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21 Wedding Color Ideas for Fall 2022

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Fall is a beautiful time of the year. With the flowers in bloom, lovely leaves on trees and good, cool weather, fall is definitely a wonderful time to say your “I do’s”.

There are endless fall wedding color combinations to choose from. From amber hues, jewel tones and earthy hues. These irresistibly lovely fall wedding colors will sure make your wedding romantic and magical.

The first steps in planning a wedding is choosing a color for your whole wedding theme. Picking the right color theme for your wedding is important as almost every aspect of the planning process will depend on this.

From the bridesmaid dresses, invitations, giveaways and the whole look and decor of the place. Choose a color that you love and that works for you.

Warm colors are great for a fall wedding but there are a lot of other attractive color palettes that would also work for a fall wedding. Embrace orange and be creative with it.

Rustic and muted colors are gorgeous but you can always mix it up and play with other colors. You can opt to be modern and bold with your color choice or pick something traditional and cozy, anything goes!

We’ve gathered 21 color ideas and inspiration for that dreamy and gorgeous fall wedding you’ve always been dreaming of.

navy blue and pink wedding theme

1. Navy Blue and Blush Pink

Navy blue always looks good anytime of the year. This timeless color palette with endless variety has so many ways that you can incorporate on your fall wedding.

The combination of blue and pink gives off a lovely look to your fall wedding.

The romantic and feminine touch of blush pink and the rich and bold navy blue is the perfect color combination, definitely a match made in heaven.

The groomsmen can wear navy blue suits with blush pink tie and boutonnière. Bridesmaids with their chic and dazzling blush pink gowns.

Opt for a navy blue table linen and add plenty of light pink flowers all around the table for that gorgeous and chic look for a night you’ll never forget.

2. Gold and Teal

Gold is always an elegant color and paired with teal, it gives off a classic yet modern look.

Both colors combined give such an appeal to your overall wedding look.

3. Gold and Emerald

A more darker palette than the gold and teal, gold and emerald are both strong colors that are elegant and strikingly majestic.

Green is always a lovely fall color and it looks beautiful in gold.

Add dark green leaves as your floral arrangement for your table centerpieces and include gold flatwares and gold candles for that dazzling and vintage look.

Fall is a great time for an outdoor wedding so try to use natural foliage as a part of your wedding decor. 

4. Lavender and Gray

Lavender and gray combined is such a sweet and dreamy color combination. Flowy lavender bridesmaid dresses and gray suit for the groomsmen.

Lavender bouquets, lavender napkins and gray flatwares. The color gray compliments a lot of wedding colors and is suitable with lavender for a sultry decor scheme.

burgundy and dusty rose colored theme for a wedding

5. Burgundy and Dusty Rose

Burgundy has a rustic feel when paired with dusty rose. Burgundy is such a pretty and strong color so you should definitely pair it with a much lighter and warm color such as dusty rose.

Dusty rose is such a versatile color that can be used in so many ways. The burgundy color pops out against the dusty rose giving it a balanced look.

Dusty rose bridesmaid dresses with burgundy floral bouquets look stunning.

Choose a dusty rose table runner and linens paired with burgundy floral arrangements, napkins and table menu for a sweet, ethereal and romantic feel on your wedding day.

6. Burgundy, Sage, Dusty Rose and Midnight Blue

Play it up with different contrasting colors by combining burgundy, sage, dusty rose and midnight blue. This mix of colors is such an amazing color palette when combined together.

Make your bridesmaid wear different shades of dresses from this color scheme.

It would look really lovely in photos against that gorgeous white wedding gown. Try this color palette for an elegant eco rustic wedding theme.

7. Orange, Linen and Green

This cozy and rustic theme color is perfect for that outdoor fall wedding. Green and orange are fall color staples and when you add linen to the color mix, it creates a perfect balance between the two.

Add some lovely leaves for your floral arrangement on the tables and put lots of orange, green or linen candles all around the venue for that magical and intimate feel.

A green candle or green plates is so alluring against the orange and linen tones. Include lots of greenery on your overall design and floral arrangements.

8. Plum, Red and Neon Coral

The burst of plum, red and neon coral colors brings about life, excitement and joy to the wedding season.

Incorporate bright flowers of these shades for a wonderful floral arrangement all over your wedding venue.

9. Peach, Nude and Succulent Green

A lighter color palette, the combination of peach, nude and succulent green is sweet, warm and romantic.

Add some wood accents for your wedding decoration for a charming look.

You can even add real succulents as part of your decor for that calming and cozy vibe.

burnt orange, peach and beige themed wedding

10. Burnt Orange, Peach and Beige

Charming and alluring mix of colors, burnt orange, peach and beige is a perfect fall color palette for your wedding.

