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This Is Why Weddings Are Such a Big Deal

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Seeing the efforts that go into them, it is hard to deny the importance of weddings.

Besides the fact that weddings are expensive and usually take months to prepare, many people look forward to having one all their life.

But why are weddings such a big deal?

Weddings are a big deal for many reasons. Top amongst those reasons is that weddings celebrate the beginning of a union between life partners. To be precise, weddings are a celebration that changes how two people live their lives.


Besides being life-changing, weddings are a big deal because they celebrate love, oneness, commitment, and much more.

In this article, we talk about various reasons why weddings are such a big deal. Read on for the details.

9 Reasons Why Weddings Are Such a Big Deal

They Are a Special and Memorable Moment in People’s Lives


Weddings are a special and memorable moment in people’s lives. This is one of the top reasons why they are a big deal.

Weddings celebrate a love that has blossomed over time between a couple. They usually happen at a gathering of family and friends, and the atmosphere is always special and different.

The positive energy, love, support, optimism, and positive emotions on the day are palpable. Wedding days are usually unforgettable.

They Are Expensive


This may not be the answer you are looking for, but weddings are also a big deal because they cost a lot to execute.

It goes without saying, but people generally consider whatever they spend a lot of money on to be a big deal.

The cost of a wedding goes beyond money.

People invest a lot of time planning weddings. So the expectations are high. No one looks to spend money and invest time for an unsatisfactory output.

In some cases, couples do not spend as much on their wedding. But this does not make their weddings less of a big deal.

Couples who spend little on their weddings still invest a lot of emotion and time. This still makes their wedding a big deal.

Some Couples and Families Consider Weddings to Be a Divine Seal on Their Love

Young Caucasian couple wedding day

This belief is more common amongst religious people.

To them, weddings are a solemnization of the love between two people – a divine seal from heaven that makes their love more dignified.

For couples who think of weddings as a seal from heaven, getting married in a religious environment is vital.

It is a big deal that they get that divine seal on their love because the blessings of that seal can give their love longevity.

Weddings Are the Start of Some Significant Changes in People’s Lives

Young couple at the new kitchen

Many couples do not move in together before a wedding.

So as we stated earlier, weddings are a celebration that precedes significant changes in how people live their lives.

After couples have their weddings, they typically move in together. And when they start living together, they usually do not live the same way as when they were single — everything changes.

Your drinking and eating habits will change, and you will come to terms with many other adjustments.

For one, if you used to shop for one before, you start shopping for two. If you used to stay out late at night, you start getting home earlier.

Apart from that, you get a live-in confidant when you start living with your partner. You have someone who is almost always there late at night when you need a heart and two ears that listen.

You have someone who shares the joyful and sad moments with you. Someone who cares when you get stressed or sick. Someone who tries to cheer you up and make you feel better when necessary.

The bottom line is most people’s lives do not remain the same after a wedding.

Weddings Are a Dream Come True

Bride driving a retro bus.

Many people long to have a wedding of their own. Girls tend to show their enthusiasm for a wedding more.

However, the longing for a wedding is not gender-specific.

Many years before people have their weddings, they imagine what theirs would be like. So when that dream finally becomes a reality, it is a big deal.

For Many People, Weddings Are Once in a Lifetime

Wedding couple shots

People do get divorced and get married again. So everyone does not have one wedding in their lifetime.

However, many people have only one wedding. Virtually everyone hopes that their first wedding will be their only wedding.

Couples cherish their weddings very much, hoping to have a lifelong relationship. They tend to savor the moment because they do not expect another moment like it.

This is another reason weddings are such a big deal.

Weddings Could Be a Relief for Women

Happy Bride in Wedding Dress Holding Hands With Groom on Meadow With Mountains and Clouds in Alps

It is not uncommon for women to come under pressure to get married before a specific age. The pressure could come from within, and it could also come from family members.

We’ve seen it a couple of times: a single woman nearing or in her 30s under pressure to get married.

The pressure could come from various opinions, including the fallacy of women becoming less attractive after 30 and finding a respectable partner being tough after 30.

So when a woman who has been under pressure to get married for a long time finally has a wedding and gets married, she could feel relieved.

The wedding day could feel like a burden has been lifted off her.


While some people choose to have kids without getting married, many others have a strict no-kids-before-marriage rule.

When the maternal instinct to bear children kicks in in the second group of people, they strive to get married quicker.

A wedding is a big deal to these people because they can finally fulfill their desire to have children.

A Wedding Is the Start of a Huge Commitment

Bride and groom

One of the basic tenets of marriage is commitment.

Ordinarily, people should be faithful in romantic relationships. But then, sometimes, people do not take nonmarital romantic relationships seriously. As a result, they do not stay committed.

Sometimes, the same people who do not stay committed in nonmarital romantic relationships become committed when they get married.

One possible motivation for the change is the vow they took at their wedding in the presence of those who matter to them. Then again, some people resolve to become committed only when they get married.

Another potential reason is that it is harder to leave a marital relationship than a nonmarital one. Ending a nonmarital relationship is as simple as saying, “I think we should break up.”

But when married, getting a divorce is not so easy – the emotions, the paperwork, and the kids (where applicable) make things complicated.

Of course, no one should bank on an unfaithful partner turning faithful after marriage.

But marriage requires a high level of commitment and responsibility, which adds some sense of security to the relationship.

And a wedding marks the official start of that high level of commitment. This makes weddings a big deal.


Weddings are such a big deal for many reasons. Some of these reasons – like a wedding being a dream come true – are personal. Then others – like weddings being expensive and life-changing – are universal.