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15 Types of Pink Wedding Flowers

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Pink is a popular choice of color at many weddings. The color blends well with a sunny, outdoor wedding and adds an intimate, romantic touch to cozy winter celebrations. 

There are flowers available in many different shades of pink, so there’s sure to be one to suit you and your wedding theme. 

Read on as we explore fifteen pink wedding flowers, their seasonal availability, and how to incorporate them into your wedding decor. 

1. Pink Dahlia

Pink Dahlia flowers in a golden vase with petals on the table

Pink dahlia flowers are a summer favorite, but you can incorporate them year-round.

You can use these flowers in your wedding bouquet and centerpieces to decorate your wedding venue. Pink dahlias pair well with other flowers, like white Akito roses and burgundy dianthus. 

Pink dahlias symbolize feminine beauty, grace, and kindness. 

DIY enthusiasts will love dahlias’ size and pink tones. Their versatility allows you to experiment with different shapes in your floral arrangements. 

2. Cherry Blossom

Closeup shot of bloom cherry blossom flowers

Cherry blossoms are a popular spring flower due to their versatility and affordability. 

These flowers signify renewal. You can find cherry blossoms during the spring, in March and April. 

You can choose different shades of pink for your reception and decor. Couples can also opt to combine cherry blossoms with other flowers for a romantic touch. 

Note that cherry blossoms have a short lifespan and require extra care. 

3. Pink Spray Roses

Bouquet of beautiful pink spray roses on the table

Pink spray roses are an excellent way to add drama and romance to your wedding. 

Pink spray roses have a blush to light pink shade. They are available throughout the year and are easy to work with.

You can incorporate them in bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, floral crowns, and other large floral arrangements. 

Spray roses arrive in bud form. After processing and hydration, the bloom opens up. 

4. Pink Astilbe

Pink flower of astilbe japonic

Pink astilbe flowers are a hardy variety that work well for many different styles of weddings.

You can use pink astilbe flowers alone or mix them with other blooms to create a personalized look.  

Note that pink astilbe flowers are seasonal and are only available from May through November. 

5. Pink Carnation

Pink carnations on pink background with confetti

Pink carnations symbolize pure love. From dusty pink to peach pink to hot pink, there are many different shades to choose from.

They’re beautiful wedding flowers that provide excellent value for your money, thanks to their year-round availability. 

You can use pink carnations on your centerpieces, bouquets, or as a cake decoration. 

You can use pink carnations by themselves or pair them with other flowers, like gerbera daisies, baby’s breath, or chrysanthemums.

Pink carnations are hardy and easy to handle, making them a great option for DIYers. 

6. Pink Tulips

Bouquet of pink tulips in a wicker basket on light gray background

Pink tulips are a timeless flower for weddings. These flowers exude a natural elegance, perfect for a romantic or a rustic wedding. 

Their long, tapered heads feature velvety petals that gradually open into cup-shaped blooms. 

Pastel and other shades of pink tulips can add some romantic flair to a spring wedding. You can mix your pink tulips with garden roses or ranunculus for an extra layer of texture with little effort.

Pink tulips are great for garden-inspired weddings.  

7. Pink Phlox Flower

Pink Phlox flowers in the garden

Pink phlox flowers may not be the most popular, but they are stunning, affordable, and available year-round.

These flowers symbolize the union of souls, the perfect sentiment for a wedding.

You can use pink phlox flowers on your table centerpieces, wedding bouquets, and other flower arrangements. 

8. Pink Garden Rose

Blooming Pink garden roses in the garden

The pink garden rose has a gorgeous pink shade and features a spectacular bloom with layers of delicately ruffled petals. 

You can use them to add a pop of color and elegance to your floral arrangements. Pink garden roses also pair well with other pink flowers, like lisianthus.

You can find this flower in various shades of pink, the most popular being peach and pastels. 

Couples can incorporate pink garden roses in their bridal bouquet, centerpieces, or arches.

9. Pink Ranunculus

Beautiful pink ranunculus buttercup flowers in glass bottles on dark wooden background

Pink ranunculus look like a combination of a peony and a rose, and its curved stems and ruffly petals make it a DIY favorite.

You can use pink ranunculus flowers by themselves on table centerpieces, bridal bouquets, and any other large floral arrangement. The medium to dark pink flowers are available year-round. 

Their hardiness and durability make them a popular choice for weddings. 

10. Pink Lisianthus

bunches of pink lisianthus flowers at farmers market in Oregon

Pink lisianthus can add a dreamy and light feel to any event.

These blooms are great for DIY flower arrangements, standalone centerpieces, or bouquets.

Available in light, medium, and hot pink, you’re sure to find a shade of pink to match your wedding theme. 

11. Pink Peonies

Pink Peonies on the table

Pink peonies are available in different shades, ranging from blush pink to hot pink.

Peonies are great for spring weddings. You can incorporate them in your bouquets, table centerpieces, and large flower arrangements for added texture and depth.

Peonies can complement any type of wedding, whether it’s a rustic outdoor celebration or an intimate ballroom ceremony. 

While pink peonies can be expensive, you can save money by mixing them with more affordable blooms, such as blush roses, hot pink tulips, and cerise ranunculus.

12. Pink Cymbidium Orchid

Pink Cymbidium Orchid in greenhouse

Pink cymbidium orchids, or “boat” orchids, are available in light and dark varieties. These star-shaped flowers have a tropical look.

You can add pink cymbidium orchids to your bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and other floral arrangements.

13. Pink Anemone

Pink anemone flowers on a white keepsake box

Pink anemones are great for making your wedding look happy and cheerful. 

These blossoms are available from winter through early summer. Pink anemones add personality and color to bouquets, table centerpieces, and general decor. 

Pink anemones are also hardy and durable.

14. Pink Snapdragon

Pink Snapdragon flowers in the garden

Pink snapdragons are light and fresh pink flowers that add interest to any floral arrangement. 

Because they have long stems and retain their original shape, snapdragons are good wedding flowers for DIY brides.

You can use pink snapdragons on centerpieces, bouquets, or arches. 

15. Pink Calla Lilly

Pink Calla Lily flower

Pink calla lilies can add a chic and graceful look to any wedding arrangement. Their bold texture and uniform color make them easy focal points in floral designs.

Available in medium to dark pink, calla lilies have traditionally symbolized admiration, gratitude, romance, and appreciation. These beauties can stand alone or be mixed with other blooms, like freesias or roses. 

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed 15 of the most common pink wedding flowers. Choose the best flower for your wedding theme.

Reach out to an experienced florist to see which flowers are in season and how to incorporate them into your wedding.