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15 Wedding Venue Types to Consider – An Ultimate Guide

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There’s no denying the fact a wedding is one of the most significant life events that gathers two loving souls together.

Preparation for the event means many important decisions are made and carried out carefully so that the big day for the bride and groom goes according to their plans.

Some couples prefer to plan their wedding instead of leaving their job to the professionals. And this is where the opinions of others, including any respective members of both families, must also be weighed in case there is a better option that could benefit everyone.

Everything from the wedding cake to the dress code and even the flower arrangements can really set the whole mood for the entire day.

But the essential piece people focus on in the first place is the wedding venue. In this article, we will explore the fifteen best wedding venue types that you can consider. This list can also be a good reference if you’re planning to get married in the future.

Religious Venue

Worship Place in Houston setup as wedding venue

This is one of the oldest and most convenient places for you to have a wedding. Depending on the religion, the reception can occur in a church, mosque, temple, or other houses of worship.

Some religious institutions may offer basic services for solemnization, the registration of marriage, and the reception, while others will only allow you to hold the ceremony. The reception will be held at other places.

If you want a wedding in a religious venue, be sure to speak first with the priest, vicar, or any authorized officiant to find out what rules or protocols should be followed.


Banquet in the garden for a wedding

A garden wedding is one of the popular choices for couples that love outdoor settings and the freedom only nature can provide.

Depending on your budget, you could have tons of floral decorations in a botanical garden, with flickering fairy lights hanging from the branches of trees and a beautiful garden patio for family portraits and solemnization.

The only downside of having an outdoor wedding is that if the weather changes, you will have to move the reception to another place.

Before booking the venue, ask about the rules or restrictions you must follow. This can avoid any mishaps or confusion down the line.

Country Club

Country Club wedding reception outdoor

If you want a reception in a private yet prestigious place, consider choosing a country club as your wedding venue.

Depending on your budget and preference, there are many packages that you can choose—from having the solemnization on the golf course to holding the reception in a designated hall with a buffet, open bar, DJ, and other services.

From a beautiful landscape to magnificent indoor décor, you could have the best of both worlds when having a reception at a country club. You could also fit a large crowd in this type of venue.

Some country clubs are open to the public, while others only allow members to hold a ceremony on their property.


Although choosing this type of venue might seem a bit unconventional, there is nothing wrong with having a solemnization surrounded by precious artifacts and national collections.

Holding a reception at the museum is the best way to have a unique and memorable experience for one of the biggest days in your life.

Depending on the museum, you can have a classic or modern theme for your wedding.

However, like many institutions that are managed by government or private organizations, there are rules and restrictions that you must follow. So, be sure to ask for details about holding a ceremony inside the building.


decorated warehouse for wedding reception

Warehouse weddings can offer an industrial environment that caters to people with a taste for minimalist yet sophisticated style.

Most warehouses can also accommodate a large crowd, a plus point for a reception with many guests.

Another point to consider when choosing this type of venue is that it may not come with enough chairs, tables, or other facilities that other outlets could provide.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. You have the freedom to design your wedding theme or hire a wedding planner for the job.

Some older warehouses may also have heating or cooling systems that don’t function properly. So, check for any malfunctioning equipment so you can find ways to solve this issue before the wedding day.

Art Gallery

Being surrounded by collections of beautiful art, including paintings, sculptures, and other artwork, during your reception could be a great story you can share with your children in the future.

If you and your partner share the same passion for the arts, then there’s nothing wrong with choosing this type of venue for the reception.

Most weddings held in art galleries are reasonably straightforward. You could hire a DJ to play slow music that elevates the mood while bartenders or caterers serve the drinks from one guest to another.

Simply put, you don’t have to abide by any formalities of conventional weddings, except for the ones you set.


Elegant  event setting for wedding reception at the hotel

Depending on your budget, you could have a simple, small reception or a grand, luxurious ceremony at your preferred hotel.

Unlike most venues, hotels are always open to guests looking to hold wedding receptions.

Your options also aren’t limited to just one specific theme. There are many types of hotels with different packages and price ranges.

For instance, some hotels may offer event designing, catering, DJ, chauffeuring services, and many more. It would be best if you also chose a hotel that matches your wedding theme and has the flexibility to decorate the wedding hall without too many restrictions.

Based on the number of guests, you can also estimate whether the hall and dining area inside the establishment are large enough to accommodate everyone.

Barn or Ranch

Venues such as barns and ranches will be your perfect spots if you plan to have a rustic wedding theme.

barn wedding reception rustic style

Depending on your location, preference, and budget, there are many barns and ranches to choose from, including prairie barns, corn crib barns, bank barns, Dutch barns, Gambrel roof barns, circular barns, game ranches, guest ranches, and many more.

