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13 Wedding Gifts for Wealthy Older Couples

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Buying gifts for older people is hard enough, especially when they’ve got money.

Financially stable people who have lived a long time tend to have most of what they need, so you can throw all those presents to get them started out the window.

Forget presents like a set of towels or bedsheets; you won’t likely see a gift registry to Target in their invitations.

The good news is older wealthy couples getting married usually won’t care what you get them. In these cases, it’s the thought that counts.

cheerful wlderly bride and groom walking along the beach

At this stage in their lives, they should be more focused on the quality of their relationships. They already have nice things.

Buying them a personalized gift or something that celebrates their union is the way to go.

Older couples are also more likely to have been married previously, so they’ll put less emphasis on gifts and focus more on whether you’re at the wedding and how much time they get to spend with you.

Still, it’s normal to want to give a good gift, so we’ve put together this list of thirteen great wedding gifts for a wealthy older couple.

Man Using Application for Buying Event Tickets Online On Smartphone

Buy Them Tickets to a Concert

Physical gifts are hard because they have everything, and wealthy couples don’t want gift cards. If you’re stuck on what you should buy them, consider getting them tickets to an upcoming show or concert.

If you know who their favorite artists are or what type of music they like, it’s easy to find something.

You may also want to mix things up and get them tickets to a good comedy show to give them something new to try.

Just make sure that any tickets are good tickets because a wealthy couple will want good seats. So buy them some of the best in the house to give them a great experience.

Group of senior people in dancing class with dance teacher

Book a Lesson for Them

Part of being newlyweds is experiencing new things together, no matter how old you are.

Booking a wealthy older couple a safe experience and a little outside of their box can be a lot of fun for them.

Some good examples are scheduling a cooking lesson at your local Sur la Table or buying them some dancing lessons.

You can also send them to a wine tasting if they like to drink. However, the focus of the present should be on giving them something fun to do with each other.

Luxury copper pots and blurry woodenboard on background in the kitchen

Premium Cooking Equipment

Sure, a very wealthy couple will have everything they need in the kitchen, if they even cook at all.

Still, you can buy them some premium cooking equipment like a set of handmade knives or a casserole dish from France.

Wealthy people like nice things, so you should buy fewer items and be willing to spend more on them rather than buying something big.

Black and white photo of elderly couple in picture frame with tag true love never ends on wooden table

Personalized Frames

You may know the couple well enough to have a picture of them together, or you can ask someone close to them for a nice picture of the couple.

Put the picture in a nice frame that they can put on a buffet table or next to the bed in their house. No matter how old they are, every couple wants to start building things that memorialize their time together.

A lovely picture of the two of them will be a cherished gift regardless of their money.

Leather Personal Blank Luggage Tag Gift Box

Custom Luggage Tags

Wealthy couples sometimes don’t know what to spend their money on, so they buy things like designer luggage, especially if they love traveling.

You can buy a gift for them that makes traveling more fun. Get them monogrammed luggage tags with their names together.

Of course, you can purchase designer luggage tags if you want to kick things up a notch.

Wine and gift box on wooden table.

A Wine Membership

Wealthy people love spending their money on experiences because possessions can get tiring. They don’t need more clutter, and there’s a good chance anything decorative you buy them will fall flat.

Instead, if they enjoy drinking wine, buy them a wine membership that will send them one or two (or more) bottles each month.

Many of these wine memberships come with wines from all over the world and the stories behind each vineyard and bottle.

Guest book for wedding table

A Guestbook

A monogrammed guestbook is another excellent gift idea for older wealthy couples.

Many fancy homes have guestbooks in foyers and entryways for guests to sign with a little note for the family. It’s an excellent way to record memories and have fun with guests.

Buy them a high-quality guestbook in red or some other rich color. Put their names on the book, so they can display it in their entryway as a way to celebrate their union.

Heritage basket with chocolate, quiches, cheese, and flowers on a wooden table

Heritage Baskets

One thing wealthy people and older people love is a gift with meaning.

If the couple comes from different places, you can use your wedding gift to help them get to know each other better.

Many places will sell baskets full of local goods that capture the region’s essence. They’ll have cheeses, chocolates, magnets, candy, candles, and other things they’re well known for.

When you give a basket like this as a gift, the couple will love going through it and asking each other about the significance of each item.

artisan chocolates in a black box with red ribbon on wooden table

Rare Food Items

A wealthy couple will love getting something premium like high-quality A5 Wagyu beef or imported fruit from Japan. Just make sure the food doesn’t spoil if the couple is going on a honeymoon right away.

You can also play it safer by giving them artisan chocolates or something else that they won’t find in their local grocery stores.

Couple pair of slippers and a drawing of tiny house on white cloth background

Matching Slippers

Older couples will love getting matching monogrammed slippers as a wedding gift.

Sure, they may have something lined with alpaca fur that blows your budget out of the water, but they’ll get a kick out of seeing their names together on a new pair.

Latin cook cooking oysters with trout roe and coriander oil. Chef preparing food for a private dinner at home.

Book Them a Private Chef

You’ve got to be very wealthy to have a private chef on staff, so this gift should go over very well. Buy them a dinner cooked in their home by a professional personal chef.

Booking them a reservation at a nice restaurant is challenging because you don’t know what food they like. It also makes them feel pressure to go there sooner than they may like.

However, with a private chef, they have all of the time in the world. They can book when they’re free, and the chef will research how to create a nice menu just for them.

A Personalized Puzzle

Older people tend to love doing puzzles. You can create a puzzle from a couple’s picture or with something they love.

They’ll enjoy building the puzzle in their free time and completing the picture of when they first met or the area where they first vacationed together.

Festive shiny Christmas ornament collection

Christmas Ornaments

If you’re struggling with what to buy an older wealthy couple, Christmas ornaments are always a fantastic choice.

People who get married later in life don’t have a lifetime of memories with each other, which is what many people’s ornaments are about.

Buy them a set of high-end Christmas tree ornaments with pictures of them inside, their names, or the places they’ve been together.

One Last Thought

Remember, older people love gifts with a sentiment. If they’re wealthy, it’s not about the dollar value of the gift but about what it means and how they can enjoy it together.