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Is a Wedding Photo Booth Tacky or a Must-Have?

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Photo booths were a necessity for all occasions, whether a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or more. However, considering modern trends, is it still worth it to have a photo booth at your wedding?

Is a wedding photo booth tacky or a must-have?

In general, any wedding idea is considered tacky if not executed properly. Therefore, it all depends on how you will carry it out for it to be fun, unique, and memorable.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can successfully feature a photo booth at your wedding and the pros and cons of having one.

Wedding photo booth decoration with mr. and mrs. throw pillows

Are Photo Booths at Weddings Tacky or a Must-Have?

Although photo booths are still widely used for many occasions, they are not a must-have for a wedding.

As mentioned earlier, photo booths or any wedding feature or idea can be considered tacky if they aren’t thought out.

If you set up a photo booth in the corner of the venue without any additional features or without setting up decorations to connect it with the theme of your wedding, it will undoubtedly look tacky.

However, if you make the photo booth unique and attractive, your guests will line up to try it out.

Depending on some factors, including your budget and theme, you can rent a photo booth, which costs more but can save effort and time, especially on your big day. Or you can set up a DIY backdrop and hire a photographer.

Pros of Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Photo booths became popular for a reason. Below are the perks of having a photo booth at your wedding:

1. Printed-Out Photos Can Be Used as a Wedding Giveaway

photo booth for instant photos at an outdoor wedding

With a photo booth, you are already killing two birds with one stone: aside from providing your guests with entertainment, you can also use it as a giveaway.

Instead of giving out a plant, a cheesecake in a jar, or any items that will cost you more and will most likely be left on the table at the reception, having a photo print will make your guests remember you and your partner’s special day whenever they look at their photo.

In addition, considering that a photo booth serves two purposes, it is cheaper than other wedding ideas!

Furthermore, because of the continuous development of technology, photo booths are now highly customizable.

You can even put messages on the bottom of the layout, such as a short thank you note, a hashtag of your wedding, or even a QR Code where they can obtain a soft copy of their photos for uploading on social media.

2. Guests Will Love Having Their Pictures Taken

happy guests and bride and groom having funny photos on the background of arch, photo booth

You’re all dressed up and enjoying the day, so you probably want to take a photo that you can look back on from time to time – the same is true for your guests.

Although you and your partner are the stars of the night, the event is also an opportunity for your guests to get all dressed up.

Furthermore, since the camera used in most photo booths is of high quality, usually like those used by professional photographers, you can be sure that your guests will line up to enjoy the free photo opportunity.

After all, who wouldn’t want to take pictures when they look their best?

3. All Ages Will Enjoy a Photo Booth

Senior couples posing with props for wedding photo booth

Some couples do not recommend that guests bring kids to their wedding.

However, if you invite kids to your wedding, a photo booth is an excellent idea to keep them entertained.

In addition, photo booths are also enjoyed by seniors who have already “retired” from the dance floor.

Photo booths are a versatile activity that allows for a fun, creative, and memorable moment that your guests can treasure. It’s not every day that seniors can put on props and use their childlike imaginations to get creative shots.

4. Printed-Out Photos Can Be Used as a Guest Book

a wedding guest book with Mr and Mrs written on the cover surrounded by glitter and decoration

Another way to cut costs with a photo booth is by compiling the photos generated from it and using those to make a guest book.

It may seem small, but using your guests’ photos in your guest book will make them feel special and make the guest book more personalized.

You may also want to leave a small space on every page so your guests can write good wishes.

Indeed, a photo-filled guest book is an excellent way to reminisce about your wedding day because you can see everyone who showed up on your and your partner’s big day!

5. Photo Booths Are a Good Way to Break the Ice

Retro Party set Glasses, lips, mustaches, design photo booth party wedding

We all know that there’s a certain point during the celebration where there’s nothing to do or that there’s a need to break the ice – usually, this is the time after the ceremony is over and before the program at the reception begins.

A photo booth is an effortless way to allow your guests to interact, joke around with their acquaintances, get to know strangers, and enjoy the moment.

Although your guests can see the photo booth at the venue, you sometimes need to let them know it exists. This is because some guests are too shy to try it out, so they might need a little push.

Furthermore, you may also want to remind your guests from time to time, through your host or DJ, to get their pictures taken so they can take advantage of it.

Cons: Possible Reasons Why a Photo Booth May Not Be for You

Although there are various perks of having a photo booth at your wedding, there are also some reasons why it is better to skip it.

Here are the possible reasons that you might need to consider:

1. The Photo Booth Won’t Fit Your Budget

Cash money in dollars clipped with a blue note written WEDDING, wedding budget concept

If you have estimated your total wedding costs and found out that your budget is insufficient to cover everything, then the photo booth might be one of the first things you need to discard.

Although having a photo booth on your big day will surely be nice, having enough food and giving your guests a comfortable venue should be your top priority.

Instead, you can let them show off their moves on the dance floor or have the host execute a fun yet free activity to keep your guests from becoming bored.

2. The Wedding Is Too Formal to Have a Photo Booth

There are certain situations where a photo booth might not be suitable.

If you are having a very formal wedding and the atmosphere is solemn, adding an exciting and fun photo booth to the affair might be inappropriate.

And although the photo booth company can make a formal photo booth that will suit your wedding, some guests are not just into it.

Therefore, instead of spending your resources on what you are not sure your guests will use, invest them for other purposes.

The Reception Area Does Not Have Enough Space to Set up a Photo Booth

Elegant small hall wedding reception decorated with flowers

If you have already chosen a venue and think the space might not be big enough to have a photo booth, it is best to let go of the idea.

If you push through with putting the photo booth in a cramped space, you’ll end up in a crowded, noisy, and uncomfortable environment that your guests will most likely not enjoy.

Keep in mind that your guests’ comfort should be one of your top priorities in holding an event.

How to Properly Add a Photo Booth to Your Wedding

To make your wedding photo booth not come off as tacky, here are some simple things you can do:

1. Provide a Variety of Props

Retro Party set Glasses, hats, lips, mustaches, masks design photo booth party wedding

Adding props that match your wedding’s theme will make your photo booth more customized, fun, and quirky.

Make sure to provide a variety of props that will stimulate your guest’s creativity – from funny, to romantic, to weird!

2. Strategize the Placement

Putting your photo booth where most people can see it is an excellent way to maximize your resources.

Some opt to place the photo booth outside the reception so guests can have their photos taken before they come inside, while others choose to have it inside so the guests can try it without missing a moment of the program.

In addition, you also have to consider that the area where you will locate the photo booth should not interfere with other activities.

Keep in mind that having a photo booth will mean that guests will line up to try it, so it would be best to keep it in a corner. Just make sure that guests can still see it by adding decorations to make it stand out.

outdoor Photo booth decoration

3. Assign Random Guests to Take Pictures

If you genuinely want to make the photo booth an exciting activity, you can have single guests partner up and take pictures together.

Who knows, maybe your wedding will be the start of someone else’s meaningful relationship!

Are Photo Booths Worth It?

Bride and groom with photo booth props

In the end, a photo booth is not a requirement, but in most circumstances, it’s a good idea to have it on your big day.

If you have extra in your budget, adding this activity will surely benefit you not only on your special day but even after a long time. Every time you see the pictures, you will be reminded of the feeling, the environment, and the people who showed up on your wedding day.