Certain barns on private properties also have beautiful patios, large grassy fields, stone terraces and decks, and other spots that can be used for photoshoots after the reception.

However, the downside of choosing barns or ranches with amazing landscapes and scenery is that they are always located miles away from major cities.

So finding a hotel for your guests to stay overnight might be a bit hard.


Campground arranged for wedding ceremony

If you and your partner are outdoorsy nature lovers, you can turn your favorite camping site into a beautiful spot for a wedding reception.

In the United States, many fantastic campsites allow visitors to hold a wedding reception, such as Aspen Grove at Sundance Trail, Tamarack Lodge and Glamping Resort, Estes Park Center, Camp Kiwanis, Camp Mattaponi, and many more.

Most spots are equipped with lodges and cabins for guests to stay for more than a day.

Once the reception is done, you can continue celebrating the night by having a campfire and barbecue, playing board games and card games, or just sitting back and gazing at the night sky stars.

Lake House

Lake houses can offer a magnificent panoramic landscape, especially if you’re looking to hold an outdoor ceremony.

But suppose you prefer to have your wedding indoors. In that case, certain exclusive lake houses have beautiful interiors, private bars, a garden patio, and even a stone fireplace to make your experience worth it.

Also, the best time to choose lake houses for weddings is summer.

With the view of a beautiful lake as your backdrop, you can have a memorable solemnization outdoors while all your guests watch you and your loved one take vows on the altar.


Although most bed-and-breakfasts (B&Bs) aren’t as big as hotels, they can still be considered one of the great places to hold a wedding reception.

Aside from being budget-friendly, this type of place can create a sense of intimacy between the family members of the bride and the groom.

If you only plan to have a small wedding, everything can be held in one place with enough privacy.

Some B&Bs also offer catering services, open bars, and even all-inclusive packages for more extended stays. So, be sure to ask the management for any available offers.


Wedding ceremony venue setting on the beach

Beach weddings are one of the most popular locations that are easy to plan.

Beach weddings are pretty straightforward, casual, and easy-going compared to having a reception in an establishment.

However, when planning any ceremonies outdoors, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

So always pick the best summer or fall months to get married on the beach. This is when the weather is warm, breezy, and more predictable compared to rainy and wet months.

Some beaches allow the public to organize ceremonies, while others will require you to have a permit.

Hence, do some research, and avoid popular beaches that many people usually visit. At the very least, you can have some privacy and less disturbance from the crowd during the reception.

Urban Loft and Rooftop

A reception on the rooftops of tall buildings can offer many great experiences. This type of venue is generally located in urban areas.

rooftop wedding reception with the groom and bride

Depending on the time of the day, you can watch a beautiful sunset or witness the glimmering city lights during the ceremony.

With any establishment, you need to ask whether you are allowed to have a wedding reception. This is to avoid any noise complaints from tenants inside the building.

Some urban lofts and rooftops might also be too crowded to accommodate many guests. So, pick the one that suits your guest list.

Depending on the building, there may be a power-load restriction to prevent power shortages. If you’re planning to use many lights, speakers, or electrical appliances that consume a lot of energy, be sure to ask for permission or advice regarding this matter.

National Park

Although national parks are considered reserved and protected areas, you can still have a wedding at these remarkable places. But first, you will need to request a permit to host a wedding at this venue.

But fret not; the prices are pretty affordable and are almost similar to entry fees, if not slightly higher.

Like many popular vacation spots, there is a chance that you will encounter different types of visitors, including hikers and backpackers.

So be sure to pick a secluded spot to have the reception and avoid the holiday season.

Also, there will be rules and restrictions that you must follow. Hence, it would be best to inform your wedding planners and caterers firsthand about these things.


wedding ceremony reception French chateau

If you don’t mind forking a large sum of money to celebrate one of your life’s biggest days, consider having a reception at a chateau.

For example, the budget you must have to host a majestic and fairytale-like wedding at Château de la Motte-Husson is around $47,000.

But rest assured, what you will experience is worth more than what it costs.

With large dining halls, ballrooms, luxury chandeliers, and interior decor, everyone would be in awe as they celebrate your solemnization with your dearest one.

Most chateaus are on private land, so you can enjoy the rest of the ceremony outdoors in privacy. 

Final Thoughts

When choosing the most suitable type of wedding venue, you will have to factor in many important things related to the whole event.

For instance, the facilities included inside or outside the venue, the number of guests and parking spots available, the flexibility to decorate the place according to the wedding theme, the deposit required to book the site, and many more.

It is also best for you to visit the venue before making any payment. So, take your time and only decide on what you are delighted with.