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10 Pet Friendly Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

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Pets at weddings are so much fun! As a result, more people are looking for pet-friendly venues where they and other guests can bring their furry friends along for the party.

Finding a venue that allows pets is challenging. You certainly shrink your pool of potential wedding venues when you need a place where dogs can run around. Still, a little extra effort in your wedding planning will mean your pet can be there for your big day.

Young newlywed couple with their Jack Russel Terrier dog

Most pet-friendly wedding venues are outdoor venues, but you can also find beautiful wedding locations that allow animals indoors. However, they mainly cater to dogs, so you’ll want to run any other animals by them before you book.

Here are ten of the best pet friendly wedding venues in Los Angeles.

A view of the Andaz West Hollywood Hotel

1. Andaz West Hollywood

Andaz is a lovely hotel located overlooking Sunset Blvd. You get a fantastic view of the Hollywood Hills, and it has ballrooms and a rooftop for you and your guests on your wedding day.

Plenty of people book Andaz for weddings and other large parties who don’t necessarily want dogs along for the ride, which underscores the quality of the venue. It is, however, a dog-friendly hotel where you can bring your pets most anywhere on the property.

The only spots that don’t allow dogs are the restaurant and bar. They can also roam around on a leash with you wherever you go. If you book Andaz for a wedding, the dogs can be off leash as long as they stay in the wedding area.

The hotel asks guests to oversee their pets to avoid any issues. If you’re staying overnight, you can pay an extra fee to bring your dog along. The hotel provides treats and a bed to make their stay comfortable.

2. Kim Sing Theatre

Kim Sing Theatre is an L.A. staple. It’s located on N Figueroa St. in Los Angeles and is a popular spot for weddings, graduation ceremonies, film events, and other parties.

Dogs aren’t allowed in the building, but the theater lets them roam the courtyard off-leash for a $250 charge.

This is a great pet-friendly venue for people who are having small weddings. The theater usually accommodates up to around 100 guests. It has a gated parking lot for privacy, and they have an impressive list of caterers to give you plenty of choices for food.

3. Hudson Loft

Couples who like industrial themes will love Hudson Loft. It’s set in an industrial area of L.A. and can fit up to around 300 guests.

One of the best things about Hudson Loft is the views. You’ll get a beautiful city skyline view from large windows and open floor plans. It’s also pet friendly!

Get in touch with the venue to learn more about any restrictions on where pets can go and whether there is an added fee for any pets that attend.

bride holds a wedding dog

4. The Fig House

The Fig House is a lovely event for L.A.’s creatives. It has modern buildings with unique, paved outdoor spaces that are great for a fun wedding celebration.

In addition, the site is located between downtown and Pasadena, which makes it convenient for people around the valley to get to.

The site was recently renovated by Emily Henderson, a star on the HGTV network. According to the website, the Fig House offers “a modern, colorful twist on art deco inspiration with a local nod to the rich history of the Los Angeles art scene.”

The venue can accommodate 200 seated guests for dinner and almost double that for a standing wedding reception.

5. Tommie Hollywood Hotel

The Tommie Hollywood hotel is part of the Hyatt chain, offering different outdoor and indoor spaces for up to 750 wedding guests. The outdoor area is very lovely, surrounded by lush greenery and romantically lit, which is perfect for an intimate wedding reception or ceremony.

They have a planning team on-site to help with logistics and an A.V. crew that will care for the sound and video requirements. The hotel is pet-friendly, but pets may only be allowed in outdoor wedding spaces if you book the venue.

Bride on her wedding day and her favorite dog,

6. The York Manor

The York Manor is a historical Los Angeles property with over 10,000 acres of outdoor space for weddings. The main hall has beautiful decorations with classic chandeliers and hardwood floors.

Couples love to book the York Manor for weddings because it’s quintessential L.A. In addition, the venue offers unique wedding packages that give you a ton of options on decorations, themes, catering, etc., to make your day perfect.

When it comes to pets, the venue is very welcoming. They can go anywhere in the venue, but staff requests that owners look after them rather than letting them roam freely.

Beautiful dog in festive clothes with bow tie, sits on wooden chair, waits for wedding ceremony

7. The 1909

The 1909 Topanga Canyon is a hidden gem just far enough outside Los Angeles to make you feel like you’re not in the city anymore. It’s ideal for people who want something more natural and relaxed. It’s a beautiful building with an open garden area.

The building has dancing areas, plenty of unique balcony seating spots for photographs, and enough space outside for an extensive guest list.

People love booking this venue because the drive through the canyon is beautiful all year. In addition, guests feel like they’re going to something truly special when they have to drive out of the city for the wedding.

The customer service gets high praise from guests, and the venue is pet friendly. So, it’s great for people who want dogs to come along with a long list of guests.

The NeueHouse Hollywood co-working space on Sunset Boulevard

8. NeueHouse Hollywood

This venue is famous in Southern California because William Lescaze designed it. It used to be the headquarters of CBS Studios. It’s a modern building that includes one outdoor space and two indoor areas perfect for weddings.

NeueHouse is one of the most dog-friendly venues in all of L.A. They’ll be excited when you mention that you want pets to be part of your celebration, and the staff will go out of their way to accommodate any furry friends in attendance.

You’ll need to let them know how many dogs are planned, and they’ll give you a custom price quote for the pets.

Sunny view of the Heritage Square Museum

9. Heritage Square Museum

The Heritage Square Museum is probably the best dog-friendly wedding venue you can book closest to downtown L.A. The museum is a lot of fun and is basically a collection of eight Victorian buildings surrounding a courtyard and other grounds.

Heritage Square is meant to celebrate the early settling of Los Angeles. It’s a throwback to an earlier time, so it’s great for couples who want to throw a vintage-themed California wedding.

Getting married here is also a fantastic way to celebrate some film history. It’s a popular shoot location for Hollywood movies.

Though the venue is pet-friendly, they’ll be strict about where animals can and can’t go.

A groom walking with a labrador on a leash in the garden reception

10. Garden Villa

Garden Villa is located on Clayton Avenue, and it’s a romantic venue that makes you feel like you’re getting married in an Italian villa. This venue books a lot of weddings, so they make packages all-inclusive.

Some people love having everything chosen for them; other couples won’t love not being able to select third-party caterers, etc. Garden Villa offers three different packages, and couples use them as a starting point to then customize their weddings to make them unique.

It’s got plenty of lovely, terraced gardens and extensive grounds that you and your guests, along with pets, can wander through on your wedding day. But, of course, the venue is delighted to have dogs along as long as they stay on the leash and always have someone minding them.

Finding pet friendly wedding venues in Los Angeles isn’t easy, but it’s worth it if you can find a beautiful location where your pets can come celebrate with you.