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9 Pet Friendly Wedding Venues in San Jose

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Pet owners love having their dogs and other animals involved in ceremonies. Some venues even let you bring animals to the reception, so there are still options for people who want furry friends in attendance.

Finding a pet friendly venue shrinks your pool of potential wedding locations, but there are usually some great choices no matter where you live.

San Jose has some fantastic outdoor venues that will accommodate pets and some lovely indoor locations that welcome small dogs. Work with the event team to find the best way to make your puppy part of the day. Sometimes you’ll have to pay a small fee, and some restrictions apply.

Here are nine pet friendly wedding venues in San Jose to help you choose the best spot for your wedding celebration!

1. Nestldown

4 cute dogs as Wedding Guests on wedding reception

Nestldown is a popular event venue spread over 30 acres of manicured gardens, trees, and ponds. In addition, there is an outdoor chapel with California Redwoods around it for a stunning ceremony setting.

Any event booked at Nestldown includes a dedicated events manager and a list of preferred vendors to make your wedding a success. There is only one event per day, so you never compete with a corporate event while trying to get married.

There is plenty to do on-site in the way of activities. There are sports courts, fields, trails, and golf carts to get you around before the wedding. 

The venue usually only allows service animals, but the website says that wedding hosts should talk to their event manager about having a pet involved in the wedding day plan.

2. Mountain Terrace

Mountain Terrace won Wedding Spot’s 2017 award for the best wedding venue in Northern California. It’s one of the most exquisite venues you’ll see anywhere in the region. Throughout the property, there are large Redwood trees and beautiful grounds. Guests will also be wowed by a stunning view of San Francisco Bay.

There is a lodge with an antique bar and stone fireplaces to give everyone the perfect rustic feel while they’re having fun at your wedding. The venue has a dedicated catering team to help you with your menu, and they have a lot of experience managing all types of weddings.

Dogs are welcome at Mountain Terrace but must remain outside and on a leash. However, the property is terrific at arranging outdoor events, so you can spend as much time with your dog as you’d like!

3. Saratoga Springs

Bride and groom hold white and black pugs standing in the green forest

Saratoga Springs is a fantastic venue for nature-loving couples. The venue is entirely outdoors, surrounded by beautiful trees, hills, and bridges. They have a dedicated catering team that will build a menu for you and your guests, and they can either host a seated dinner or a buffet-style meal.

The location is about two miles outside Saratoga, close to the Santa Cruz foothills. They have event coordinators who will walk you through the process and build a wedding package that fits whatever you have in mind.

It’s a large venue so it can accommodate many guests. Also, because it’s all outdoors, it’s an accessible location for dogs to enjoy the wedding with you.

4. Hotel Vitale

French Bulldog wearing elegant white tuxedo with red bow tie standing between chairs at wedding reception

You’ll have to drive into San Francisco to book this dog-friendly wedding, but folks in San Jose are used to that. With the Hotel Vitale, your drive will be more than worth it. It’s an elegant wedding venue with lovely indoor ballrooms and a killer view of San Francisco Bay.

It’s perfect for couples who want their guests to have the option to stay at the wedding venue. The staff is great at accommodating dogs at weddings. You can also stay with your animal in the hotel for a $75 fee.

They aren’t allowed in restaurants or bars, but they can stay in the event area as long as they are on a leash.

5. Radonich Ranch Los Gatos

Radonich Ranch is another idyllic wedding venue set in the Santa Cruz foothills. The owners and managers are very relaxed and eager to make wedding couples happy. Most people are thrilled with the customer service they get from the team.

Beautiful bride in white wedding dress holds her beloved Chihuahua dog in her arms and kisses her.

The venue is perfect for a small wedding with dogs. There is a lovely garden area for the ceremony, and the receptions are often hosted in the clubhouse. Still, people inevitably spill outside onto the grass, where they can mingle, dance, and take in the beautiful natural scenery.

6. Big Dog Vineyards

Big Dog Vineyards opened in 2009, and they’ve been trying to make the best wine in the world for over 20 years. The vineyard is a fantastic location for private events, including weddings, where they can host small to medium-sized weddings that overlook beautiful sunsets and lush, green valleys.

The venue suggests you book at least a few months in advance. After that, you need to fill out a reservation form online and give them as much information as possible, and they’ll take care of the rest!

Weddings here are custom-priced and planned because it’s a small venue, so you’ll need to bring up what your partner has in mind to let them know how to arrange things.

7. The Westin San Jose

Lovely newlywed couple posing and embracing their cute little dog with guests on the background

The Westin in San Jose is a pet-friendly hotel with seven event rooms. The largest can accommodate up to 450 guests and they have a lot of experience hosting weddings. The hotel is an excellent choice for couples who want something formal but also modern.

They have an on-site banquet team and culinary staff, so you can tackle most of what you need with their event team. The location is tough to beat, and your guests will be happy that accommodations are an easy choice if they are traveling from out of town.

8. Hayes Mansion San Jose

newlywed couple walking with their black dog on leash

The Hayes Mansion Hotel is a Hilton hotel, but it doesn’t look anything like the chain hotels you’re used to. Instead, the quintessential California mansion’s main building is surrounded by gorgeous palm trees and manicured hedges.

Their website says the hotel has over 33,000 square feet of event space, which means they can accommodate large weddings. In addition, there are 214 guest rooms, so you and your guests can also stay there. They can also arrange romantic outdoor reception areas.

The hotel is pet-friendly, so you can include your animals in your ceremony and stay in a room with them on the property.

9. Aracely Cafe

Lovely dog resting outdoor in a wedding venue

The final pet-friendly venue on our list is also in San Francisco, so you’ll have to hop in the car to get there. Still, the venue makes it worth it, and your dogs can be there with you to celebrate. Of course, if your dog is well-behaved, the venue will let them be there off the leash.

Aracely Cafe is a romantic garden wedding location with full catering and bar services. They can accommodate large groups and have a private parking garage with over two hundred spots you can use. There is a big dance floor and romantic lighting for people who want to party after the vows are made.

The staff there goes above and beyond by providing heat lamps, fireplaces, and other things to keep you and your guests warm when the weather is cool.