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11 Things to Do with Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

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You spend years dreaming about the dress you’ll wear on your wedding day; it’s almost a shame you don’t get more use out of it.

Yes, it would be strange to show up at a ball or a formal party with your wedding dress on. That’s not what we’re saying. And sure, your dress and your wedding will live on forever through photos.

But there must be ways to get more out of your wedding dress and keep it in good condition after the wedding, no?

There’s a lot you can do with your wedding dress other than letting it sit in a closet for decades. You can get more value out of your dress by finding ways to make it useful and create something that other people can enjoy long after the wedding.

Luxury wedding dress in white box with beige shoes and bridal bouquet on bed

Even if you just want to keep it, there are ways to preserve your dress to keep it from yellowing, so you can pass it down to a daughter or grandchildren.

If you have a dress you love, find a way to keep it in great condition and give it life after you’re married!

Here are some great ideas for what you can do with your wedding dress.

Selling an Old Wedding Dress

woman in earphone using laptop browsing on eBay website

It’s easier than ever to sell old wedding dresses because people are more accustomed to the idea of wearing gently used clothing.

Businesses like Rent the Runway and others sprang up in recent years to offer clothes to customers that might otherwise be out of their budget.

If you purchased an expensive or designer wedding dress, there’s likely a lot of demand for your dress online. If your dress is unique or made by a popular designer, you could recoup a significant portion of the purchase cost.

You can list it for sale on sites like eBay, Depop, and several other websites that specialize in selling used clothing.

Now, not everyone will love the thought of selling their wedding dresses. Many of those who do end up selling their dresses online had their dress hanging in their closet until they finally decided to sell.

It’s normal to hang onto the dress for years before you sell it, which is why keeping it in good condition is so important.

Preserve the Dress

vintage wedding dress with lace on an old wooden rustic table

No matter what you plan to do with your dress, you should preserve it well to keep it in good condition. Unless you store it properly, it will turn yellow, and mold or moths will get to it.

Years down the road, the dress could be in rough condition when you take it out to show someone.

Wedding dresses and other delicate garments usually come with airtight garment bags that prevent yellowing and mold growth.

In addition, you should avoid keeping your wedding dress in direct sunlight or in overly humid conditions.

Donate Your Dress to Charity

woman holding a donation box with her old stuffs

There is a good chance that there is someone out there who is roughly your size and can’t afford the type of wedding dress you have.

If you really want to do something meaningful with your dress, you can donate it to a charity that can find someone less fortunate who can use it.

For example, some charities donate wedding dresses to military spouses or will alter your dress and give it to young, underprivileged students to wear to their prom.

If you search online, you’ll see a host of charities that will happily accept your dress and turn it into something someone will love just as much as you did on your wedding day.

Make It a Family Heirloom

Grandmother with mother watching daughter bride trying on the wedding dress

Turn your wedding dress into a family heirloom for future generations to use when they get married. Your dress can carry a deeper meaning than simply a lovely dress you wore once.

You can give it to children or grandchildren to wear at their wedding to emphasize the importance of family bonds and traditions.

Dye the Dress to Wear Again!

Are you the type of person who likes to have fun and is willing to take risks? If you’re up for an adventure, you can dye your wedding dress to wear again at a military ball or some other fancy event!

Just know that there is a good chance you’ll ruin the wedding dress if you dye it yourself.

If you aren’t worried, then try it. It could turn out very well and be something you love to wear and take pictures in.

Have Another Photo Session After the Wedding

shooting brides in the mountains

Keeping your wedding dress in good condition before the ceremony is important.

You don’t want to drag it through dirt or stand on a beach for too long while you take wedding photos. This keeps it sparkling white to look brand new when you walk down the aisle.

Save those messier photo sessions for after the wedding when you don’t mind as much if your dress gets dirty or some threads break loose.

Make a Dress for Your Child

wedding dressmaker altering vintage wedding dress into a new dress for a kid

If you’re planning on having kids, you can save your dress for their christening, baptism, church dress, or just a fun way to dress up.

You or a tailor can cut the wedding dress down to size and transform it into something your child will wear.

You’ll love knowing that your dress is getting used, and your kid will love knowing that you gave them something that means so much to you.

Offer it To a Friend

Gorgeous wedding dress on a mannequin in a white room

Sharing your wedding dress with a friend is a lovely gesture. If you have a friend that wears your size, you can lend it to them for their wedding.

In addition, sometimes people are stuck with wedding dresses when the wedding doesn’t take place for whatever reason.

If that’s the case, then you can offer it up to friends or families for their weddings, so they can appreciate the beauty of the dress and save some money.

Throw It Away

Of course, you can always throw away the wedding dress if you want to save closet space and aren’t particularly attached to the dress.

Toss it in the bin, and don’t give it another thought if you’re not the kind of person to put sentimental value into something like a dress.

Take the Dress to Goodwill

Young woman with donation box at home.

Yes, Goodwill is technically a charity, and you can typically write off the value of things you give to the store. This is easier than donating a wedding dress to some of the charities described above.

All you need to do is take it to the donation area of a store near you, and the store employees will take care of the rest.

In a matter of days, your dress will be on the rack waiting for some other aspiring bride to snatch it up.

Frame the Dress

If you spent a lot of money on your wedding dress and you have the space, you can always frame your wedding dress to preserve it and turn it into something of an art piece.

Framed wedding dresses will usually stay in mint condition. You can put it on display in a hallway or somewhere else if it feels right. Fashion lovers frequently do this to dresses they particularly love.