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9 Companies That Preserve Wedding Bouquets

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If you intend to keep your wedding bouquet as a keepsake from your wedding, then you should preserve it. Preserving your wedding bouquet will ensure it stays intact for a very long time.

There are various ways to preserve wedding bouquets, and you can even choose to do the preservation yourself. But remember, your wedding bouquet is irreplaceable – if the preservation process goes awry, you may lose your precious memento.

Instead of trying to preserve your bouquet yourself, you may want to let a professional do the job for you. Doing this precludes and reduces the chances of the possible risks that come with flower preservation.

Below, we discuss 9 companies that preserve wedding bouquets. We talk about their location, prices, services, and much more.

chic wedding bouquet

Petal Press Décor

Petal Press Décor is a bouquet preservation company in Lafayette, Louisiana. This company offers up to 76 bridal & wedding bouquet preservation packages, and their prices range from around $20 to $595.

While Petal Press Décor typically receives flowers from customers through a scheduled drop-off, you may also ship the flowers to them.

Whether you intend to schedule a drop-off or ship the flowers to them, all you have to do is contact them through their email address.

You may find the flower instructions section of their website helpful when sending your wedding bouquet. The information in this section offers guides and tips that will help ensure your flowers get to them in top condition.

Keepsake Floral

Located in Maitland, Florida, Keepsake Floral has been around for almost 3 decades. It is even revered as the premier floral preservation company in the country.

On their website, Keepsake Floral displays a wedding bouquet preservation gallery. This gallery contains 75 samples of Keepsake Floral’s work, so you may go through them to get a feel of what the company offers.

Keepsake Floral offers various keepsake displays, including shadowbox, oval & round frames, and tabletop displays. The prices of these displays range from around $280 to $860.

Besides the cost of the display, if you want an upgrade or addition, you will pay extra. Depending on the upgrade/addition, this extra charge can be anywhere between $15 and $300.

Keepsake Floral also charges for consultation, custom design preparation, artistic design, interior keepsake creation, and color-enhancing and hand-painting of the flowers.

Keepsake Floral has a product called the Floral Express Kit (FEK). This kit contains all you need to send your flower to the company overnight. It is offered to people who place an order before their wedding.

You can choose to use the FEK or get the flowers across to the company by yourself. There are self-packing instructions on the company’s website. So, refer to them when shipping the flowers off yourself.

If you are a Disney World bride, Keepsake Floral can pick your bouquet up at the Disney World Florist or Bell Services. But this comes with a $75 courier charge.

With Keepsake Floral, you should get your keepsake within 16-20 weeks after the balance has been paid and all design decisions have been made.

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Essex Florist

Essex Florist, located in Essex, Maryland, offers multiple floral services, including flower preservation. You may check out their wedding bouquet portfolio on their website.

If you want to preserve your wedding bouquet with Essex Florist, you must make a reservation before the wedding. The reservation fee currently stands at $175, but if the flowers come from Essex Florist, you pay $100.

Essex Florist recommends that you return the flowers to their original package then keep them in a refrigerator when the wedding is done. If the flowers are tied, place them in 0.5-1 inch of water in a vase. Then get the bouquet to them as soon as possible. If you take the flowers in later, they may not be in the best condition.

Once the flowers get to Essex Florist, they do the preservation, then place the bouquet in your desired frame or box. Of course, you have to pay for the frame/box before work begins.

Forever Flower Bouquet Preservation

Forever Flower Bouquet Preservation is located in Roswell, GA. They offer bouquet preservation services for wedding flowers and memorial flowers. On average, Forever Flower Bouquet Preservation should complete your keepsake within 4 to 6 months.

On their website, you will find over 20 samples of the keepsake wedding bouquets they have done. You may run through the samples to see if you like their work.

As stated on the website, Forever Flower Bouquet Preservation requires a $200 deposit for wedding bouquet preservation. While the prices vary by frame and bouquet size, the cost of partial bouquet framed pieces typically starts at $395. For full flowers, you should prepare to spend at least $695.

Forever Flower Bouquet Preservation recommends that you make an order at least 48 hours before your wedding. But even if you make an order after the wedding, they might be able to work out a preservation plan for your bouquet.

