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How to Cash Wedding Checks Before Your Name Changes

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Wedding gifts come in different shapes and forms. It is also the easiest way for people to show their appreciation and support for the newlyweds. Depending on the guests’ preferences and budget, you will receive different gifts during your wedding.

These include electrical appliances, household items, furniture, jewelry, personal care items and accessories, electronic gadgets, and even a flight ticket for a honeymoon. In some cases, you will also receive gifts in the form of checks.

But checks come with their pros and cons. For instance, when writing a check, the payer will include the payee’s name so they can quickly cash it and receive the money in their bank account.

Generally, once your name has changed after the wedding, cashing a check with a name that is totally or slightly different from yours can be quite hard.

So, how can you cash wedding checks before your name changes?

The best way to overcome this issue is by opening up a joint bank account with your future spouse before your wedding day.

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Open the account using your maiden name, and be sure to inform the clerk that you are about to get married. This will ensure that the bank is clear on your decision to change your name after the wedding. But if the checks are made to you and your spouse, then both of you will be required to validate and sign the checks.

Regardless of whether you will receive the check under your maiden name or married name, you can still sign them and cash the checks accordingly. Last but not least, don’t forget to bring all supporting documents such as your ID, birth certificate, and marriage license.

Common Facts About Cashing Your Wedding Checks

For the newlyweds, it can be overwhelming to deposit and cash out many checks all at once, especially with all the details, expiry dates, and other banking terms that are pretty hard to comprehend. But fret not. We have listed some common facts you should know when cashing out your wedding checks.

There is a window to cash the check without having to rush it

If you’re worried that your banks won’t accept any late check deposit, then you should know that most banks generally allow their customers to cash out or deposit the check within six months after the issuance date.

But if you prefer to cash the checks earlier and have the money quickly in your bank accounts, you can definitely do that a few days or even a week after your wedding day. This way, you can use the money to purchase any essentials without having to worry that the check could bounce due to an insufficient amount inside the payer’s account.

You will be notified if the checks bounce.

In some cases, the checks you deposited might bounce if there are issues or problems with the payer’s account. But nowadays, there are many ways for banks to notify the payee and the payer about the status of the checks. So, you don’t have to check with your bank every day if the checks have been processed or not. The payers will also be notified if their checks bounce.

But if they didn’t know about it, you don’t necessarily have to alert them quickly about this issue. If possible, call the banks and remind them to reach out to the payers so they are properly notified.

There might be an issue if the checks are made out to a name different from your bank account.

This might be a bit of a hassle, but if you already changed your name and used your married name on the bank account, the checks made to your maiden’s name will usually be put on hold.

This is because the banks will have to verify your identity before releasing the funds into your account. Often, they only need supporting documents such as proof of your maiden name and your name change documents.

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How to Write a Wedding Check

If you happen to receive an invitation to a wedding and planning to give a check as a wedding gift, there are a few things that you should do so that the newlyweds can quickly process the checks before or even after their wedding day. These include:

Pick one person as the payee

If you’re a friend of the bride, it would be easier for you to write the check under her name and vice versa. But if you’re close to any of the newlyweds’ family members, the best thing would be to ask them who is responsible for receiving the gifts, be it actual gifts or checks, and write the check under their name.

This is to avoid any issues such as name change that can delay depositing the check, in case the bride wants to cash in the check before their wedding day.

Use the right name

This is the most crucial step that you should focus on when writing checks as wedding gifts. Always pick the right name for the checks. Or better yet, use the couples’ maiden names if you plan to give the checks before the wedding day.

This is because some brides won’t change their names after the wedding or prefer to keep their names. You can also reach out to the couples and ask whether they have a joint bank account. Then, don’t forget to use “or” in between their names if they prefer to cash the check using their joint account.

Some banks are pretty strict regarding the payee’s name and would ask the couple to come for verification if there is no “or” written on the check. But if you think asking too much of their private details would be inappropriate, just put their maiden names on the check.

Double-check all the details

Do a final check on all the details before giving the check to the couple. Please make sure all the spellings are correct, in case one of them has a unique or complicated name.

Also, check the amount you intend to give. No one is forcing you to give anything you can’t afford. So, be reasonable with yourself and considerate with others.

Make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account

The last thing you want is to receive a call from the couple or even the bank that the check you gave bounced due to an insufficient balance in your account. So, always ensure you have enough money before writing the check.

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Wedding Check vs. Cash: Which Is Better?

Today, many payment options range from online banking, e-wallet, QR pay, and even payment using cryptocurrency. But don’t be alarmed when some people still prefer to use cash in their day-to-day activities. So, what is the best option? Should you give wedding checks or cash?

Honestly, it usually depends on the couples and how they intend to use the money for their wedding. Giving cash will be a better option if they want to use some funds for their honeymoon or purchase household items for their house.

But if you think carrying and handing a wad of cash in public seems a bit dangerous and inappropriate, you can still put the money in an envelope or wedding card.

However, a check would be the most efficient transfer mode if the amount is too large. In fact, you don’t have to go to the bank to withdraw the money. All you need is a pen and your checkbook.

Final Thoughts

These tips and tricks will ensure that your wedding checks can be cashed out without further delay or technical problems. But before you decide to make a joint bank account, discuss all finances and money-related matters with your partner.

Make sure that both of you agree on all the terms and conditions before signing up for anything. This will also open the door for many topics regarding your future financial planning with your spouse.