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What to Do When Your Wedding Ring Doesn’t Fit Anymore? (8 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Fit)

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A wedding ring that does not fit your finger perfectly can be troublesome. If it is too tight, it becomes uncomfortable and difficult to remove. Conversely, if it is too loose, there is a high chance that you might lose it.

So, what should you do when your wedding ring no longer fits?

What to do when your wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore ultimately depends on you. You could cut the ring off if it seems impossible to remove. You can also try resizing it using one of the many options discussed below.

Wedding rings on top of rose flower

For several reasons, your wedding ring may become too tight, flip back and forth, or constantly rotate on your finger. Luckily, there are numerous ways to get it to fit your finger again.

Below we discuss what to do when your wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore and eight reasons why it doesn’t fit.

What to Do When Your Wedding Ring Doesn’t Fit Anymore

Get It Resized

When you notice your wedding ring does not fit anymore, your safest option is to get it resized.

Whether the wedding ring is too large or small, a skilled jeweler can adjust it to fit your finger.

If the wedding ring is too large, the jeweler cuts off a section of the ring, welds it back together, and polishes the merged area.

But when it is too small, the jeweler will cut the wedding ring and add metal.

However, there are some rings you cannot resize.

And permanently adjusting your wedding ring is not always your best option. Some temporary solutions may work better for you than resizing.

female jeweler working on measuring ring size for correction

Insert Sizing Beads

Sizing beads are ideal for resizing wedding rings that are too loose. The jeweler adds two tiny sizing beads to the interior base of the band.

Sizing beads are perfect for reducing the size of wedding rings and preventing them from spinning on your finger.

Although sizing beads are effective and affordable, not everyone finds them comfortable, which is a big downside.

Insert a Spring 

jeweler on process of resizing ring

Inserting a spring is another effective method for resizing a loose wedding ring.

The spring is a thin strip of metal shaped like a horseshoe that the jeweler welds to the lower inside of the wedding ring.

Once you put the wedding ring over your knuckle, the spring tightens and nestles at the base of your finger.

This method is both comfortable and affordable. However, if you remove your wedding ring frequently, it can irritate your finger.

Install Expandable and Adjustable Shanks

An expandable shank is ideal for resizing wedding rings that are difficult to get over knuckles. It has a hinged shank that opens up and snaps shut to secure the finger.

Expandable shanks are comfortable and better suited for someone that doesn’t take off their wedding ring often.

Adjustable shanks come with a hinge and latch that allows you to open the ring to pass it over your knuckle and close it to hold the finger in place.

These shanks are ideal for people that remove their wedding rings frequently.

Wedding ring of a man

Use a Split Vinyl Tube

You can purchase a transparent split vinyl tube and attach it to the base of the wedding ring shank. They are also called ring size reducers or ring snugs.

Ring snugs come in packs and are available in different sizes to suit different shapes and sizes of wedding rings.

Use Silicone

A food-safe silicone adhesive is an effective DIY method for resizing a loose wedding ring.

All you do is apply the silicone adhesive to the inside of your wedding ring.

Silicone is available in different colors, so ensure you purchase a clear one. 

Before using the adhesive, remember to clean and dry the ring. And as you apply, avoid going close to where the stones are.

After applying the silicone, allow it to cure fully before wearing the ring, or it will become loose in a couple of days. Allowing it to cure fully will create a layer that keeps the ring in place for weeks.

Removing this silicone is easy. You can even do it with your fingernail.

Use a Waterproof Tape and Nail Polish

clear Nail polish on white background

A combination of waterproof tape and nail polish is another DIY method for resizing a loose wedding ring.

Start by cutting a strip of waterproof tape and ensure it is slightly narrower than the ring.

Stick the waterproof tape to the shank of the wedding ring before applying clear nail polish. Leave the nail polish to dry overnight before putting on the wedding ring.

With this method, you don’t have to worry about a loose ring for a while.

However, you will need to repeat this procedure when it wears off.

Use a Ring Size Adjuster

Another way to resize your wedding ring is to purchase a ring size adjuster. They are available in different sizes to suit different ring sizes.

The adjuster acts as a guard and folds around the inside of the wedding ring. You can adjust the adjuster until your wedding ring fits perfectly.

Use a Plastic Guard

A plastic guard is a quick and affordable way to solve ring size issues. These plastic ring adjusters are silicone and go between your finger and wedding ring.

Although they work, they are not as effective as something a jeweler will attach, and they may slip out.

Start a Healthy Diet

 nutritionist recommending fresh fruits to eat

If the swelling in your fingers is due to your current diet, you may need to switch to a healthier diet. Speak with a doctor on what to change in your diet.

8 Reasons Why Your Wedding Ring Doesn’t Fit Anymore

Listed below are reasons why your wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore.

Changes in Weight

woman shocked over weight gain

One of the common reasons your wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore is weight gain.

There are several causes of weight gain, such as becoming less active or taking medication. Once you begin to gain weight, every part of your body increases in mass, including your fingers

Your wedding ring may become tighter if you develop muscles in your fingers by lifting weights or through manual labor.

So, people who experience fluctuations in their weight may experience difficulty in finding their perfect ring size.

Conversely, if you notice your wedding ring becoming looser, you may have recently lost weight.

Weather Changes

Winter, home lifestyle, woman and parrot looking together through the snowy window

Changes in humidity or temperature can make your fingers shrink and expand.

When the weather is warm, your fingers swell, tightening your wedding ring. When the weather is cold, your fingers shrink, making your wedding ring loose.


Pregnant woman sitting on sofa

When a woman becomes pregnant, it causes her body to swell, including her fingers. Because of the swelling, the wedding ring may become too tight.

However, once she gives birth, there is a high chance her fingers will return to normal, and she can wear her wedding ring again.

Constant Air Travel

Happy couple looking out the window in plane

Another reason your wedding ring doesn’t fit in is constant air travel.

Sitting still for long periods, low cabin pressure, and dry air can disrupt blood flow making your fingers swell.

Thankfully, the swelling isn’t permanent; it will go down a few days after you’ve finished traveling.


Close-up of swelling legs of a pregnant woman lies on bad

Edema is a medical condition caused by abnormal fluid retention in the body’s tissue. It affects small body parts like the hands, arms, feet, legs, or the entire body. 

There are several causes of edema, including kidney disease, pregnancy, medication, or an underlying disease.

The swelling from edema can be short- or long-term, depending on the cause.


Woman with rash and scratch on her arm from allergies,Health allergy skin care problem

Another common reason your wedding ring doesn’t fit is allergies. Allergies can cause your fingers to swell, making your wedding ring too tight.


right hand swollen fingers with wedding ring

Another reason why your wedding ring doesn’t fit is an injury.

If you break your finger, it becomes swollen. And if that finger doesn’t get the proper treatment, it can become deformed as a result.

So putting on your wedding ring can be difficult and painful.

Temporary Swelling of Fingers

If your fingers swell occasionally, your wedding ring can become too tight. You can learn to live with it since you can remove the ring as a temporary solution. However, not everyone likes that short-term solution.

Some prefer to leave the ring on despite the inconvenience and discomfort. But wearing a tight ring can cause tingling and skin irritation.

If the swelling becomes persistent, you can get a custom-made ring or find ways to tighten it around your finger.