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5 Times It’s Ok To Use Disposable Plates at a Wedding

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The big fancy wedding in a reception hall isn’t for everyone. Those weddings can be amazing, but they can be so much work! If you’ve ever been to a fancy wedding like that, whether for someone in your family or a close friend, you can understand why it’s so stressful.

There are a million moving parts, and people obsess endlessly over every little detail. If you’re in a wedding party, you know firsthand how complicated weddings are and if you’re paying for a wedding, you know how expensive they can be.

What we need to realize is that everyone’s dream wedding is not the same.

disposable fork, knife, Paper plates, paper cups on the table

Some people love fancy, and others love casual. A wedding is an event no matter what, but your approach might be different than what you see in fashion magazines and on TV.

These days, people are opting for low-key weddings more than ever. Celebrations are simpler and easier to manage.

If you’re ditching the high-end, fancy wedding in favor of something easier and more casual, there is always the question of just how casual can you go? What is still appropriate for a wedding?

The good news is that it is your wedding. You can choose to throw out the rule book and make it a fun event for everyone without any hint of pretentiousness.

Using paper plates is even allowed. Imagine the money you’ll save by skipping the fancy china and going with eco-friendly paper plates that still look great.

These days, you can find disposable plates that look the part, keep your money in your wallet, and still make your wedding amazing.

Here are 5 times when it’s ok to use disposable plates at a wedding.

5 Times It’s Ok to Use Disposable Plates at Your Wedding

  • You are BBQing – If you’re having something like a Texas BBQ in your backyard for your wedding reception, then it’s perfectly OK to use disposable plates. No one will care because it fits in with the BBQ vibe.

    You can get some disposable plates with your names printed on them or something that is on theme with the meal.
  • You Are Serving Dessert – If you want, you can save a bit of money by serving dessert on disposable plates. Save the nice china for the appetizers and the mains.

    A lot of people are choosing dessert bars or things like chocolate fountains over the traditional cake, so it’s more suited toward having paper plates that people can grab and dish out what they want.
dessert in a disposable plate
  • You Are Traveling – Why make it hard on yourself? If you’re traveling for a wedding and want a simple reception, you can use disposable plates and no one will bat an eye.

    They’ll just be happy to be with you on your special day. Disposable plates go great with the beach, too.
  • You’re Serving a Buffet – If you ask most people, they’ll prefer good food over nice plates any day of the week.

    If saving money on china means you can splurge a bit on the food quality or get a better caterer, then do that!
  • You Want to Have Some Fun – What’s more fun than using a themed plate or paper plates with you and your fiance’s picture printed on them?

    Disposable plates make it easier to have some fun with decorations and add more colors and patterns to your wedding aesthetic.

5 Disposable Plate Options That Are Great for Your Wedding

  • Mr & Mrs. Plates – These look great and inject a bit of fun into your wedding. They are great for a casual wedding and are still nice enough to suit the day.

    Shop for them in packs of 80 plates.
Disposable Plates - 80-Count Paper Plates, Wedding Party Supplies for Appetizer, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert, Mr. and Mrs. Rustic Wedding Theme Design, 9 Inches in Diameter
  • Floral Plates – These floral paper plates go incredibly well if you’re having a summer or spring wedding. If you want a wedding that’s full of color and one where people will have different-colored plates, then this is a great option.

    These won’t break the bank and will still be a lot of fun for your reception.
Coterie Floral Paper Plates - Cute Party Plates For Tea Party, Bridal Shower, Garden Party, Baby Shower - Floral Party Decorations | 9.25” Fancy Paper Plates | 10 Count - 2 of Each Design
  • Plates with a Message – Send your guests a message and get them in a wedding mood with plates that say “Happily Ever After” or some similar statement on them.

    They are high-quality even though they are disposable, so they’ll fit in with the occasion.
  • Flashy Gold Plates – You can get a pack of gold metallic paper plates (100 count for less than $20) that will leave you with plenty of money to put into a great band or better food for your guests. We often have to make tough choices with wedding budgets.

    Don’t let something like plates mean you have to cut corners somewhere else.
  • Glitter Plates – If you want some disposable plates that look high-quality but add a bit of flair to your wedding, then check out these gold plastic glitter plates.

    You’re not going to find any porcelain plates that look like these, and they’re super festive.
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In 2021, it’s time to ditch the notion that there is only one correct way to do a wedding.

You don’t have to stretch yourself financially to conform to some tradition that doesn’t apply to you anymore.

With the right disposable plates, your wedding will still be magical and you can spend your money on other things to make your day special.