If you are in Roswell, GA or close by, you may drop the flowers at the company’s shop. Of course, the earlier, the better. So, if you can get them there the following morning, do so.

If you are not close to Roswell, GA, you can get the flowers there through a courier service. Ensure you opt for priority shipping. This way, the flower gets to Forever Flower Bouquet Preservation quickly.

Preserved flowers in a box

South Bay Floral Preservation

South Bay Floral Preservation is located in Torrance, California. This company offers bouquet preservation in various styles, including domes, shadowboxes, oval frames, rectangular frames, and square frames.

The prices of the frames start at $200, but they can be higher, depending on size and type.

When preserving your wedding bouquet with South Bay Floral Preservation, you will have to pay a $150 deposit (cash or check only). Then when the job is done, you complete the payment.

For the best outcomes, South Bay Floral Preservation recommends that you drop the flower off shortly after the wedding. Preferably, you should get the flowers there no later than 4 days after the wedding.

Fleur á Flair

Fleur á Flair is located in Cincinnati, OH. They offer bouquet preservation in various frames/styles, including shadowboxes, ornaments, and domes.

Fleur á Flair offers bouquet preservation in different sizes. The sizes available include the large bouquet, full standard size bouquet, and half of standard bouquet. They also have the corsage only and nosegay/small floral cake topper preservation. Prices range from $15 for corsage only to $250 for large bouquets.

Prices of the displays range from $12 to $475, with the shadowboxes having the highest prices. If you want a custom display from external suppliers, you will have to pay $75 per hour for design and labor.

Fleur á Flair allows drop-offs by appointment only. On dropping the bouquet off, they will guide you through the necessary steps and payments required. On average, it takes around 4 to 6 months for them to complete the process for you.

If you intend to use the services of Fleur á Flair, ensure you make a reservation before your wedding.

Press the Flowers on brown wood

Eternal Bouquet Prints

Eternal Bouquet Prints is based in Provo, Utah. But they offer nationwide flower preservation. If you live near their location, you may drop the flower off yourself or get the company to pick it up. But if you are far away, you can ship the bouquet to them.

Under their shipping and pick-up section on their website, the company offers a thorough explanation of what you should do when shipping the bouquet from far away. Then under the gallery section, you can experience some of what they offer.

Unlike the other companies we have discussed so far, Eternal Bouquet Prints preserve wedding bouquets by turning them into prints. So, within 2-4 weeks, you should get a keepsake of your flower in print form.

Eternal Bouquet offer prints in 4 packages: individual, wedding party, mother & bride, and bride & parent.

Since the bouquet is converted into print, it is possible to have multiple copies. Hence, the non-individual packages.

The individual packages cost around $150 to $350, depending on the size. You can get discounts if you order at least 2 prints.

The wedding party package costs $1040 to $1200, the mother & bride package costs $360 to $540, and the bride & parent’s package costs $495 to $765.

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Desna’s Designs

Desna’s Designs is located in Noblesville, Indiana. As an authorized dealer of Suspended in Time, this company uses the Suspended in Time drying method. This drying method completes a drying process within 3 to 5 days.

Desna’s Designs preserves wedding bouquets in shadowboxes, frames, and table domes. You may have to contact them through their email for specific pricing. However, according to the Suspended in Time website, prices start around $39.

Besides wedding bouquet preservation, Desna’s Designs also preserve wedding gowns. So, if you are in need of that service too, you may contact them.

Timeless Flowers

Timeless Flowers is a floral preservation company in Pembroke Pines, FL. This company allows drop-offs at 2 locations: Dade and Broward. But if you are far away, you can ship to their mailing address (provided on the website).

For any bouquet you intend to send to Timeless Flowers, you will pay a $100 deposit. If you are making a reservation before your wedding, fill out the online registration form. After completing the form, payment options will follow.

But if you are shipping, download the registration form. Include the completed form and the $100 deposit in the shipment alongside the flowers. Further shipping information is available on the company’s website.

Timeless Flowers can still work on your bouquet if you do not reserve with them before the wedding. Read through the Last Minute Bride section for more.