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16 Wedding Signs You Need at Your Wedding

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Wedding signs make navigating the wedding location easy for your guests. But beyond that, wedding signs are a way to communicate with your guests in a way that feels personal.

From welcoming them to directing them to their seats and sharing the order of events, wedding signs can prevent your guests from feeling lost or left out.

There are many wedding signs you can use at your wedding. But when you take time to go through as many as possible, you may find some redundant.

Instead of you spending all that time going through wedding signs, we’ve done the hard part for you! We sifted through various wedding signs and came up with sixteen wedding signs you need at your wedding.

Welcome Sign

Romantic wedding ceremony on the beach. Sign welcome

The welcome sign is one you definitely need at your wedding. Its primary importance is welcoming your guests to the wedding.

But it does more than that.

A welcome sign can help your guests confirm they are at the correct ceremony, particularly if the wedding venue hosts multiple ceremonies simultaneously.

Welcome signs can also contain directions the guests will need at the entrance. Your welcome sign can have directions to the parking spot, check-in area, and reception.

Ceremony Seating Sign

Wedding guest list planner of number of they table on wedding party

A ceremony seating sign is there to help the guests understand where to sit for the ceremony.

At some weddings, the groom’s guests sit on one part while the bride’s guests sit on another side. Of course, the guests wouldn’t know this beforehand. So, a sign can make this clear to them.

In converse cases, the seating signs will let the guests know they can sit on any side if that is your chosen scheme.

Arrival Sign

A wedding sign says Here Comes The Bride on wooden board

When the bride arrives at the wedding, the flower girl or ring bearer can walk in with a sign that has the inscription, “Here Comes the Bride.” This could add some glamor to the ceremony.

Of course, your inscription does not have to be “Here Comes the Bride.” You can work with any phrase that suits your taste.

Bar Sign

Wedding Bar sign and a flower on wooden log on wedding reception

If there will be a bar at your event – open or cash – having a bar sign can help your guests find their way to the bar.

The bar sign should also contain information about the drinks available at the bar. The signage could say whether wines, cocktails, mocktails, or signature drinks are available.

If the bar serves signature drinks, stating the name and some ingredients could excite the guests.

Chair Signs

Mr and Mrs Wedding Sign. Happy bride and groom sitting on their chair with sign at wedding reception

You and your partner can have chair signs that read things like “His” and “Hers,” “Mine” and “Yours,” “Mr.” and “Mrs.,” or any other inscription you want.

Direction Signs

Wedding signboard on wedding reception

Direction signs are helpful, especially at weddings with a large venue and guest count.

Direction signs are also vital when you hold your reception and wedding ceremony in different places.

If you want your guests to find their way around easily, provide directions to the essential areas of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Besides the direction to the ceremony area and reception, provide direction signs to the photo area or booth, the bar, the cocktail party, and similar places.

Family Photo Sign

The family photo sign helps organize the photo session. It shows a list of who should be in which photos.

There will be no confusion about who should join which photos and when with this in place.

Sometimes, family photo signs may also contain a tribute to a family member. Typically, the said tribute is to a late family member.

Favors Sign

Favors sign showing please take one

The favors area should have a direction sign leading to it. Then it should also have another indicating the favors area.

With this sign in place, you won’t have to worry about your guests leaving without picking up your appreciation gift.

In some cases, the favors sign may bear the details of a public charitable donation you intend to make. Sometimes, it may contain valuable information – like a recipe – you want to share with the guests.

Gift Table Sign

wedding cards and gifts sign on the table at wedding reception

The gift table sign tells your guests where to drop their gifts for you. Collecting everything later will be easier if they all drop their gifts in the same spot.

Guest Book Sign

The guest book comes in handy at weddings with a large guest count. It is an efficient way to know who attended the wedding.

Trying to take a mental note of the guests during the ceremony would be overwhelming.

But if you have them sign a guest book, you can review it later and figure out who attended the wedding.

It may not achieve its purpose if you have a wedding guest book without a sign to show where guests can find it.

Many guests will not go looking for the guest book if there’s no clear indication of where to find it.

So, if you want people to sign the book, you must let them know where it is.

Love Quote Signs

Words about love and family at a wedding

Besides the usual wedding décor, you could have love quote signs stationed at different spots in the wedding venue.

The quotes will add some lovey-doveyness to the atmosphere. It’s a wedding – a celebration of love; the guests are there for love.

Photo Booth Sign

Besides having a family photo sign, you need a photo booth sign at your wedding.

Firstly, you need a sign that tells the guests where the photo booth is. Secondly, you need one that explains what the guests should do at the photo booth.

As with many other signs you need at your wedding, the photo booth sign organizes the event.

Reception Seating Chart

Decorated seating plan for wedding guests in Wooden tent restaurant outdoors.

A seating chart sign is vital if you have created a special seating arrangement for your guests.

If the guests wander around before finding their seats and tables, things could get rowdy. But if there is a sign they can check to locate their seats at a glance, things would be more orderly.

The seating chart sign bears the information of the table, the seat, and the tablemates for each guest.

The Wedding Party Sign

The wedding party sign typically bears the names of the couple, best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

The wedding party sign is one way to honor your best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and groomsmen for being an integral part of the wedding.

But apart from that, a wedding party sign adds to the overall aesthetic of the ceremony.

Wedding Hashtag Sign

If you’ve come up with a hashtag for your wedding and want the guests to use that tag, you must publicize it.

How can you do this? Put up a wedding hashtag sign.

Once the guests see it, they will know what hashtag to use when sharing pictures from the wedding on social media.

Wedding Timeline Sign

Timeline menu on wedding theme drawing with white ink on chalkboard

Wedding timeline signs bear information about how the wedding events will go. It tells the guests what to expect, so they will not get lost in the events as the ceremony progresses.

Wedding timeline signs tell the chronology and time of each event.

You can highlight when the ceremony will start, when it’s time for cocktails, and when it’s time for dinner, amongst other things.