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What Does The Father Of The Groom Wear

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When it comes to wedding outfits, some people spend countless days just figuring out what their family and their soon-to-be in-laws will wear. But some people might get confused when it comes to the father of the groom.

What should he wear? Should he match the groom, the bride’s father, or even the groomsmen? Here’s the answer.

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Choosing the most suitable attire for the father of the groom is quite easy. As a matter of fact, what the groom’s father wears will fall along the line of formal men’s clothing.

The father of the groom usually wears a suit as a formality to attend the ceremony. It is best for the father to match the groom or the groomsmen. This is could be in a form of color, type of suits, or even the formality of the ceremony.

father and groom

There is no restriction as to how the father should wear his suit. He can wear a simple suit, two or three pieces, according to his preference.

He could also wear the same suit as the groom. However, the center of attention in the ceremony should be the bride and the groom, so the father should not be overdressed to the point where he overshadows the groom.

Other than that, it is always best for the groom’s father to keep his outfit neat and up to standard.

5 tips to choose the best clothes for the groom’s father

1. Pick attire according to the wedding theme

It goes without saying that the father of the groom should pick attire that suits the wedding theme and the groomsmen should do the same.

The last thing you want is an awkward situation where the groom’s father wears traditional attire to a wedding with a modern theme.

2. Make sure the clothes fit

Apart from choosing the type of outfit and its color, make sure that the groom’s father wears a size that fits his body. Whether it’s a suit or a tuxedo, a well-tailored outfit that matches the body size and shape of the groom’s father will help him look his best.

Some pitfalls to avoid are long jackets that don’t match his height, double-breasted jackets that won’t fit around his belly, pants with excess fabrics around the ankles and suit jackets that are too long in the sleeves.

3. Choose matching accessories

Having the right accessories can go a long way to make the groom’s father’s wardrobe look more appealing than the rest of the family. This can be done wearing a slightly different necktie, bow, tuck handkerchief, or even cufflinks.

You can also coordinate a flower on the pocket square, boutonniere style, colors of suspenders, watches, and even the brand of his perfume.

4. Attire Coordination Is Best, But Optional

Having the groom’s father wear an outfit with the same color as groomsmen and other family members will create a synchronicity that helps in maintaining a certain level of formality.

Good colors that exude formality are black, gray, navy, beige, and brown.

This can be done not only through color but also through the dress code. You can have the bride’s father wear the same style or color. Then, add an individualized touch like a different tie or waistcoat so that they don’t look too similar.

5. Provide Clear Guidelines

Last but not least, the bride or the groom should provide clear guidelines about whether they are okay with flexibility on what the groom’s father wears.

Hiring a good wedding planner can be crucial because he or she can provide everyone with a set of rules and make sure everything is set in place.

father and groom wearing wedding themed clothes for a wedding

The Roles Of The Father Of The Groom

The roles of the groom’s father are totally dependent on the groom’s or the bride’s discretion.

There are no strict duties that he should definitely do or follow. However, there are some basic formalities and responsibilities that fall on his shoulder.

Traditionally, the father of the groom helps pay for the wedding. But in these modern days, this duty has changed and the bills can be shared with other family members as well.

In a wedding ceremony, the groom’s father could do these 7 things.

1. Provide emotional and moral support for the groom

Nothing is more important than the support and love from a father. A strong support system can ensure that the groom is emotionally prepared to face one of the biggest days in his life.

The groom’s father can help by giving advice if the groom is nervous, telling him the do’s and don’ts during the wedding ceremony, and even sharing some light jokes the help ease the situation.

2. Meet and greet guests in the receiving line

The parents of the groom should stand next to the bride and groom in the receiving line.

The father of the groom will be next to the mother of the groom, the newlyweds, and the in-laws when the ceremony is being held on the groom’s part.

But the order will be changed during the ceremony on the bride’s part where the groom’s parent will stand after the in-laws and the couples.

3. Walk down the aisle

One of the important roles of the groom’s father is to walk his wife or the groom’s mother down the aisle. For instance, the father and mother of the groom will walk down the aisle together and sit on the right side of the front pew at a Christian wedding.

In some ceremonies, the father of the groom will also walk with his son down the aisle. This is done differently depending on the religion and culture.

4. Give a toast

The father of the groom can give a brief, well-spoken toast to the newlyweds to honor and welcome the couple to their new phase in life. If possible, try to remember the speech to make it look spontaneous and natural.

But there is no shame in jotting down every important point of the speech on a piece of paper to avoid any stuttering or awkward silence during the toast.

5. Dance With The Bride And The Bride’s Mother

There is no better way to welcome the bride into the family than dancing with her and her mother. Before anything else, the groom’s father has to ask for permission from the bride’s father to dance with the mother of the groom.

This short and sweet bonding session can certainly make the bride and in-laws feel special.

6. Mingle With Everyone

The father of the groom can also mingle with the in-laws, groomsmen, and other guests as one of the ways to show some appreciation for their effort to be in the reception. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation. Just a simple chit-chat would do the job.

There is nothing wrong with being a sociable person just for one day.

7. Sort out relatives for a family photo

At the end of the reception, the groom’s father can help in sorting out the relatives for the family photo session.

This can help make the session much quicker and helps prevent anyone from feeling like they are being left out.

father and groom with son

Can The Father Of The Groom Be The Best Man?

The role of the best man can be filled by anyone. Even the father of the groom can be the best man if the groom wants him to. It is totally up to the groom’s preference.

Most grooms make their best friends, brothers, or even close colleagues their best men. However, for grooms who are very close to their father, appointing him to be the best man will certainly make a difference.

It would mean the world to their father because he could be alongside his son, as one of the most trusted people he has, in a very big event in his life.

Final Thoughts

No matter what outfit the father of the groom wears, he should always feel that it is his choice. Don’t force him to comply if he has a better idea.

Hear him out and try to work it out so it is a mutual decision.

A wedding reception should be filled with love and happiness, and a happy father will certainly make the groom a lot happier.