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21 Wedding Color Ideas for Summer 2022

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Weddings are a wonderful celebration of love.

With warmer temperatures and sunny weather, you can bet that summer weddings will be full of fun, laughter and love.

Whether a beach or a garden wedding, create your fantastic summer wedding this year by choosing the perfect color.

Picking a wedding color is important when planning for a wedding.

From bridesmaid dresses to table centerpieces to floral arrangements, choose a color palette that suits your taste and inspires you.

Here are some color ideas you can choose from to have a beautiful and memorable summer wedding this year.

1. White and Powder Blue

white and blue wedding theme

White and blue are classic wedding colors.

The color blue gives off an elegant and whimsical look paired with the neat and gorgeous off-white color.

Powder blue is an easy color to adapt for any season or style. Its light and romantic shade is timeless and versatile.

Enhance your wedding venue with white and light blue colored flowers such as hydrangeas, anemones and delphinium for a fresh, elegant and romantic floral arrangement.

2. Classic Blue and Gold

Nothing beats this plethora of colors with its stylish and classy look. Gold is a color of elegance.

This color combination is great for both outdoor or indoor summer weddings.

Opt for blue table linens with gold accents such as gold utensils, candlelight holders, table runners, and vases for an overall elegant look.

3. Navy Blue and Sage Green

For a beach or oceanside wedding, celebrate your big day with these complimenting nature inspired colors.

These colors are perfect for a luxurious rustic beach wedding.

The rich navy blue hue complements the light and rustic sage green color giving you an otherworldly charm.

4. Sage Green, Blush and Ivory

sage and white wedding theme

Green as a wedding color is growing in popularity because of more and more couples going for a tropical wedding theme.

Green is a flattering color and looks gorgeous with fair, light, olive or dark skin tone.

Have a rustic and magical vibe at your wedding with these color palettes.

Add some gorgeous floral and plant arrangements around the venue.

Hanging planters and candle lights are a wonderful addition for that nature inspired wedding.

5. Mustard Yellow and Matcha Green

For a more fun and eclectic wedding, opt for a 70’s vintage theme with mustard yellow and matcha green colors.

A refreshing and understated look, these colors are easy to balance.

Add some floral arrangements such as fan palms and plumosa ferns for that upbeat and classic look.

Serve some cute and delicious cocktails that complement your table setting such as mojitos or serve your very own matcha cocktails.

You’ll have a fun and uniquely memorable wedding celebration.

6. Lilac and Lavender

white and lavender wedding theme

A whimsical color combination that will give you that dreamy summer wedding.

Alternate these 2 light purple tones on your overall wedding decorations.

From the floral arrangement and table centerpieces to your bridesmaid dresses, lilac and lavender is a beautiful combination for that effortlessly chic look.

7. Papaya Orange

Orange tones have become popular throughout the years with their bohemian elements.

This calming, chic, bohemian neutral color is an enchanting wedding color for that summer wedding you’ve been planning.

Papaya orange is a neutral color palette so you have to add different textures and materials to the whole wedding look.

Add flowers and greenery to your wedding venue design for a dazzling look.

8. Sunny Yellow and White

yellow and white theme wedding

Make your wedding day sunny and bright by adding a color scheme of sunny yellow and white.

From summer beach weddings to outdoor garden weddings, make your special day cheery and fun.

Add yellow to your whole wedding look, from your linens, candles, table centerpieces and floral arrangements.

Yellow bridesmaid dresses with white floral bouquets look lovely.

Serve some lemonades or mimosas for a refreshing summer drink.

Add some yellow flowers such as sunflowers and daffodils for a very summery and sun-kissed feeling.

9. Dusty Blue and Blush Pink

A calming and romantic color scheme, dusty blue paired with blush pink is truly a classic wedding color.

Pick out flowy bridesmaid dresses in blush pink and light blue bouquets and have your groomsmen wear dusty blue suits with pink ties.

Your entourage will look very lovely as the blue and pink colors complement each other.

With these gorgeous colors, you’ll surely have a beautiful, dainty and ethereal wedding look.

10. Marigold Yellow, Navy Blue and Gray

The color palette of marigold yellow, navy blue and gray is classic yet modern.

This pop of colors complement each other throughout the whole look of your wedding.

The marigold yellows pops out in the navy blue and gray color scheme.

For an elegant table centerpiece, choose navy blue for your table linens, some gray accents on your table centerpiece, and add a vibrant yellow colored floral arrangement.

