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Can the Father of the Bride See the Wedding Dress?

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In many traditions, the groom does not see the bride in her wedding dress until she gets to the wedding location. But does the same restriction apply to the father of the bride? Find out below.

Can the father of the bride see the wedding dress?

The father of the bride can see the wedding dress. The tradition restricting someone from seeing the wedding dress or the bride in her wedding dress applies only to the groom. So, if you want, you can let your father see your wedding dress before walking you down the aisle.

Brie with his father helping her attaching the veil

In this article, we talk more about whether the bride’s father can see the wedding dress. We also answer some frequently asked questions about the bride’s wedding dress.

Can the Father of the Bride See the Wedding Dress?

There seems to be no tradition that stops the bride’s father from seeing the wedding dress. You can choose whether you want your father to see your wedding dress.

Beyond letting your father see the wedding dress, you may even let him go shopping with you for the dress.

Shopping for your wedding dress with your father allows you two to spend a special moment together. You do not see fathers and daughters shopping for dresses together every day.

Of course, this depends on how close you and your father are and whether he likes to shop or not.

All in all, your father can see your wedding dress if you want him to. But if you prefer to surprise him, you can let him wait till the wedding day.

bride and her mon on wedding salon fitting wedding dress

Who Normally Goes Wedding Dress Shopping With the Bride?

Brides usually choose to go wedding dress shopping with their mothers. But then, they can go with other people alongside mothers or instead of their mothers.

When brides bring other people shopping, they choose close family members or friends.

So, a bride can also go wedding dress shopping with her sisters, grandmothers, or bridal party. They can even go with their brothers and fathers.

If a family member or someone else is paying for the dress, they can come with you to buy the dress. Inviting them along is a way to honor them. But more importantly, if they experience the shopping with you, the expenses will not come as a shock.

You can also go wedding dress shopping with your mother-in-law-to-be. This could be special if you two are already pretty close.

groom and bride in a wedding salon choosing wedding dress

Can the Groom See the Wedding Dress Before the Wedding?

The groom can see the wedding dress before the wedding. Of course, this depends on what both of you want.

If you want him to see how beautiful you look in your dress before the wedding, you can let him see it.

But if you prefer to surprise your fiancée, do not let him see it until the wedding day.

However, a superstition states that the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. It stems from a time when arranged marriages were common.

Back then, arranged marriages were like a transaction: The bride would be married off to an affluent family, and it wasn’t necessarily for love.

To ensure that the bride and groom went through with the wedding, they were not allowed to see each other until the wedding ceremony.

The thought was that if they saw each other before the wedding and there was no attraction, the ceremony wouldn’t happen.

The use of veils by brides also stems from the same custom. The intention was to keep the groom from seeing his bride until it was too late to back down.

As said before, you can let your groom see you in your wedding dress before the wedding. Some people do this to help each other feel more relaxed.

But then, if you and your partner are OK with it, you can let him see it at the wedding. Having your partner wait to see the wedding dress creates some excitement.

Who Should Not See the Wedding Dress?

While tradition might stop your partner from seeing you in your wedding dress, it is all up to you as the bride. You choose who gets to see the wedding dress and who doesn’t.

Elegant wedding white dress hanging on a wall during a wedding preparation.

Who Can See the Bride’s Dress?

Anyone can see the bride’s dress if the bride allows it. But if you intend to follow tradition, you should not let the groom see the bride’s dress.

Who Gets Ready With the Bride?

Who gets ready with the bride is up to the bride.

However, it is common to find the bride getting ready with her mother and bridal party.

Even if the bridal party includes bridesmen and a man of honor, they can get ready with you.

bridesmaids preparing bride for ceremony and doing makeup

Besides your mother and bridal party, you can get ready with the following people:

The Wedding Planner:

As expected, the wedding planner will move around on the wedding day, ensuring everything is in place. While doing this, the planner may stop by the bride’s suite to ensure everything is proceeding smoothly. The planner will assist if there are issues, like a wardrobe malfunction.


On top of their primary duty of taking pictures at the ceremony and reception, a photographer can be present while the bride gets ready. The photographer can take photographs of special moments while you prepare.

They could take pictures of your mom’s reaction to seeing you in the dress. They could also take photographs of your mom zipping up your dress.

Whatever moment you would like the photographer to capture, ensure you speak with them beforehand.

Makeup Artist and Hairstylist:

You can have a mobile hairstylist and makeup artist help you get ready. This is an alternative to going to a salon. If you invite a hairstylist and makeup artist to glam you up, ensure there is enough space to accommodate everyone.


If you and your mother-in-law are already close, you can have her around while getting ready. She will enjoy spending time with you for sure; it may even make you two closer.

If your mother-in-law declines your request for her to get ready with you, do not feel offended. She may just prefer to be with her son during that time.

Flower Girl:

If it is OK with the flower girl and her parents, invite her to get ready with you. Ensure the child is comfortable with the idea of getting ready with you.

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Can the Bride and Groom Sleep Together the Night Before the Wedding?

There is a belief that if the bride and groom sleep together the night before the wedding, their marriage may suffer an ill fate.

But this belief is superstitious. It may have stemmed from the custom that kept brides and grooms of arranged marriages from seeing each other.

The bride and groom can sleep together the night before the wedding. You may spend the night apart, or you may sleep together. Whatever you and your partner choose to do is up to you and your beliefs.

Final Thoughts

The father of the bride can see the wedding dress. And while some customs say otherwise, the groom can also see the wedding dress. Ultimately, the bride decides who sees her wedding dress before the ceremony.