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Reasons Why Beach Weddings Are Popular

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Planning a wedding entails thinking about the perfect location. The process can be stressful and complicated, which are things you want to avoid on your big day.

Additionally, traditional weddings are expensive. Research done by The Knot revealed that the average wedding cost in the U.S. was $28,000—without the honeymoon.

A beach wedding venue is excellent if you want a laid-back and fun experience. Most couples are opting for beach weddings, and we sought to find out the reasons behind this.

Read on to learn more about why beach weddings are popular.

12 Reasons Why Beach Weddings Are Popular

Couples are opting for beach venues to tie the knot, and here are twelve reasons why.

1. Romantic Setting

Sunset wedding on the beach

From the soothing sounds of ocean waves, and stunning views, to the fresh sea air, beach weddings provide the most romantic setting.

Planning a wedding around a banquet hall can be limiting and dull, but the beach provides a unique backdrop that can also be used to create epic wedding shots. 

You can effortlessly make a simple setup look grand and give your guests a memorable experience.

Additionally, a beach wedding feels more intimate and allows you to experiment with other gown options like lace, chiffon, and linen.

2. Save on Costs

Beautiful beach wedding venue decoration with panoramic ocean view background

Unlike conventional wedding venues that sometimes don’t provide other services like decor, catering, or food, most beach wedding venues have affordable all-inclusive packages.

That means couples don’t have to worry about looking for vendors for decor, cake, food, or flowers as it’s all catered for in the package. Additionally, you save costs as you don’t have to spend money with different vendors.

Planning a conventional wedding may sometimes involve renting the venue and a different reception venue.

With a beach wedding, a separate venue is eliminated as the reception can be set up in the same location. Everything is in one place, making planning more straightforward and more affordable.

3. Less Stressful Planning Process

wedding couple relax on beach resort

Any bride will tell you how hectic and stressful planning a wedding can be.

In the beginning, you’re excited to be engaged and can’t wait to shop for your dress, but then your family and friends want to know the exact date, location, food to be served, and many other details that can make the whole process daunting.

A beach wedding makes planning simpler and less stressful. Most destinations provide personalized package options that simplify the whole process.

With a guarantee of finding everything in one place, couples can sit back and enjoy their big day without running around looking for vendors.

4. Great Weather

A wedding chapel is set up for a sunset wedding on the beach

Some couples opt for beach weddings because of the warm, sunny weather. While this depends on the time of year in most destinations, places like the Caribbean are sure to be bright and sunny for the big day.

5. It Acts as a Mini Holiday for the Couple and Guests

Cheerful newlyweds at beach wedding ceremnoy

Beach weddings provide a vacation getaway for both the couple and guests.

Brides get to unwind by the beach instead of spending most of their time worrying about their makeup, dress, hair, or shoes a few days before the wedding.

Guests also get to fly in and out of town, and they can participate in other activities before and after the wedding. This arrangement allows you to spend time with family members that you haven’t seen in a while.

6. Guaranteed Beautiful Backdrops

Beach wedding venue setting with flower, floral decoration on arch

Another reason most couples opt for beach weddings is that you’re certain to get a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos.

Any angle is picturesque, whether it’s by the sand, ocean, or any formation by the shore.

Furthermore, getting different colored photos during various times of the day is easy.

For example, the golden hue during sunset, the blue ombre of the sea in the morning, and fluffy clouds during the day are all possibilities.

The photographer can also take photos with different textures of both the ocean and native plants. These backdrops also give the images a vibrant and natural look.

7. Ditch the Regular Wedding Attire

rear view of bride with wedding bouquet and groom hugging and walking on beach

Couples looking to get away from regular wedding gowns and formal suits are opting for a beach wedding setup. That’s because the venue allows you to dress in more comfortable and casual attire.

A beach wedding is an excellent time to be spontaneous and enjoy your big day without struggling to fit into a princess grown, wear heels throughout the day, or have to refresh your makeup every two hours.

8. Seamless Transition to Honeymoon

honeymoon newly wed couple relax on sunset beach

Having a beach-themed wedding allows you to ease into your honeymoon.

Couples don’t have to get married in one location, fly to another honeymoon destination, and arrive tired and jet-lagged.

Couples can opt to have their honeymoon in the same beach location after the guests have left. There’s no packing stress and preparation for the honeymoon as they are already there.

9. Create a Unique Wedding Experience

group of friends partying on the beach before the wedding

Unlike a regular wedding day, which is a one-day event, a destination wedding at the beach allows couples to have a wedding experience. 

Guests can join the couple for dinner the day before the wedding and hang out for brunch the day after.

A whole weekend can be spent creating memories with loved ones and celebrating the union of two people.

Additionally, a beach wedding allows couples to choose a location that’s neutral to both families and allows them to experience a different destination.

10. Opportunity to Have a Big Guest List

Boho wedding beach style bali

Couples having a traditional wedding are often limited by the space of their wedding venue. That means they can’t invite as many people as they would like.

Having a beach wedding allows couples to have a more extensive guest list as the space is unlimited.

11. Get Married at Any Time

A planned beach wedding at sunset on the beach has been accomplished

Sometimes couples have to plan around a particular time of the year when the wedding venue will be free to book, and others want to wait until summer to have a great day.

However, with a beach wedding, you don’t have to play around with a particular time of year, as most destinations feel like summer all year.

12. Fun Aspect

Conventional weddings are confining, making some guests unhappy and grumpy. There are also restrictions on seating arrangements when having a traditional ceremony, as some family members have to be grouped.


With a beach wedding, you get to eliminate all of this drama. With the beautiful weather, stunning views, and great food, no one has time to be grumpy.

Some destinations also provide entertainment to get people dancing and having fun.

Furthermore, beach wedding venues have other activities like beach volleyball, snorkeling, and swimming that will keep your guests busy. Guests with kids can also relax as their children participate in these activities.

More couples are opting for beach weddings to break the monotony and ensure everyone has fun at their wedding ceremony.

Final Thoughts

Beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a picture-perfect setting, are affordable, and are simpler to plan than traditional wedding ceremonies. Additionally, a contemporary beach wedding allows the couple to dress for comfort and create a unique wedding experience.