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What Groomsmen Should Wear to Get Ready for the Ceremony

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The groomsmen are just as vital to the wedding as the bridal party. So how they get ready on the morning of the wedding is pretty crucial.

But what should groomsmen wear to get ready for the ceremony?

Groomsmen should wear undershirts, buttoned shirts, and pants while getting ready. While no solid customs define how they should gear up, wearing those three pieces of clothing is a good start. Then when the photographer shows up, they may proceed to wear other accessories as the photographer takes photos of them.

groomsman getting ready in the room for wedding ceremony

If your buddy’s wedding is on the horizon, and you are not sure how to get ready as a groomsman, this article offers tips.

Below, we discuss what groomsmen should wear to get ready, how long getting ready should take, and much more.

This Is What Groomsmen Should Wear to Get Ready

An undershirt, a button shirt, and a pair of pants – this combination is what groomsmen should wear when they start to get ready.

Then when the photographer shows up, they may wear other accessories like cufflinks, socks, shoes, ties, vests, suspenders, and jackets.

As they start wearing the other accessories, the photographer will take photos of them.

Unlike the bridal party, it does not take too much time for groomsmen to get ready.

So within 20 to 30 minutes, they should be fully ready, and the photographer can take pictures.

How Long Should Groomsmen Take To Get Ready?

As already said, it does not take the groomsmen much time to prepare.

On average, the preparation time for groomsmen is about 30 minutes. But it could be shorter or longer, depending on some factors.

The attire of the groomsmen is one factor that affects how long it takes them to dress. If what they are wearing features many accessories, it may take longer to get ready.

But if they are going simple – a shirt, pants, and tie – it should not take them more than 10-15 minutes to get ready.

Another factor that may affect the groomsmen’s prep time is the number of people getting ready together. With more groomsmen in the same space getting ready, the preparation time may be longer.

Happy groom and groomsmen sit together in a hotel room getting ready

Do the Groomsmen All Get Ready Together?

Groomsmen typically all get ready together, just like the bridal party.

They get ready with the groom, and beyond having photographs, they may spend the period unwinding and having fun.

Where Do Groomsmen Get Ready?

The groomsmen typically get ready wherever the groom gets ready. This may be at the groom’s house, his parent’s house, or in a hotel. They could also get ready in their sibling’s house or an Airbnb apartment.

Wherever the groomsmen choose to get ready, it must be big enough to accommodate everyone.

Groom getting ready in the morning with groomsmen in the room

There is really no restriction on where grooms choose to get ready. However, where the groom opts to get ready must be comfortable and close to the wedding ceremony.

Besides being comfortable, the location the groom and groomsmen choose to get ready must have good natural light.

You want to get ready in a room with beautiful scenery that gets sufficient natural light. These factors will help the photographer get nice photos of you.

All in all, you should avoid rooms with no windows or insufficient windows.

Choosing Groom and Groomsmen Suits

Get Matching Suits

When choosing suits for the groom and groomsmen, the popular thing is for all of them to wear matching suits. But ultimately, it is your choice to make.

These days, you will find some groom and groomsmen adopting a slight modification of the matching suits routine.

cropped photo of groomsmen on their matching suit

This modification involves the groomsmen wearing matching suits while the groom wears a suit that stands out from the rest. In this case, while the groom’s suit might differ from the groomsmen’s, it should be complementary.

If you resolve to get matching suits, you should start shopping as soon as possible. Finding matching suits can take time.

Then you will have to make adjustments to the suits until they fit. So you need to give yourselves enough execution time (about three months should be enough).

When getting matching suits, consider the bridal party too. You want to ensure the bridal party and groomsmen’s outfits are complementary.

When wearing matching suits, the groom and groomsmen do not necessarily have to wear the same color for every accessory. For one, their ties and pocket squares can be of different colors.

Upsides to Matching Suits


The upside of the groom and groomsmen wearing matching suits is that they will stand out from the guests. There is a good chance that some guests would be wearing suits too.

If the groomsmen and groom are not wearing matching suits, they will look like just another one of the guests.

Besides helping them stand out, wearing matching suits promotes synchronization with the bridal party. The aesthetics will be seamless.

The bottom line is that wearing matching suits improves the groomsmen’s look and the wedding party as a whole.

Downsides of Matching Suits

The downside of wearing matching suits is that the groomsmen may have to buy new suits. This may not be a problem if they can all afford one.

Otherwise, they may become uncomfortable, especially if they have already contributed financially to the wedding.

The style of the suit the groom opts for may not be the usual style of some of the groomsmen. Such groomsmen may not feel comfortable or look their usual dapper selves in the suits.

You can reduce the chances of such by opting for colors and styles that look good on most people.

Groomsmen in different suits on wedding party drinking whiskey

Tips for When You’re Not Wearing Matching Suits

As said already, you get to decide whether you want matching suits or not. However, if you choose not to wear matching suits, ensure the suits are not too disparate.

For instance, you could all wear suits that come in dark colors – this could be black, dark green, dark brown, and dark blue.

Besides color, ensure the suits are of the same style. A velvet suit may not coordinate well with a cotton suit.

While you may choose not to match your suits, you should make the accessories match.

Ties, pocket squares, button shirts, cufflinks, and shoes should match. Doing this will help create a uniform aesthetic.

The bottom line is to ensure that you create a uniform look even if you are not wearing matching suits. This will ease coordination with the bridal party.

What Can the Groomsmen and Groom Do While Getting Ready?

Play a Game

While getting ready, the groomsmen and groom can play a game. This could help ease the nerves.

They could play video games, poker, or pool.

Get a Shave

groomsman shaving

The groom party can get a shave at the barber shop while getting ready. The photographer may even come along and take pictures.

Go for a Walk

The groom and groomsmen may just go for a walk after getting ready. This helps kill time and could ease the groom’s nerves (if the groom is nervous).

Share Gifts

The groom could offer gifts to the groomsmen while getting ready. This gift could be cufflinks, boutonnieres, watches, or ties.

Order Pizza and Just Talk

Man in suit eating pizza while waiting in the room

The groom and groomsmen could just order pizza and just have fun conversations to keep themselves relaxed. Of course, it does not have to be pizza; it could be anything else.

However, no one should get drunk.


When the groomsmen start getting ready, they should wear button shirts, pants, and undershirts. Then when the photographer is around, they could start wearing other accessories like watches, cufflinks, and ties.

groom and groomsmen getting ready in the room

While it is popular for the groom and groomsmen to wear matching suits, you may choose not to. But if you do not wear matching suits, ensure the suits convey a uniform style.