement at your wedding venue or reception. 

These blooms symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, a theme that blends well with weddings. 

You can use daffodils as focal flowers on your bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and wedding venue flowers.

15. Yellow Tulips

Beautiful wedding bouquet of yellow spring tulips in the hotel hallway

Yellow tulips have a rich yellow shade that truly stands out.

These blooms represent happiness and hope. 

Yellow tulips are durable, allowing you to incorporate them in your table centerpieces and other arrangements in your venue or reception decor.

Tulips are inexpensive and available in most flower shops during spring and summer. 

Final Thoughts

Yellow flowers’ cheery aesthetic will never go out of style. You can be sure that these flowers will brighten and elevate your special day.

It’s easy to find yellow wedding flowers due to the multiple options available. With our list above, you can choose an option you prefer or mix specific blooms to add glamor and elegance to your floral arrangements.