The burnt orange gives off the perfect amount of color to the peach and beige neutrals.

With its endless possibilities of floral arrangements and decorations for your wedding, these soft color hues are perfect for that fall wedding you’ve always been dreaming of.

11. Wine, Burlap, Olive and Cream

Intimate, sexy and strikingly beautiful, you can use this color palette in so many ways.

From your bridesmaid dresses, to floral arrangements and table settings, incorporate these colors for that sultry wedding look.

Garnish your food with touches of these colors, serve some mixed berry cobblers for dessert and of course, keep the red wine flowing.

12. Teal, Blue, Champagne, Fuchsia and Grape

These bold, jewel toned colors are mesmerizing and irresistable. Each color has its striking appearances but once you put them together, it brings in a magical appeal to your fall wedding.

Colorful floral arrangement and bridesmaid dresses, these colors will look spectacular against an outdoor backdrop.

13. Black and Red

If you want to get away from the usual and traditional wedding colors, black and red is a way to go. Black looks cool and elegant.

Striking, bold and beautiful, incorporate these colors with black bridesmaid dresses, black cake with a touch of red accents, black table cloth with red, bright flowers. The black paired with red gives a truly romantic atmosphere.

Add some black candlesticks or napkins, be creative with the colors of red and black for your overall wedding design.

You can even add some hints of gold or silver on your whole black and red theme for a more classic and elegant look. Think of silverwares or golden flatwares, sparkle your wedding with these elegant colors.

14. Burgundy and Yellow

Sweet, warm and breathtaking, the dark and bright color combination will make your wedding pop.

Pretty the venue up by placing burgundy and yellow flowers all over the place. Yellow bridesmaid dresses with burgundy floral bouquet are eye-catching and attractive to look at.

teal and orange themed wedding

15. Dark Teal and Orange

The contrasting colors of orange and dark teal are charismatic and enchanting. They complement each other and would look really good for a fall wedding.

Choose dark teal tablecloth and add lots of fancy orange flowers and candles all over the tables.

Dark teal bridesmaid dresses and suits for the groomsmens. Pair it with orange floral bouquets for the girls and orange ties and boutonnières for the men for a sensational look.

16. Purple and Blush

This color combination of purple and blush is a popular color choice for a fall wedding. Its romantic and subtle shade looks dreamy and romantic when combined together.

Alternate the bridesmaid dresses with shades of purple and blush. Glam up the whole venue with a combination of purple and blush colored flowers for your floral arrangements.

17. Caramel and Apricot

During early fall with its semi-warm weather, these two colors would be a perfect early fall wedding color combination.

Caramel and apricot with its warm tone combination is light, airy and sweet.

Caramel adds warmth to your whole wedding feel. Try incorporating caramel colored table linens or candles with shades of apricot for your floral table arrangement.

These two colors give a vintage vibe with its rich and dreamy color palette that is perfect for that afternoon golden hour outdoor wedding.

18. Pumpkin and Sage

Pumpkin orange is a wonderful color for a fall wedding. Use it for bridesmaid dresses and decor accents all over the wedding venue.

Pair it with sage green for a balance of colors. Add these nature-inspired color tones to your decorative elements on your reception table, bouquet, floral arrangement, stage background decoration.

19. Mustard Yellow and Green

Mustard yellow looks great in green for that outdoor backyard fall wedding.

Mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses with leafy bouquets look great with an outdoor backdrop.

Add some wooden tables with green and yellow floral arrangement and accents for that rustic charming look.

cranberry and peach colored themed wedding

20. Cranberry and Peach

Cranberry and peach contrasts each other bringing you a beautiful fruity color combination for your wedding.

The light and dark colors complements each other and is gorgeous for your floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses and decorations.

There is a freshness with these two colors. Cranberry is a perfect balance of dark red and quirky pink and adds a pop of color on your whole wedding look.

21. Terra Cotta, Burgundy, Emerald, Sage and Blush

Terra cotta is an exquisite color for fall and paired with these bewitching colors such as burgundy, emerald, sage and blush, you’ll have the romantic and dreamy wedding you’ve always wanted.

These colors look amazing with your wedding decoration. Choose a blush bridesmaid dress or you can play it up and make your bridesmaid wear different shades of this gorgeous palette.

Include lots of greenery in your decorations and add some terra cotta planters for a wonderful wedding in the fall.

With rich colors of nature and beautiful sceneries, fall is a charming time to get married. Celebrate your fall wedding with these beautiful color combinations.

Whichever color that you chose for your wedding, it is important that the color would match your personal style as a couple, your venue and your overall wedding look.

Create your perfect fall wedding with these color palette ideas that for sure will make your day special, romantic and memorable.