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9 Pet Friendly Wedding Venues in Texas

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Hi pet owners! Finding a beautiful wedding venue takes work and whittling the list down to places that will let your furry friends attend your ceremony can be even more of a challenge.

Thankfully, some lovely wedding venues in Texas are pet friendly, so you and your guests can bring your companions along for the party.

Unfortunately, most of them restrict pets to dogs only, so it’s something to keep in mind for anyone who wants to bring a pet that’s not a canine.

If you do have special requests, it’s always a good idea to bring them up with the wedding event planning team at the venue. Usually, pet friendly locations will go the extra mile to accommodate you and make your wedding the best it can be.

Here are some of the best pet friendly wedding venues in Texas!

1. The Joule

Bride holding a bouquet of flowers while groom is holding their cute dog

Dallas couples will have a wonderful experience getting married in The Joule. It’s a full-service wedding venue with an on-site planner to take care of every detail. You can also work closely with their staff chef on a delicious menu for your reception.

This venue accommodates over 300 guests and welcomes dogs at weddings hosted there. You can bring the dog to your wedding area and hotel room, but no animals are allowed in the restaurant.

They have a rooftop deck and two ballrooms to choose from, and you can book suites for the couple and whoever else wants to stay the night.

2. The Hall on Dragon

Located on Dragon Street in Dallas, this is a formal wedding venue with a beautiful ballroom that fits up to 700 guests. Dogs are allowed in the venue but must be kept on leashes the entire time.

This is one of Dallas’s most elegant wedding venues, with 14-foot ceilings and a bar top made with mother of pearl. It was recently renovated to add some modern design touches while still maintaining its classic appeal.

Two dogs in a suit at a wedding.

3. Venue 311

Venue 311 is in Plantersville, TX, and it looks like something out of a fairytale chapel wedding. Its stark white walls, white pews, and exposed wood beams are elegant and timeless.

It’s a family-owned property that will give you a great customer experience. They book a lot of weddings, so they know what couples want and can make it happen.

The family loves animals and firmly believes that pets should be part of weddings if the couples want them there. At one of their weddings, the couple recently rescued a litter of puppies and brought them all to the wedding to spend time with their guests!

4. Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

Dog sitting on the grass in front of a newlywed couple

This is one of Houston’s most popular dog-walking spots in the city, so it’s no wonder it made our lists as a top pet-friendly wedding venue in Texas.

But, of course, there are a lot of wedding locations to choose from, and nearly all of them are flat and have space for dogs to roam during the ceremony and reception.

Most of the reception areas are a mix of trails, grass, and dirt, so tell your guests not to wear high heels when they come. Your pets will be happy, though!

The venue is welcoming but asks guests to keep any excitable dogs away from the reception to make sure the party goes off without a hitch. Some animals have a hard time with loud music and crowds.

5. Felton Ranch

Just west of Austin, you’ll come across Felton Ranch, which is a terrific outdoor wedding venue with extensive grounds. This is a superb choice for families who want a nature-themed wedding set on more than 15 acres.

The ranch has a 4,000-square-foot garden house that serves as a reception hall or to house the ceremony. Couples have multiple outdoor options, and the ranch has plenty of flexibility if the weather turns on your wedding day.

They are a pet friendly venue. The website says guests can bring dogs or horses. They just have to be on a leash and under the care of a responsible adult. They also need to be pre-approved before they come to an event.

6. Willow Creek

photo of a dog in the street wearing a bow tie on a wedding reception

Willow Creek is designed as a wedding and event venue situated on 12 acres in Waxahachie, Texas. There are lovely chapel-themed gazebos for your quintessential formal wedding event, or you can host your party in the red barn on the property. They also have a reception hall, or you can have your wedding in the main house.

Dogs are welcome in outdoor spaces and can only stay for the ceremony. However, most wedding venues in Texas recommend that dogs go home for the reception so guests can enjoy the party without worrying about their animals.

7. Hotel Vin

Hotel Vin is located between Dallas and Plano. It is the gateway to Grapevine, Texas, where you’ll find a historic main street district perfect for wedding photos.

The hotel has a lot of experience hosting formal weddings. Its halls are modern but upscale to make your wedding feel elegant.

The hotel offers couples several wedding packages and then lets you customize them as you see fit. It’s a Marriott hotel, so you can earn rewards for the money you spend there too! In addition, they have an on-site event planning team to handle all of the logistics around your event.

The Hotel Vin is a pet-friendly venue. They allow up to two pets at each wedding but limit each to 50lbs. There’s a $50 fee if you want to bring dogs, but they’ll let you walk down the aisle with your pup and be with you during the ceremony.

8. Waters Edge

Bride and groom wedding with dog

Waters Edge is the ideal venue for couples who want to get married near the water. Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by manicured palm trees and standing right on the water’s edge as you exchange vows. It’s tough to beat.

The venue is very friendly to pets. They say that dogs and other pets are welcome. All they ask is that the pets are minded throughout the event and are well taken care of. In addition, they ask that the couple run any special requests by them early enough for them to plan accommodations.

They even suggest couples bring their pets when they walk through the venue for the first time to help them acclimate to the new environment before the wedding day.

9. Hotel Galvez

A chihuahua dog in a tuxedo at a wedding.

The Hotel Galvez is in Galveston, TX, a large property with extensive grounds perfect for weddings. It’s located on the seawall, so you get water views and cooler temperatures. It’s lined with manicured gardens and beautiful tall palm trees out front. This hotel allows dogs.

There are a lot of different outdoor and indoor wedding options, so talk to their event planning team early to secure your favorite location. They can manage anything from casual weddings to very formal receptions.

They charge $100 for pets, and only animals up to 25lbs are allowed at weddings. Once the ceremony is over, the dog should return to the room where they can wait for the happy couple!

These great Texas pet-friendly wedding venue options help you choose the best spot for your ceremony and reception. Get started with your search early so that you can guarantee a fantastic venue for you, your guests, and your pets!