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9 Pet Friendly Wedding Venues in Illinois

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If you’re a dog or cat lover, finding a pet friendly wedding venue is vital.

Once you’ve decided your wedding theme, you’ll need to start securing the venue, especially if you’re getting married during the summer.

Venues are hard to find and getting a pet friendly wedding venue is even more challenging.

Thankfully, Illinois has some great options for couples who want to involve their pet on their wedding day. Most of them are in the Chicago area, but there are also smaller venues across the state.

This list of nine pet friendly wedding venues in Illinois will point you in the right direction.

Young newlywed couple with their Jack Russel Terrier dog

1. Room 1520

Room 1520 is on W Fulton Avenue in Chicago. It’s a modern venue with plenty of loft space and a beautiful marble bar.

In addition, the site has exposed brick and crystal chandeliers that offer great lighting for any type of wedding.

Room 1520 is one of the few venues in Illinois that will let your dog attend the ceremony without a leash.

It has over 4,000 feet of event space, so it’s perfectly capable of hosting weddings. There is also a lovely rooftop deck where you can take in views of Chicago during your reception.

Couples can choose from several wedding packages and customize details within each package.

2. Loft on Lake

Loft on Lake has been a premier Chicago area wedding venue since 2008. It’s a classic loft-style venue that can host up to 175 guests, so it’s a great option for small or medium-sized weddings.

The owners are dog-lovers who regularly bring their pets to the office. Loft on Lake will work with you to include your pets in the wedding ceremony.

Couples love the classic chandeliers and bistro lights in the main event space, as well as the wooden beams under the glass ceilings.

The team at Loft on Lake goes above and beyond to build the wedding experience of your dreams, with over 25 caterers and in-house photography options.

wedding venue near the lake

3. W Chicago – City Center

The W Hotel is a fancy, hip venue for couples who want a modern, urban wedding. Inside the hotel, you’ll see funky furniture, cool colors, and swanky spaces mixed with classic Chicago architecture.

The W Hotel is pet-friendly, with special amenities for dogs and cats.

The hotel has twelve event rooms with over 12,000 square feet of event space. The venue can host weddings with up to 300 guests in a single banquet room.

The hotel also has a culinary team that can create a delicious wedding menu.

4. Trigger

Trigger is another famous Chicago wedding venue that can hold receptions of up to 150 guests.

The owners do their best to provide a very personal experience for every wedding. They have over 5,000 square feet of event space, and the tone is welcoming and relaxed.

This venue is owned and managed by a family, so they’re much more likely to cater to special requests. Dogs are welcome anywhere in the venue, as long as someone is with them.

In addition to being pet friendly, Trigger has a restaurant-quality kitchen on the premises that serves delicious plated meals, buffets, and finger foods.

Beautiful wedding banquet hall decorated with flowers

5. Chez

Chez’s tagline is “Bring your vision to life at Chez,” and the team delivers on that promise.

Pets are welcome at Chez, but you will need to inform the planning team ahead of time.

This downtown location is just two blocks from Michigan Avenue and close to the Loop and the Lakefront. Your guests will have access to some of the most popular downtown Chicago spots.

Chez has 200 chairs and enough tables to host seated or standing guests. A large, contemporary glass chandelier marks the entrance, and there are other premium design touches throughout.

One of the best things about Chez is that they list their prices on their website, giving you more information. They also have pictures from previous weddings if you are looking for ideas.

6. Wandering Tree Estate

Wandering Tree has been open for over 50 years, and it’s one of the most popular outdoor event spaces in Illinois.

There are just over ten acres of gardens, lakes, and trees, all perfect for stunning wedding photos and a beautiful ceremony. The entire venue is outside, so your pets can enjoy the day alongside you.

Wandering Tree has a complimentary on-site photographer and event manager that can take care of any issues that arise.

However, the price only includes the use of the estate. Couples will need to arrange catering, seating, and other third-party vendors.

Wandering Tree can only accommodate up to 50 guests per event, so it’s great for couples who want something more intimate.

Wedding reception venue in a large marquis

7. Greenhouse Loft

2 photographers founded Greenhouse Loft and designed the space to be perfect for taking pictures.

The venue has an open floor plan with vast windows that let in natural light. It can be transformed into a formal wedding or something more casual, depending on your wedding theme.

The owners of Greenhouse Loft love dogs.

According to Rover, the venue hosted a wedding reception with dogs looking to be adopted. Your pet is welcome at all wedding day events, and the venue even has a small garden next door for puppy breaks.

The space is 3,600 square feet, and you can see all their rates on the website. Greenhouse Loft can host up to 175 guests, but there are some additional size limits based on the wedding package you choose.

8. Palmer House

Palmer House is the ultimate Chicago hotel experience. The hotel is more than 150 years old and is now a Hilton hotel.

Dogs are welcome to attend the wedding ceremony and stay in a hotel room. However, they can’t go anywhere food is served, and there is a $50 fee per animal as well as a 75-pound weight limit.

Palmer House has hosted more than 9,000 weddings. There are multiple ballrooms, private dining rooms, and hospitality suites. In addition, Palmer House can host more than 1,000 guests at a time.

One of the hotel’s biggest attractions is its Grand Lobby ceiling, which features twenty-one Greek mythological panels. The lobby makes you feel like you’re in a different age, but with modern updates you will love.

Palmer House uses fresh, local produce to craft custom wedding menus, and there is an in-house spa to help you relax before your big day. The catering team and event planners will discuss your options to ensure your wedding is exactly like you want it.

Wedding guest chairs with pink ribbons at wedding hall.

9. Route 66 Hotel

If you’re looking for something outside of Chicago, check out Route 66 Hotel in Springfield. This pet friendly hotel can host up to 300 people for a banquet-style wedding.

There is over 5,000 square feet of event space with AV equipment and seating included. They have various wedding packages to help you start the planning process.

It’s also a family-friendly hotel, so wedding guests can stay there before and after the wedding day.