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Beautiful Winter Wedding Venues in New York

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Nothing beats the feeling of going on a carriage ride through Central Park, strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge, or scouting for goodies around the holiday market during winter. That also makes it a perfect time to plan your wedding. 

Planning a winter wedding is one of the best ideas as it’s less stressful. You don’t have to worry about wedding season fatigue or the stress of planning an outdoor event. Winter weddings also allow you to create beautiful memories by taking stunning, snowy wedding photos. 

indoor wedding venue

Additionally, a winter wedding guarantees the availability of the venue on the chosen date and better rates than a summer wedding. If you’re planning a winter wedding in New York and have no idea what venue would be ideal, we’ve got you covered. 

Our detailed guide lists some of the most beautiful winter wedding venues in New York and the amenities to expect in each one. 

8 Beautiful Winter Wedding Venues in New York

Some of the best winter wedding venues include:

1. The Carriage House

The Carriage is in Northern New Jersey, two miles from the Bronx, New York. 

Being one of the historic venues home to the horse-drawn carriages for the first Mayor of Englewood, The Carriage House was later converted into an event space and provides the perfect setting for an intimate winter wedding. 

Large pink bouquet of hydrangeas and roses stands on dinner table in luxurious hall

The venue can accommodate close to one hundred guests. There’s also an upstairs suite for the bride and bridal party to use before the event. 

They also provide a reception venue, which allows you to have both the ceremony and reception in one place. DIY brides will also love this wedding venue as they provide details of their vendors that you can use. 

2. The Liberty Warehouse

The Liberty Warehouse is situated on the Red Hook, in the Brooklyn waterfront and is one of the best venues to consider if you’re looking for stunning views and a space that can accommodate up to one hundred guests. 

A perfect combination of industrial and romantic, The Liberty Warehouse has enough room for large cocktail receptions to formal seated dinners. Couples also take unique and beautiful photos, with the Statue of Liberty providing a fantastic backdrop. 

Liberty Warehouse wedding venue

Their indoor event space also comes in handy when planning a winter wedding. 

The Liberty Warehouse also provides chairs, tables, linens, and glassware at no extra charge if you choose one of their wedding packages.

3. Brooklyn Winery

If you love wine and everything wine-related, you’ll want to check out the Brooklyn Winery. The venue boasts a sophisticated yet romantic space that will be perfect for your guests. 

rustic wedding setup in a rustic hall

The venue can accommodate 100 -160 guests. Located in Williamsburg, New York, the Winery is ideal when you need a combination of the buzz of a city center location and the warmth of a winery setting. 

Couples don’t have to worry about the weather ruining their big day, as the venue has an interior setting with beautiful backdrops and accents. Several skylights on the ceiling provide natural light, and the high ceiling creates a sense of airiness. 

There’s also a barrel room and production space that adds to the business’s authenticity. You can take photos against the barrel room as a backdrop. Couples also have access to a wedding suite, which provides them with a private space to spend time together before and after the ceremony. 

4. Gotham Hall

The Gotham Hall is a fantastic venue if you’re looking for a Broadway feel in your wedding venue. Whether planning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, the hall has everything you need to make your big day memorable. 

facade of Gotham Hall on Broadway

Gotham Hall adds sophistication and glamor to your event by featuring a dramatic central chandelier, towering domed ceiling, and marbled floors. The venue is in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and is within walking distance of Penn station, making it accessible. 

Gotham Hall can accommodate up to 750 guests seated in the ceremony venue and 950 guests in the reception area. Their main banquet hall has striking architecture and makes a fantastic backdrop for all your wedding photos. 

5. The Edison Ballroom

The Edison Ballroom is on West 47th Street inside the Theatre District of New York City. The venue has indoor space for weddings and receptions within Times Square. 

Lighted white candles stand around luxury pink rose bouquet on a table

Boasting exquisite architecture, the Ballroom reflects the 19th century style with plenty of detailing on the ceiling and floors. You’ll also love the colorful accent lighting and unique furnishing that adds sophistication and elegance to your big day. 

The Edison Ballroom has three rooms that can accommodate over 300 guests, making it ideal for a medium to large-sized wedding. Couples will also enjoy the 40ft large stage where they can dance to live music. 

Their knowledgeable staff is available to provide service throughout the day, ensuring everything goes as planned. The Ballroom also has its celebrity chef ready to provide freshly prepared dishes. 

Whether you’re planning a grand celebration or a small, intimate ceremony, you’ll find this venue convenient and worth every coin. 

6. The Carlyle Hotel

Style and sophistication define the Carlyle Hotel. With a capacity to hold up to 150 guests, the hotel is a perfect venue for winter weddings. 

The Carlyle Hotel

This landmark hotel is in the heart of New York. The Carlyle provides your guests with the best Manhattan experience. Couples can choose from the Platinum, Gold, or Silver wedding packages.

It’s one venue that delivers a sense of romantic grandeur with velvet and leather embellishments. Guests will also find the glittering floors, stunning chandeliers, and skyline views impressive. 

The hotel also has a professional wedding specialist who is experienced in hosting social events. Couples get wedding coordination services from the start to the end, ensuring that everything is executed flawlessly. 

7. Greek Peak Mountain Resort

The Greek Peak Mountain Resort has packages for every budget. 

With a guest capacity of 300, the resort has a covered outdoor space suitable for a winter wedding. Located in Cortland County, Greek Peak Mountain Resort offers a serene and romantic atmosphere for an intimate ceremony. 

Wedding hall with original chandeliers

Couples can host the ceremony and reception at this resort, as it has several reception sites to choose from. A contemporary Acropolis Ballroom provides the perfect setting to dance the night away. The beautiful, picturesque surroundings provide a chic backdrop for your wedding photos. 

Other amenities at the Greek Peak Mountain Resort include onsite lodging, childcare services, an indoor waterpark, restaurants, an adventure center, and a full-service spa and salon. There’s also a team onsite to help customize your wedding, ensuring you enjoy your special day as you envisioned. 

8. Weylin

Weylin is the definition of luxury and elegance. It acts as a multifunctional community and cultural hub. Its frescoed dome, wooden carvings, and intricate mosaic provide the best backdrop for your wedding photos and video. 

Look from above at large restaurant's hall prepared for wedding dinner

For an intimate winter wedding ceremony, Weylin has a package that accommodates 50-150 guests in the dome. Couples can also hold their reception in the 1875 Bar or The Gallery. These two reception venues boast flexible floor plans that can be customized according to your needs. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best winter wedding venues in New York. Whether you’re looking to splurge on a luxury wedding or hold a small, intimate ceremony, you’ll be spoiled for choice in terms of the venues available.