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How Much Does a Wedding Venue Cost?

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While the idea of wedding planning sounds easy, getting everything set up can be hectic. The wedding venue is one of the main factors that play a critical role on your big day.

Choosing a wedding venue can be overwhelming as you have to consider the number of guests attending, the location of the venue, and, importantly, the cost of the wedding venue.

While every bride dreams of an impressive venue for their wedding, your preferred venue will depend on your budget.

How much does a wedding venue cost?

Most wedding venues cost between $3,000-$11,000. Some venues will be more expensive but provide extra perks that will save you some money. However, others may seem affordable, but you might have to pay extra for certain things.

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Our comprehensive guide explores the average cost of a wedding venue. Read on to learn what other factors might affect the cost of your wedding venue. 

What Does the Average Wedding Venue Cost?

Research done by discovered that the average wedding venue costs about $6,000. Most couples spent $3,000-$11,000 on their preferred wedding venue.

Another study done by Insider revealed the average wedding venue costs by city. Detroit, Michigan, had an average of $6,272; Chicago, Illinois, had an average of $7,070; and Atlanta, Georgia, cost an estimated $6,452.

Boston, Massachusetts, had the highest cost, which was an estimated $9,485 for the wedding venue and rentals.

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What’s Included in the Wedding Venue Cost?

Sometimes the cost of the wedding venue might include food and drinks, while some venues will only charge for the premises, and you have to account for catering and drinks separately.

Couples should find out if the package includes other items like tables, chairs, linens, waitstaff, and bartending services.

Although some venues may appear cheaper at the beginning, you may be shocked to find out that you need to get necessities at a separate cost. 

Asking what’s included in the package can help you better plan your budget.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Wedding Venue?

Although what’s provided in a venue can differ, certain things will be included in the cost of the wedding venue.

Venue pricing may depend on:

1. Type of Venue

The amount you pay for your wedding venue will depend on the type of venue.

Wedding venue

For example, a historic building or landmark might cost you $4,000 and up to $20,000 on the high end.

An event center that can accommodate a large group of people and offer catering and entertainment services will charge starting at $2,000, with a high-end one costing up to $24,000.

Booking a park or garden will cost $8,000 and up to $13,000, while a hotel or resort may cost between $5,000 for a budget hotel and close to $70,000 for the expensive options.

2. The Wedding Date

When you decide to tie the knot can influence a wedding venue’s cost. 

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For example, you’ll pay more for a venue if your wedding date is set during summer as the demand is high. The cost of the same venue might be cheaper during the off-season as there’s less demand for space.

3. Size of the Guest List

The more people you invite, the more money you’ll spend.

You may notice that a big wedding venue will have a minimum spending requirement, so you may need to be strict with your guest list.

4. Location

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A wedding venue in a city like Los Angeles will cost more than one in Charlotte. ranks Boston, San Francisco, and New York City as some of the most expensive places to get married in the U.S.

You may also find that resorts or hotels at the center of a metropolitan city or close to an airport are expensive. That also applies to venues that host destination weddings.

Choosing your wedding venue’s location carefully is essential if you’re on a tight budget.

5. Decor and Other Wedding Rentals

Most venues provide tables, chairs, linens, and anything the couple will need for their big day. 

Providing these aspects means the couple doesn’t have to outsource these services to different vendors. Additionally, it ensures that everything matches the ambiance of the venue.

6. Inclusion of Catering Services

All-inclusive venues provide catering services and beverages for the big day.

Food and drinks take up most of the wedding day budget, and having this included in your wedding venue package may increase the overall price.

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It’s also essential to note that getting a food and beverages vendor may not be as affordable, and you may have to spend more time finding a reliable caterer.

7. Ceremony Fee

Some wedding ceremonies will have a setup that requires takedown later. The wedding venue may add this cost to the final price.

Extra Venue Costs to Consider

Some other additional costs that influence the wedding venue costs include the following.

Tips or Gratuities

Some venues that include catering services in their wedding packages may also add a gratuity fee in their venue pricing.

A gratuity fee ensures that the waitstaff is also catered for after the wedding.


While some venues provide free parking, others do have parking fees for guests. A few will also require you to pay for valet.


Some venues may also have additional costs like corkage, cake-cutting, service charges, and more.

You need to find out if there are any extra fees when booking a wedding venue.

Outside Vendor Fees

Most venues have a vendor list that they use to outsource the required services. However, if you decide to get someone who’s not on their list, you may have to part with the outside-vendor fee.

Wedding Venue Insurance

A few venues need you to buy liability insurance, which can further drive the cost up.

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Is It Possible to Save Money on a Wedding Venue?

Yes, It’s possible to save money on a wedding venue with some tricks and tips. Here are a few to save some dollars.

Choose to Marry Off-Season

Having a summer wedding might be costly. You can opt to marry out of season to save on wedding venue costs. 

During the fall or spring season, you’re likely to get special discounts and great offers as opposed to summer.

Marrying on a weekday is also an excellent idea as most couples prefer Saturdays and Sundays, which further increases costs.

Opt For an All-Inclusive Package

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Choosing a venue that provides an all-inclusive package can help you cut down on extra costs like catering, decor, chairs, and linens. Find out what packages each venue offers and compare the different options available to your wedding budget.

Cut Down the Guest List

The number of guests you have greatly influenced the overall cost of your wedding, apart from the cost of the wedding venue.

Reduce the number of guests you invite to your wedding to save money.

Most venues charge a cost per head, which can quickly add to the wedding venue cost. You’ll also be spending less on invitations and catering.

Consider an Alternative Venue

You don’t have to settle for a hotel, resort, banquet hall, or church to get married.

If your family or friend has a big yard that can be converted into a wedding venue, ask them if they would consider hosting your wedding. That will help you save money and make the ceremony more intimate.

intimate garden wedding with family

Alternatively, you can opt for a nontraditional venue like a brewery. That will cost less and allow you to add your preferred decor on your big day.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right venue doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge on your big day, endless options exist.

Have a budget in mind and let your preferred venue know it upfront. Go through your guest list and find out if you need to remove some to save money. Remember to negotiate, as that will save you the overall wedding cost.