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Are Backyard Weddings Tacky?

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The price of a wedding venue today can be so high you might need to take out a loan, and that is only for the location!

One option is to have a backyard wedding, but some people may think backyard weddings are just plain tacky.

Are backyard weddings tacky?

Backyard weddings are not tacky and may be the most attractive option for many engaged couples, even if money is not an issue. With the right attitude and planning, backyard weddings can be elegant and utterly free of tackiness.  

Do not let the fear of tackiness keep you from having the absolute best backyard wedding you can imagine. You can take a few steps to ensure that you do not venture into the world of tackiness by accident.

How to Keep Your Backyard Wedding from Being Tacky

A backyard wedding does not have to be tacky if you do not want it to be. With a bit of work, your backyard wedding can be free from any tackiness.

Here’s how.

Rent Wedding Fixtures

Wedding table with outdoor decorations of fresh flowers

One way to make a backyard wedding feel less tacky and more organized is to rent wedding fixtures.

Most towns have a party or wedding rental service that can supply attractive chairs, tables, linens, archways, decorations, podiums, and more.

Hire a Catering Company or Servers

waiter holding a tray with champagne flutes and glass of water at wedding event

A catering company or just professional servers at a backyard wedding can serve to ward off any inkling of tackiness.

If you feel backyard wedding barbeques or potlucks are a little too tacky for you, consider hiring a catering company if it is within your budget.

If a full catering service is not feasible, another option is to hire or simply ask a few friends or acquaintances to serve as waiters.

Get a Wedding Planner

wedding planner checking details on wedding decoration setup outdoor

Another way to keep a backyard wedding from moving into the realm of tackiness is to find a wedding planner. You may think a wedding planner is an unnecessary expense, but it can change the whole feel of your wedding.

Wedding planners do not have to be professionals; they can be friends or family members with a real knack for organizing parties and events.

A wedding planner will help keep things organized, remember the essential things, and bring an air of sophistication to the wedding.

Keep It Simple

Bride and groom clinking glasses at wedding reception outside in the backyard.

If you want to avoid having a tacky backyard wedding, remember to keep it simple. Sometimes “too much” is just too much, and simplicity can make any wedding appear more elegant.

Avoid overdoing it, and remember, this is your backyard wedding: It should be whatever you and the person you are marrying want it to be.

Stick with a Color Palette

rustic theme wedding table decoration in the backyard

Any easy way to steer clear of a tacky backyard wedding is to stick to the same color palette.

Cohesiveness is the key to making a wedding elegant and classy, regardless of the location.

Figure out the colors you want, limit them to just a few complementary colors, and keep that color palette throughout all aspects of the decor, from the flowers to the tablecloths.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Backyard Wedding

Now that you know backyard weddings are not tacky, you can decide if a backyard wedding is right for you and your fiancée.

There are several reasons why you should have a backyard wedding.

You Will Save a Lot of Money


A backyard wedding will typically cost significantly less than a wedding at a formal venue. Backyard weddings almost always save participants a lot of money compared to a commercial venue wedding.

Most wedding venues cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than $30,000, depending on the location.

Destination weddings can cost even more, especially if you choose to cover the cost of hotel rooms for family and friends.

There Are Fewer Restrictions

Happy friends drinking cocktails on a night field wedding party

Backyard weddings have fewer restrictions than most wedding venues do. Typically, wedding parties must sign a contract with a list of dos and don’ts that they must adhere to.

Some wedding venues do not allow alcohol, animals, or other things that may be a deal-breaker for wedding participants. They also may require you to use their chosen caterer or designer for your wedding, drastically limiting your wedding ideals and adding more blows to your wallet.

You Will Have More Wedding Date Options

Couple choosing date for wedding holding wedding planner

With a backyard wedding, the wedding date options are usually available, and you can plan it for just a month or two in advance if needed.

Wedding venues are often fully booked for up to a year or more whenever brides and grooms decide to book their weddings.

At commercial venues, couples are typically forced to wait a year—or more in some cases—to get the day they want. They may even have to choose another venue or choose a different day or month than they planned for.

You Will Be More Comfortable in a Familiar Place

Bride, groom and guests posing for the photo at wedding reception outside in the backyard.

Most backyard weddings are held at the espoused member’s home or a friend’s or family member’s house.

This means you and all your guests will be more comfortable than if you held the wedding at an unfamiliar venue.

Comfort equates to less stress, which everyone in the wedding party hopes for. The more comfortable everyone is, the more fun you all will have.

More Friends and Family Will Be Able to Attend

Wedding setup reception in the backyard

If you have a backyard wedding, there is no doubt that more of your friends and family will attend. Wedding venues are often located in neighboring towns or exciting destinations that require extensive travel.

Older friends and family often find it hard to travel long distances to a wedding venue; however, a local backyard wedding will make the trip easier for everyone involved.

You Can Spend More Money on Other Wedding Features

wedding couple going to their reception in their backyard

Backyard weddings are almost always significantly less expensive than most commercial wedding venues.

Most backyard weddings do not require a site fee, which leaves a lot of money for other wedding features such as flowers, food, attire, tents, and decorations.

You can rent items like archways, podiums, and wedding tents that will add a flair of elegance to your backyard wedding.

Happy wedding couple at the backyard wedding reception

Can a Backyard Wedding Be Formal?

A backyard wedding can be formal if you want it to be. Formal does not necessarily mean you need to spend a ton of money.

To make a backyard wedding more formal, maintain a cohesive theme, and rent or borrow traditional wedding decorations. Ask your friends and family to help, and make sure someone is planning or organizing the wedding for you.

Stick with basic colors like black, white, and gray, or at least limit the colors you use in your wedding. Make sure the tables have fresh tablecloths that fit the color scheme, and consider renting a white wedding tent to add a sense of formality.


How Much Do Backyard Weddings Cost?

The cost of backyard weddings can vary depending on how much you can or are willing to spend. The location is usually free, but there will be some costs involved.

You can rent tables and chairs from rental companies or borrow them from local churches. You can make some decorations and friends or family can prepare the food to lower costs.

The wedding attire is often the most expensive part of a wedding, along with the food if it must be catered.

All in all, you could have a lovely, non-tacky backyard wedding for as little as $1,000 or less and as much as several thousand dollars, depending on what you want.

Final Thoughts

Backyard weddings are still popular for many people, especially when money or time is an issue. Just because backyard weddings can be inexpensive, do not assume they are all tacky.

Sure, they can be tacky if you want them to be, but with just a little planning, you can ensure that your backyard wedding is as far from tacky as you want it to be.