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Most Durable Wedding Flowers

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Wedding flowers can be costly and take up to 15% of the wedding budget. Studies conducted on couples getting married in 2021 revealed that the average wedding flower cost was $2,300. 

With these figures in mind, you may look for flowers that will endure throughout the ceremony. 

Read on to learn more about some of the most durable wedding flowers that hold up well during different seasons. 

14 Most Durable Wedding Flowers

Some of the most durable wedding flowers are:

1. Lavender

Elegant wedding bouquet of fresh natural lavender flowers on white table

Lavender flowers are perfect for any purple-themed wedding as their color ranges from light lilac hues to deep, blue-toned purples.

These flowers are also heat-resistant, which makes them perfect for a summer wedding. A freshly cut lavender stem can last close to ten days after being cut, which adds to its durability.

Lavender flowers work great in decorations, wedding bouquets, and other floral arrangements in your venue or reception.

2. Sunflowers

Outdoor wedding venue table setting with fresh sunflowers on the table

Sunflowers are an excellent choice for a summer wedding, thanks to their bright colors and seasonal availability.

Couples can incorporate sunflowers in a farmhouse, or rustic-style wedding. They are great when combined with other formal flowers like calla lilies and snapdragons for some contrast. Sunflowers also work well in wedding bouquets. 

Sunflowers are durable and can last up to 12 days after being cut. Their strong and hardy stems allow them to withstand any heat.

3. Roses

Wedding table with beautiful roses in bouquet on the center

Roses are some of the most popular wedding flowers and are also among the most durable ones. These flowers are available all year round and come in assorted colors to match your wedding theme.

These timeless flowers can last for seven to ten days after being cut with proper care and under the right conditions. That makes them perfect for couples who want to go the DIY route when creating different flower arrangements for their big day.

4. Calla Lilly

Bride holding beautiful white bouquet of calla lilies

If you’re looking for flowers that can withstand high temperatures, especially during summer, you should get calla lillies. They don’t have actual petals, and their wavy texture contributes to their durability. 

Calla lillies will hold up well without watering them throughout the day. They’ll only need to be hydrated on arrival. Additionally, there are different types of calla lillies in various color shades and sweet fragrances. 

5. Carnations

Bride holding a bouquet of white carnations

Carnations are great for couples having their wedding in early spring to late summer. While they are usually purple pinkish in color, carnations are also available in other colors like white, yellow, orange, green, and red. 

These flowers can last up to three weeks in the right environment with regularly refreshed water. All that is required is to cut the stems above the nodes to allow water to travel up the stem.

Carnations can also be paired with alstroemeria for a more durable flower arrangement. 

6. Tropical Flowers

Boho chic style wedding dinner table with tropical flowers on the table

Tropical flowers like heliconia and ginger are excellent options due to their durability. These flowers also hold up well in hot weather because of their origins. When paired with tropical foliage, this flower variety provides a durable and heat-proof floral arrangement. 

7. Baby’s Breath

A bride with a bouquet of daisies and baby's breath flowers walking with her groom on the side

Baby’s breath or Gypsophila makes a fantastic addition to your floral arrangements and bouquets. They are also great filling flowers, with shades of pink and white. These blooms are available in late spring and continue till the fall season. 

These flowers can last for close to two weeks with proper care. Their rough texture and small blooms add to their durability. A baby’s breath flower can last the entire event with only a bit of water. 

8. Succulents

Barn theme wedding venue, wedding tables with succulent plants on the table

Although succulents are not your usual wedding flowers, they have become popular over the years. 

Succulents are available throughout the year and are some of the most durable options for your big day due to their origin. They retain water and need little maintenance.

The best thing about succulents is that they are available in many colors, shapes, and sizes. You can mix them with flowers like lavender, roses, or eucalyptus. 

9. Chrysanthemums

A bouquet of huge light pink chrysanthemum flowers on gray background

Chrysanthemums are available in various shades and hues. The most popular color options are white, purple, lavender, yellow, orange, and red. 

They are the most durable flowers that can last 14-21 days when cut before fully blooming. 

Chrysanthemums are available from July to October, which makes them perfect for a fall wedding. They can also be great for late summer weddings.

10. Eucalyptus

Wedding table decoration with natural styling using eucalyptus on the table

Eucalyptus are evergreen plants native to Australia and the surrounding hardy region. These plants can survive hot weather during summer weddings. 

With over 500 Eucalyptus species, you’ll have a wide variety to choose from to match your wedding theme. A freshly cut eucalyptus can last up to three weeks. Their durability and ability to ensure humid weather makes them perfect for couples looking for DIY options. 

11. Alstroemeria

Beautiful white Alstroemeria and gypsophila flowers

Alstroemeria or Peruvian lilies are available in different bright colors and have multiple blooms per stem.

These perennial plants can withstand sunshine and heat when petals are plucked as they start to fade. Alstroemerias are available in rich colors like blush, white, yellow, magenta, and red. Their lengthy bloom time makes these plants accessible for weddings for close to two full seasons. 

Alstroemerias bloom early in the summer and last up to fall time. 

12. Dahlias

Beautiful pink dahlia flower

Dahlias are another popular wedding flower option. These perennials begin blooming in early summer and continue through to fall. They are available in distinct color variations, with the most popular being lavender, orange, peach, white, yellow, pink, and red. 

Dahlias, after being cut, can last close to a week. They need to be snipped after fully opened, as they no longer blossom once cut. 

13. Peonies

Beautiful bright bouquet of peony flowers on the wedding table

Peonies add a romantic feel to any wedding and are a durable option to consider for your big day. 

Available in spring until early summer, these flowers are resistant to cold. They come in yellow, orange, red, and pink colors, ideal for a spring wedding. Peonies can also be paired with other blossoms like carnations and roses.

Peonies can last up to ten days after being cut. Although they are durable, they cannot withstand heat during summer. 

14. Ranunculus

Closeup of a bouquet of yellow ranunculus and a wooden heart with message Be happy

Ranunculus can last up to 12 days when cut before they are fully open. These flowers begin to bloom in late winter and last through early spring. Their long stems make ranunculus perfect for bouquets. They are a fantastic option for a spring wedding. 

Final Thoughts

Durability is key when choosing wedding flowers for your big day, especially if you’re going the DIY route. Our list above has some of the most durable, long-lasting flowers resistant to heat and cold. All the options above can be incorporated into your bouquets, centerpieces, garlands, and venue/reception decorations.