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13 Types of White Wedding Flowers

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White wedding flowers are a classic choice for couples looking for something subtle, versatile, and symbolic. Classic white symbolizes innocence and purity.

White flowers pair well with any dress color, and you can incorporate them into your bouquets, centerpieces, or other floral arrangements at your wedding.

Whether you’re looking for something intricate or simple, there are many white flowers to choose from.

Below we have listed 13 common types of white wedding flowers and how to incorporate them on your special day. 

1. White Hydrangeas

White hydrangea in a vase

White hydrangeas are great for bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral arrangements due to their lush volume and full blooms. 

Hydrangeas are durable and hardy, which is why they symbolize understanding and perseverance. 

Nonetheless, these flowers don’t thrive in extreme heat and require regular hydration to keep them looking fresh

White hydrangeas are versatile and can be paired with other flowers, like spray roses and eucalyptus, for a pop of color or a romantic touch.

2. White Anemones

Anemone and white ranunculus flowers for bouquet.

White anemones bloom from winter through early summer.

They are perfect for brides looking to add extra color, as white anemones have a black center that provides good contrast.  

However, keep in mind that anemones’ delicate petals need careful handling.

White anemones symbolize love and affection, as well as excitement and anticipation for the future. 

3. White Peony

White Peony, simple elegance

White peonies are perfect for spring and summer weddings, as they are available in May and June. 

Not only are these elegant flowers great for bouquets, but they also make stunning centerpieces. Pairing them with roses adds a pop of color to bouquets.

Remember that peonies require a lot of water to survive even for one day

4. White Dahlia

White dahlia flower

White dahlia flowers boast a pure, pristine white color. These flowers are available from June to October, which makes them an excellent option for summer and fall weddings.

White dahlias are delicate and need proper care and handling. 

They are available in various shapes, allowing you to experiment and incorporate them into different bouquets and centerpieces. 

It’s important to note that white dahlias have a short life

5. White Dendrobium Orchid

White flowers Dendrobium orchid on a black background

White dendrobium orchids symbolize beauty, thoughtfulness, and love. 

These gorgeous flowers are famous for their tropical vibe, versatility, and hardiness.

You will find these flowers are easy to work with. They are also durable compared to other wedding flowers.

These orchids are affordable and pair well with fluffy blue hydrangeas and magnolia greenery. 

6. White Snapdragons

Tender white Snapdragons flowers are on a vase.

White snapdragons have long stems, and their shape adds to their size and versatility. These white flowers are ideal for DIY bouquets, arches, centerpieces, and other large floral arrangements.

You can use snapdragons as filler flowers and pair them with violas and pansies.

Note that snapdragons require special care; you will need to rehydrate them once they arrive at the venue. 

7. White Carnations

Light terry carnation close-up summer background

White carnations are a fantastic option if you’re looking for flowers with volume and a ruffly texture. 

This versatile bloom is affordable, and its durability makes it fantastic for bouquets. White carnations can last an entire day without water.

Although you can use white carnations as filler flowers, they also work well as focal flowers thanks to their texture, beauty, and strength.

You can use them in your centerpieces, corsages, or boutonnieres.

White carnations pair well with Baby’s breath and other green flowers. 

8. White Ranunculus

Bouquet of White Ranunculus Buttercup Flowers

White ranunculus flowers feature layers of delicate petals and cup-shaped blooms. 

Ranunculuses have thin, pure white petals with a lime green eye at the center. You can pair this flower with champagne garden roses, pink peonies, and Queen Anne’s lace flowers. 

White ranunculuses are available throughout the year and are durable. 

Their vibrant, dense layers of petals are a great textural addition to bouquets and table centerpieces.

9. White Veronica

White Veronica in flowers in a garden

White veronica flowers are a fantastic choice for couples who want to add subtle hints of white.

These flowers blossom from thick stems and have toothy leaves around them. Their heads form a pyramid-like shape of tiny florets.

You can use white veronica flowers on your bouquets and other floral arrangements.

White veronica flowers symbolize fidelity and are available throughout the year. Using them in your arrangements adds a creative twist to any design.

Due to their durability, white veronicas also make perfect flowers for corsages or boutonnieres. Note that these flowers have a natural bend even when hydrated. 

10. White Football Mums

white football mum isolate on white background

White football mum flowers are popular for their versatility and size. Brides who handle their own wedding flowers love their size and brilliant white color.

You can use white football mums in your bouquets, crowns, and centerpieces.

The lush, large petal-full blooms pair well with other flowers, like spray roses and hydrangeas. 

White football mums bloom from late summer to late fall. 

11. White Godetia

Godetia grandiflora with white flowers

White godetia flowers are beautiful as fillers or as a focal choice for wedding flowers.

Each stem has several pure white blooms that are great on table centerpieces, bouquets, and other floral arrangements. 

Godetia flowers have a papery, frilled texture that pairs well with different wedding gown colors. Their multiple blooms make them excellent filler flowers.  

Godetias don’t handle hot summer weather well. You’ll need to keep them hydrated if you plan to use them when it’s hot.

12. Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's Lace white flower

The Queen Anne’s Lace flower is delicate and dainty, with thousands of tiny white flowers in flat-topped, lacy clusters.

Queen Anne’s Lace flowers make perfect white filler flowers for couples looking for something stylish. You can pair these flowers with ranunculus, hyacinth, and anemone. 

These flowers are available year-round. Couples can use Queen Anne’s Lace flowers on the bride’s bouquet, as centerpieces, or as reception decor. 

13. Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley flowers are a favorite of royal brides. Kate Middleton, Princess Astrid of Sweden, and Queen Victoria have used these white, bell-shaped blossoms in their wedding bouquets.

Apart from its delicate white bells, the lily of the valley also has a sweet scent.

The Lily of the Valley grows in spring, which makes it perfect for a wedding in May or June. 

These white flowers are not resistant to heat and will start to brown when exposed to direct sunlight. They are best used in shaded areas. 

Final Thoughts

White wedding flowers add a timeless and classic feel to your wedding. You can incorporate them into any theme, and you’re sure to find some for every season.

We have provided a list of popular white flowers that you can add to your bouquet, centerpieces, or other floral arrangements at your wedding.