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9 Pet Friendly Wedding Venues in New York

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Pet lovers! You can find a fantastic venue in New York that’s pet friendly and has everything you need for your dream wedding.

Booking a wedding venue in the city is always challenging. Space is tight in New York, and most couples have to make compromises to find somewhere big enough, with the right views, and at the right price.

Of course, New York City is a place where you can make anything happen, given you have the dollars to spend. However, when finding a beautiful wedding venue in your budget is hard enough, it can be even more challenging to find somewhere that will accommodate pets.

A little dog in a wedding dress in wedding venue

The earlier you get started in your venue search, the better your chances of success. Finding a pet-friendly wedding venue in New York isn’t easy, but it’s possible.

Of course, you’ll have fewer places to look, and you may not get everything you want, but there are still some great options with killer views and fantastic food that will welcome your pets.

Here are some of the best pet-friendly wedding venues in New York!

1. The Crowne Plaza Midtown Manhattan

The Crowne Plaza in Midtown Manhattan is one of the best pet friendly locations you can find in the city. They even have a Frenchie mascot at the hotel, which shows you just how much they love animals there.

It’s a terrific wedding venue with a team with tons of experience hosting. On your wedding day, you’ll get a coordinator who will respond to any issues or special requests. As a result, couples get a lot of freedom in choosing how they want their wedding to go.

The hotel has a new outdoor patio, perfect for small weddings, and two indoor rooms if you need more space for larger gatherings.

2. Ramscale Studio

Stylish bride and groom hugging and having fun with pug dog in bow tie at wedding reception

Ramscale Studio is in the Highline district. This is a popular wedding venue for its beautiful views of the New York City skyline. You’re in for a treat, especially if you book an evening wedding that lets you dance or drink in front of the one-of-a-kind NYC night skyline.

The indoor portion of the studio has a modern design that’s perfect for photos, and there is a large terrace where guests can eat and mingle for hours. In addition, they’ve got an experienced event team working at the studio to help you plan the perfect wedding.

Ramscale Studio is dog friendly. You can bring animal friends on a leash for the reception. However, the studio will restrict the number of pets if the human guest list is too extensive.

3. Grand Oaks Country Club

The Grand Oaks Country Club is located in Staten Island, NY, and is set on a beautiful golf course with delicious on-site catering from the club. This is a popular venue for large weddings because it can accommodate up to 1,500 guests. Talk about a big wedding!

You can choose different sites across the property for your wedding day, including outdoor ceremony locations and indoor reception halls at the clubhouse. In addition, they have a team of event planners ready to help walk you through different packages and catering options.

The size of the grounds makes Grand Oaks conducive to pets. The club has no problem with people bringing dogs, as long as they’re looked after and are on a leash when they’re walking around.

4. Dobbin Street

Funny dog with a bow at wedding

Dobbin Street offers couples and wedding guests the quintessential Williamsburg wedding experience. It’s located right next to McCarren Park, which makes photos a breeze.

The venue has a terrace measuring over 3,000 square feet, giving you Manhattan views. That’s a lot of space for friends and family to mix and mingle as they celebrate your marriage. It’s even better that they get to do it under the lights of the Manhattan skyline.

One of the nice things about Dobbin Street is that they make things easy for customers. The venue provides all bar services and has a list of great catering vendors to make your decisions easier.

Dobbin Street is open to dogs at the ceremony only. So, you’ll need to find a sitter or have somewhere to take them for the reception.

5. Central Park

New York Central Park during the day

You’ll have to book your wedding in Central Park through the Conservancy, but this is a great option for couples looking for pet friendly wedding venues in New York City.

Central Park is one of New York’s most iconic destinations, and there is a ton of space for weddings and other events. In addition, the fact that it’s outdoor makes bringing pets a lot easier. There is enough room around for them to roam and, if necessary, do their business.

Choosing where to get married in the park can be difficult, given the many choices. However, they are in high demand, so you better get moving early if you want to book a wedding venue in the park.

Dogs have to stay on the leash, and there are some locations where they can’t go, so check with planners to make the best choice and lock in a spot.

6. MyMoon Restaurant

MyMoon Restaurant is one of Brookyln’s most famous pet friendly wedding venues. They’ve made a name for themselves by welcoming furry friends along with human guests.

The restaurant is inside a renovated historic building, and its owners have been sure to keep some of its old-school essences. Plenty of exposed brick walls and wooden ceilings make you feel like you’re going back in time.

This is a beautiful spot for formal weddings because of the restaurant’s ability to decorate the dining rooms and outdoor space. The outdoor space can handle just under 150 guests. Inside fits up to 250 people.

Dogs are only allowed outside in the courtyard and must be leashed the entire time.

7. The Senate Garage

Corgi dog with wedding rings attached to a collar

The Senate Garage is a wedding venue in Kingston, New York, surrounded by the old Senate House State Park. It’s an elegant setting with a bit of industrial edge to it, perfect for fashionable weddings with old-school charm. Think exposed brick and rusted metal fences with woven ivy flowing everywhere.

The venue dates back to the 1920s, so it has a lot of historical significance in New York. There are outdoor gazebos for vows and plenty of space inside for a fun reception.

Pets are allowed out in the courtyard for weddings.

8. Lyndhurst Mansion

Lyndhurst Mansion National Historic Landmark in Tarrytown New York

Lyndhurst Mansion is one of New York’s most popular wedding venues for all couples. This is where you want to go if you have a fairytale wedding in mind.

You can ask to get married in their beautiful rose garden or in the 19th-century mansion. Only one couple can book the venue for a wedding on the day, so you’ll have the place all to yourselves.

Dogs are welcome anywhere on the property throughout your wedding, but they always must be with a minder wherever they go.

9. The Boro Hotel

Terrier dressed as a groom in the bedroom of the bride at the hotel

The Boro Hotel welcomes dogs to weddings and overnight guests. It’s an ideal wedding venue because of its spacing and amazing views of the New York Skyline. But, of course, you’ll want to mention that your dog will be there at the wedding to give their planning team a heads-up.

People love the Boro Hotel because it has a lovely rooftop space that can accommodate up to 250 guests. There is also a loft space if you need room for up to 500 people.