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Is It Tacky to Use Fake Flowers for Your Wedding?

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Research shows couples spend about $800-$2,500 on wedding flowers. The cost may quickly add up depending on the type and quantities of flowers you want and the wedding venue.

That’s why some couples consider using artificial flowers for their wedding.

But is it tacky to use fake flowers for your wedding?

While some fake flowers may look tacky and cheap, not all artificial flowers do. The trick is to get quality, realistic flowers that are affordable. Mixing synthetic and natural flowers also reduces your flower budget. You only need to know how to arrange them for a unique, tasteful appearance. 

You’ll soon realize that wedding costs quickly add up when planning a wedding. Knowing what artificial flowers to get and other considerations can help you save time and money.

Below we discuss what you need to know about using fake flowers for your wedding. 

pastel white and pink artificial flowers as a space decoration for a wedding

Are Fake Wedding Flowers Tacky?

Fake wedding flowers are not tacky depending on the quality of the flowers, how they are used, and where you intend to use them.

Low-quality fake wedding flowers will appear tacky and should be avoided. High-quality, realistic faux flowers can add elegance to your wedding theme and decor.

Additionally, you can mix natural and artificial flowers to create a classy flower arrangement on a budget. 

artificial flowers table decoration on wedding reception

Why Should You Consider Using Fake Wedding Flowers?

As a bride, there are different reasons you might consider fake flowers for your wedding. Some of these include the following:

To Save on Costs

Real flowers are expensive, especially if you’re also working with a florist.

Artificial flowers will be an excellent idea to save on costs if you’re on a limited budget. You can use that money to fund your catering, decor, or honeymoon.  

Countless Designs and Colors to Choose From

Planning a wedding around a specific season can be tricky as you may be limited to the fresh flowers available in that season.

For example, dahlias may not be available during spring as they are a summer variety. 

However, you can choose from countless options and colors with artificial flowers at a reasonable price. So you can find flowers that easily match your wedding theme.

Additionally, you can opt for single blooms and create a design of your own or purchase premade arrangements, which further saves you time. 

Artificial Flowers are Allergen-Free

Artificial Wedding flowers and a bride

Some guests may have flower allergies. Fake flowers are allergen-free and allow you to enjoy your big day without worrying about discomfort. 

Tips on Choosing Fake Flowers for Your Wedding

Making fake flower arrangements less tacky is possible once you know how to choose the best flowers and what to avoid. 

Understand That There Are Different Types of Artificial Flowers

artificial flowers elegant decoratin at a wedding

There are various types of artificial flowers.

Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk flowers are the most common fake flowers on the market due to their versatility. You can find them in different most any flower you can imagine.

While previous silk flowers were made of natural silk, modern silk flowers combine polyester or nylon fabrics. 

However, silk flowers may not last long as they tend to fray. They also have a fake feel, but you can’t tell if you don’t touch them.

Latex Wedding Flowers

Latex flowers, unlike silk flowers, have a natural touch to them. They are available in different thicknesses, making them look like the actual plant. 

The only downside is that latex flowers have a limited selection of colors and flower variety.

Paper Wedding Flowers

Paper wedding flowers are an environmentally friendly option as they use sustainable materials.

You can create different centerpiece arrangements or bouquets with these paper flowers. The only thing to avoid is placing them on a wet surface.

Wedding bouquet using artificial flowers

Wax-Coated Flowers

Wax-coated flowers are silk flowers with a coating. The coating helps to add a natural finish.

Wax-coated flowers are some of the most realistic artificial flowers you’ll find on the market. 

The only disadvantages are that they are expensive compared to the silk ones.

Foam Wedding Flowers

Foam flowers are lightweight, durable, and one of the cheapest options. Unfortunately, they don’t have a realistic look and should be used as fillers when creating bouquets. 

Choose the Right Flowers and Supplier

Once you’ve grasped the different types of artificial flowers, you can better make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

Consider realistic artificial flowers like faux fuchsia orchids, faux magnolia bloom sprays, and artificial lavender bunches.

Make sure to buy from suppliers renowned for beautiful artificial flower arrangements. Furthermore, buy from florists with various flowers to choose from and, if possible, go there in person. 

When buying artificial flowers online, read the reviews to know whether you’re getting quality flowers that will add to the fresh flowers you’ll use. 

Avoid Overly Bright Colors

Wedding flower decoration

One thing that will alert people to your wedding flowers being fake is brightly-colored blooms.

Avoid anything with neon or bright colors as any bright light reflections will make them look tacky.

Also, stay away from two-tone designs and any flowers with colored tips.

Opt for low-key colors like peach, white, and light pink to create a classy artificial flower arrangement.

Stick to One Variety for Your Flower Arrangement

While you may be tempted to mix different varieties for your flower arrangement, using artificial flowers will only make the display look tacky. 

Instead, stick to one variety but use varying color shades to make the arrangement look unique and beautiful.

Roses and peonies are excellent choices as they are manageable and have muted colors.

Mix Both Real and Fake Flowers

Beautiful wedding arch decoration with blue and pink flowers

Avoid using all fake flowers as that can appear tacky. You don’t want to seem overly cheap on your wedding day.

Incorporate some real flowers in your bridal bouquet or the boutonniere. Consider budget-friendly fresh flowers that are in season to keep your costs down. 

You can reserve the fake wedding flowers for door arches, the ceremony altar, drapings, or flower arrangements high on a ceiling.

Don’t place artificial flowers on centerpieces, bouquets, cake flowers, or anywhere likely to be photographed. 

Elevate Your Fake Flower Arrangement

Don’t make it too obvious that you’re using artificial wedding flowers.

Start by carefully removing any greenery that is around the stem. The foliage will look tacky. 

Then, ensure no threads stick out in front of the bloom.

Don’t use clear vases as they tend to expose the fake wires and stems.

Choose pastel or white-colored vases and fold the stem wire to ensure the blooms are showing at the top.

Keep Things Simple

Avoid overcomplicating the flower arrangements to compensate for the lack of real flowers. Choosing beautiful flowers is enough to create an elegant look. 

Wedding arch decorated with pink and white flowers

Final Thoughts

Flowers play a critical role in your wedding. They can enhance your decor and change the entire mood. However, if you are on a budget and don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on real flowers, you can always opt for artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers don’t have to be tacky as long as you choose high-quality faux flowers and combine them with real flowers to create a classy arrangement.

With our tips above, you now know the different types of fake flowers available and what to avoid to ensure the difference isn’t noticeable.