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5 Ways to Save Wedding Cards

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Wedding cards can be one of the best parts of getting married. Friends and family use cards to give gifts and write heartfelt messages.

Cards help the couple feel the support they have from their families and community.

Unfortunately, these cards usually end up in storage or in the trash after the wedding. Some couples would rather find a way to keep their wedding cards, but this can be difficult.

Below is a list of five creative ways you can save wedding cards and keep them long after the wedding is over.

White wedding envelope with a boutonniere in the hand of a woman.

What Should I Do With Wedding Cards After the Wedding?

There are no rules on what to do with your cards after the wedding. You can keep them or throw them away.

If you would like to keep the cards, however, you have several options:

Create a Digital Slideshow

You can take a picture of each card and upload them to the cloud.

When you want to relive your wedding, you can use your TV, phone, or computer monitor to read through old messages from friends and family.

Send Pictures to an Album Company

White classic wedding book and album

Instead of having thousands of photos on your phone or in the cloud, you can choose a set of pictures and have a company create a custom photo album for you.

You can create a physical photo album with pictures of your wedding cards that you can put on a shelf or display on your coffee table as a reminder of all the sweet messages you received.

Craft a Card Album

Try crafting an album yourself using your wedding cards.

Your local crafting store will have the supplies you need to make an album. Put four to six wedding cards on each page.

Some people enjoy physically touching the cards and reading the handwriting up close.

Buy a Card Holder

wedding wood gift card holder

You can find long-term storage options online for your wedding cards. A box will protect cards from exposure to air and moisture.

Amazon has some great card boxes with slots for each card, which prevent the cards from sticking together.

These boxes range in size, but most of them are the size of a jewelry box, so they’ll fit nicely on a shelf or a counter in your bedroom.

Use a Keepsake Box

You can also use a keepsake box for your wedding cards.

Keepsake boxes can fit cards along with other wedding mementos, like dried flowers from your bouquet, favorite pictures, or party favors.

You can engrave the box with your names or your wedding date.

These boxes are ideal for putting in storage or keeping in a closet for whenever you want to relive the memories.

Remember that the cards can stick together and decay if not protected from air and water. You may want to store your wedding cards in a sealed plastic bag to prevent any damage.

woman holding a best wishes card over a beautiful bouquet

How Long Should You Keep Cards After Your Wedding?

Keep your wedding cards until you have sent all the thank you cards to your guests. If you are in a hurry to get rid of your cards, write down a list of who you need to respond to before tossing them.

However, you may want to keep your cards as a memento of your wedding, which means finding the right storage option to help your cards last for years.

How Do You Store Old Wedding Cards?

The most important thing is to keep your wedding cards away from any liquid.

In addition, the wedding cards will become more delicate as they age, so you should protect them from light and air exposure.

Keep your cards absolutely dry and only take them out when you’re looking through them. Otherwise, store them in a cool, dry place.

Several gifts wrapped and on a table.


Wedding cards are a terrific way to relive your special day. The messages people write to you are some of the most touching you’ll receive in your life, so it’s natural to want to keep them forever.

Follow these tips to keep your wedding cards in great shape for years to come.