For the bridesmaid dresses, navy blue will look good with the yellow bouquets.

And have the men wear gray suits for an attractive entourage appeal.

11. Blossom Pink, Cornflower Blue and Mauve

pink and blue theme

This color palette is perfect for an afternoon summer garden wedding with its light and contrasting colors.

Flowy bridesmaid dresses and pink, blue and mauve flowers such as hydrangea flowers and roses will give your whole wedding an exquisite and romantic look.

12. Forest Green, White and Gold

An elegant, nature-inspired theme, forest green, white and gold look stunning together. 

Select white linens for your table with a touch of forest green and put on some gold vases, candleholders and utensils for that wonderful table centerpiece.

White flowers and green floral arrangements with gold accents, white and gold decorations and draperies give a touch of glam.

13. Mint Green, Carnation Pink and Magenta

These fun and vivid colors work perfectly for an outdoor wedding on the beach, backyard or garden.

The color magenta gives life and color to the whole look with the carnation pink and mint green color.

Mix the light pink and magenta flowers into the whole arrangement. Bridesmaid dresses will look cute in mint green plus the mix of light and dark pink floral bouquets will definitely look lovely.

Opt for a bright magenta flower arrangement covering the table centerpiece.

14. Coral Pink and Navy Blue

pink and navy blue wedding theme

For a nautical inspired wedding theme, navy blue is the color of choice.

For those summer weddings by the sea, coral pink and navy blue is a great color palette.

Your bridesmaids can wear coral pink dresses with dark blue floral bouquets and the men can wear navy blue suits with coral pink ties.

Go for navy blue linens and decorate your table and your whole venue with coral pink flowers.

Serve some pink colored drinks like pink lemonade or cosmopolitans.

15. Canyon Rose and Dusty Rose

Pretty, classy and chic, we just can’t get enough of pink.

The dark and light rose color with gold accents looks incredibly beautiful and classic.

Light and dark pink colored flower arrangements and canyon rose bridesmaid dresses with light pink bouquets complement one another.

You can even play it up by alternating your bridesmaid dresses with canyon rose and dusty rose.

These colors will give your wedding a super romantic and enchanting aesthetic.

16. Jewel Tones with Gold

A mixture of sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, emerald green and gold for a rich, bold and elegant look.

The vibrant jewel tone colors look great for a summer wedding.

Adorn your table centerpiece and floral arrangement with this plethora of colors.

Playful, creative and fun, this pop of colors gives a modern twist to a traditional summer wedding.

17. Terracotta Colors with White

From red tones, burnt to pale oranges, and dark browns, the terracotta colors give off a rustic and bohemian summer look.

Pair these colors with white for that charming beach, backyard or garden summer wedding.

18. Pastel Colors

pastel colored wedding theme

Go for these lovely pastel colors such as millennial pink, light azure, creamy mint and whimsy yellow for a lovely summer wedding.

This color palette is gorgeous, sweet and romantic.

If you’re tired of those usual same color dresses for your bridesmaids, play it up by choosing dresses with different pastel colors for a cute and refreshing look.

Add some flowy drapes on your decor and flowers of different pastel colors.

Add lots of flowers for a gorgeous summer wedding.

19. Pineapple, orange and pale pink

Sunny yellows, oranges and playful pink will be fun, modern and very summery.

For those hot weather summer weddings, these colors give off a happy and vibrant energy to your special day.

From flowers, giveaways and invitations, play it up with these gorgeous color combinations.

Serve some fun tropical drinks such as Pina Colada and Mai Tai for a fresh summer wedding full of fun.

20. Purple and Marigold Yellow

These two striking colors complement each other very well. Purple is a rich color and the combination of the two gives a fun, energetic and bright look to your wedding.

Go for purple and yellow flower arrangements, decorations, table setting and bridesmaid dresses.

21. Mimosa, Sunset Orange and Bright Pink

orange sunset theme

Sunsets are romantic and breathtaking. Mimosa, sunset orange and bright pink are the exquisite sunset combination colors.

These bright and vivid colors will bring life to your celebration.

These beautiful colored hues are wonderful in a beach backdrop, perfect for a summer wedding on the beach.

Add some bright colored juice and cocktails to serve your guests such as tequila sunrise.

Make it fun and select bridesmaid dresses with different colors of yellow, orange and pink hues like the sunset.

Bright colored flowers will make your table centerpieces pop.