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7 Most Affordable Wedding Flowers

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Budget is always an issue with wedding planning unless you’re very wealthy. Even people with money to spare set a budget and try to stick to it. They want nice weddings, but there’s no sense in throwing money down the drain when you can spend it more reasonably.

Whether it’s catering or booking a band, every wedding couple and their families have a lot of costs to manage. When you’re trying to save money, every effort counts.

Jar with white flowers hanging from chairs on a wedding venue

One of the ways you can save money on your wedding and still make it the wedding of your dream is to save money on flowers and floral arrangements. Certain types of flowers cost more than others and working with the right florist will help you save a bundle.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most affordable wedding flowers so that you can plan which flowers to choose for your special day without breaking the bank. Here are seven of some of the most affordable flowers you can find.

Young woman buying flowers from a flower shop

DIY Flowers

This isn’t a kind of flower, but more of a style of flower. You can certainly pay a florist to make all of your centerpieces, bouquets, and other flower arrangements. However, that’s going to cost you.

You can save a lot of money if you buy the flowers and arrange them yourself. Then, all you need to do is enlist the help of some family and friends and find inspiration online. Tons of great YouTube videos show you how to make beautiful bouquets and centerpieces.

DIY flowers are perfect for smaller weddings or weddings in more casual settings. However, it would help if you had some practice before your wedding to feel confident in whatever style or size of flowers you use.

1. Roses

Wedding bouquet of roses with boutonniere and belt on the table

Roses are, surprisingly to some people, some of the more affordable wedding flowers you can find! The main reason is that the market for roses is so large. So many businesses are growing roses, which drives down the cost of these beautiful flowers.

Of course, there are tons of distinct types of roses. They range in size, color, and quantity. Of course, you’ll pay a hefty premium for the best roses, but you can also find great deals on affordable roses for your wedding. If you want roses, you can spend more on key pieces like the bride’s bouquet or petals for your flower girls, but centerpiece roses don’t need to be cream-of-the-crop flowers.

2. Carnations

Bunch of pink carnation flowers on the table

Carnations are a popular flower at weddings because they last a long time, and their size makes them a good choice for table centerpieces with smaller flowers adorning them.

Carnations come in assorted colors, so you can find something that matches your wedding colors. The large blooms are always a welcome sight at any wedding table. You may not want them for bridesmaids’ bouquets but having them in your decorations will save you money compared to other flower types.

3. Daisies

White daisies bouquet on top of a yellow vintage suitcase

Daises are welcome at any wedding, but they’re particularly fun at outdoor weddings in a yard, garden, or other natural places. The white and yellow colors brighten the day and put everyone in a celebratory mood.

Daisies can either be the main attraction or serve as fillers in bouquets and other arrangements. Skilled florists add coloring to the daisies to turn them blue, green, pink, and other wedding hues. These are some of the most affordable flowers you can find because they grow anywhere.

4. Sunflowers

Bride in a wedding dress holding a sunflower wedding bouquet selective focus

Sunflowers are another flower that can save you a great deal on your wedding flower bill. They grow quite large, so you’ll need fewer sunflowers to decorate your ceremony or reception hall. Not everyone is a fan of sunflowers, but there is no denying that these large yellow flowers brighten the space. They’re terrific for daytime weddings and outdoor ceremonies.

5. Hydrangeas

Bouquet of hydrangeas hanging from chairs for outdoor wedding

Hydrangeas are a perfect decorative flower. Each head looks like it has dozens of smaller flowers on it, so they go a long way in wedding decorations. You only need a few of them to fill a vase or cover the length of a table.

The main disadvantage of using hydrangeas in your wedding is that they tend to wilt rather quickly once cut. It would help if you took care to cut the stems cleanly and keep them in water for as long as possible before the wedding starts.

6. Tulips

A bouquet of white tulips and bride shoes on the table

Tulips are expensive when they aren’t in season. However, if you’re getting married in spring, you should be able to find tulips for a steal because so many blossom simultaneously. In certain parts of the country, yards and gardens are full of beautiful white, yellow, pink, and red tulips.

Timing is the main issue with tulips. Strike it correctly, and you’ll have a fantastic wedding reception hall full of lovely tulips. However, one or two months later, you’ll spend much more than you planned on tulips.

7. Baby’s Breath

A bridesmaid in blue gown holding a bouquet of baby's breath flowers outside the wedding reception

Baby’s breath is the quintessential filler flower. It’s affordable, easy to grow, and available all year. For these reasons, most weddings will have some baby’s breath on table centerpieces, in the bride’s hair, and decorating the venue.

This is a terrific choice for budget flowers for weddings. You can use them everywhere, including lace baskets for party favors, on top of tables, or weaving around your ceremony seats.

Portrait of a beautiful florist carring a flower in a basket inside her flower shop

Call Around for the Best Prices

Whether you’re arranging the flowers or paying someone to do it for you, one of the keys to finding cost-effective flowers is to start early.

Start calling florists in your area and talk to them about your wedding plans. Ask them what you can expect to be in the season just before your wedding. Once you know which types of flowers will be most available, you can start looking for styles you like and decide whether you want the most affordable options or you’re willing to pay more to get something out of season.

Whatever you do, make sure you compare prices between different florists. They’ll quote you different prices, impacting your final price for flowers or floral arrangements.


You don’t have to blow the entire wedding budget on flowers. While it’s easy to get carried away buying the most premium flowers possible, you can get some beautiful options at prices you can afford. Work with your florist, decide how many flowers you want at your wedding, and go from there.