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13 Stunning Spring Wedding Theme Ideas

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Spring is a perfect time of year to get married.

Flowers are in bloom, the weather is warming, and people are excited about new beginnings. All the quintessential spring feels are why many couples choose spring for their weddings.

It just makes sense.

People who love pastels and certain flowers opt for spring weddings to bring their dreams to life. Once you settle on the season, it’s time to start planning your wedding theme and how you can make your special day magical.

Spring is fantastic for its sun, refreshing weather, and beautiful flowers. The best wedding themes take advantage of all the best things about spring.

Integrating some outdoor venues as part of your wedding plan is a great idea, and you’ll have plenty of options for decorations and favors for a wonderful ceremony and reception.

Here are some of the best and most stunning spring wedding themes to help you get started.

1. Winning Brunch Weddings

Bohemian style beach wedding themed picnic set up

Who doesn’t love brunch?

Most people have memories of a late brunch on a crisp spring morning with friends and family.

Perhaps your favorite brunch location has a patio where you can sit outside and bask in the sun at just the right temperature as you sip coffee or nibble some pancakes.

One of the best things about spring weddings is that the weather is your friend.

In the summer, you’re worried about having the wedding during the day because things get too hot. Likewise, winter weather is a problem because it’s too cold for anything outside that lasts more than a few minutes.

Spring, however, is perfect, and you can recreate the perfect brunch vibe with an outdoor meal and reception during the day.

You can have a late morning ceremony followed by a light lunch or brunch-style meal in the afternoon if you want.

For folks who want a fun reception with everyone dancing, you can host a finger-food-and-drinks reception later in the evening.

With a brunch wedding, everyone’s in a relaxed, fun mood, and you can bask in everyone’s affection after the ceremony.

2. Tropical Weddings

wedding set up European style arch with flowers, overlooking the ocean

Whether you have it in Hawaii or recreate your dream tropical wedding in North Carolina, tropical weddings are always a blast.

An amazing thing about spring is that it means more of your favorite flowers are available and, importantly, affordable. You don’t need to break the bank to get the best flowers.

With spring, you can go all out on your floral arrangements to create a fantastic tropical theme with bird-of-paradise flowers, palm leaves, orchids, and other tropical flowers.

3. A Garden Wedding

top view of a wedding reception table at the backyard.

What’s more storybook than a garden decorated with tulips, baby’s breath, and other incredible spring flowers?

It’s tough to beat the look, and it’s surprisingly easy to pull off when the weather is your friend.

With the sun and a cool breeze, a manicured lawn or an outdoor venue is the perfect setting for a dream wedding.

You can vary the flowers, but garden weddings mean tulips, peonies, hydrangeas, and all those other spring flowers we love.

One of the nice things about garden weddings is that they’re simple.

You don’t need to go over the top; you can scale up or down depending on how many guests there will be. You can DIY a garden party theme for smaller weddings, but you may need some help for larger, more formal affairs.

4. Express Your Inner Flower Girl

beautiful flower girl in a blooming Apple orchard for a walk

Having a spring wedding gives you more room to express your inner hippie or flower girl. There’s so much joy around the change of seasons that people go all out on floral designs and other unique wedding accents.

You can wear a wedding dress with flower petal designs and a stunning crown of flowers and take your wedding pictures out in a field with wild blossoms.

Some wedding couples love to make the season the highlight of their wedding theme, so they emphasize the flowers and greenery throughout their reception and ceremony.

5. Desert Weddings

A newly wed couple kissing on top of a desert sand dune at dawn

Certain couples love the stark look of desert weddings. However, it’s either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

In the desert, temperatures also change dramatically based on the time of day. When the sun is high in the sky, it can be incredibly hot. At night, however, it can feel downright frigid.

But spring makes desert wedding themes possible, where you can take pictures surrounded by cacti and red sand.

Deserts in the Southwest have breathtaking mountain and canyon scenes perfect for a desert wedding.

Desert wedding themes make decorations easy. You can buy a cactus for a showpiece or put succulents on your wedding tables.

It’s easy to make desert-themed drinks with agave spirits, and you can eat some delicious Tex-Mex food.

6. Pastel Paradise

pastel colors white and pink flower arrangement at a wedding reception

Spring is all about pinks, light blues, purples, yellows, and other pastel colors.

When all those beautiful flowers bloom, it almost makes choosing a wedding theme too easy. You just buy some of the world’s most amazing flowers and let them do the talking.

You can create a pastel paradise with a mix of different colors or make your wedding theme more unique by sticking to a single color.

For example, everyone will remember the lengths you went to ensure only pink tulips were seen at your wedding.

Your bridesmaids’ dresses, flower girl sashes, and groomsmen’s ties can match the wedding theme, or you can opt for more subtle decorations on your reception tables to underscore the theme.

In spring, it’s all about having fun and creating a fun environment for you and your guests.

7. The Spring Gourmand Wedding

spring themed meal served at a wedding

If you’re into food or fine dining, you should definitely make what you serve at your wedding part of the spring theme.

Spring is all about freshness and what’s organic, so do your best to work with a caterer that shares your vision of a tasty, inviting wedding menu.

Involve yourself in planning everything from light appetizers to fresh ingredients if you’re serving a meal.

What’s great about spring is that it makes shopping for and choosing ingredients simple. What’s more, if you’re throwing a brunch-themed wedding, you already know what people will want to eat!

8. Easter Weddings

Food spread at wedding, male guest getting some cold cuts

Some folks love spring, especially the Easter holiday.

While some people will emphasize the more religious aspects of Easter, others simply embrace the traditional Easter bunny fun with all the chocolate and eggs that come with the holiday.

If you’re getting married around Easter, you can incorporate aspects of the holiday into your wedding.

For example, you can use dyed eggs as seating markers.

Also, you can fill bowls of candy and place them throughout the venue, such as dishes full of Easter M&M’s and other pastel candies that match your wedding colors.

If you want to make things even more fun, consider having a chocolate fountain and slices of fresh fruit, marshmallows, and other candies. The kids will love you for it, and it will keep them busy while you work your way through your reception schedule.

9. A Fairytale Castle

Wedding ceremony set up outside an old castle

Every year, tons of brides dream of having a fairytale wedding as they see in the movies. It’s a bit cliché, sure, but it works.

Everyone loves those quintessential weddings that check all the boxes and make people happy.

You may not be able to rent a castle, but you can certainly decorate your wedding venue in a way that’s fit for royalty. Of course, the flowers must be on point.

You can line your wedding aisle with flowers. Lace vines from the ceiling or through chairs and even create floral chandeliers.

Garden furniture looks fantastic, and we recommend white wrought iron tables and chairs, or you can also use wicker to make things look very classy.

10. The Traditional Formal Wedding

beautiful bride sitting patiently on the wedding car

While most people get into the spirit of spring by cleaning out what’s old, there’s also a sense of nostalgia and remembrance as the seasons change.

As we enter a new year, we focus on what got us where we are and what we still hold dear.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, you can plan the perfect throwback wedding that follows the traditions of past generations. Think black-tie wedding attire, formal RSVP cards, engraved invitations, and the traditional wedding plan.

People will feel like they’re part of something truly special, and you can make things feel bright and fun with stunning flowers that don’t cost a million dollars.

11. Throw a Fun Party

happy pretty guests holding firework sparklers, balloons, glasses of wine celebrating a spring theme wedding

One of the best spring wedding themes is finding ways to make the wedding colorful and fun.

A great way to do this is to combine your floral decorations with balloons, fancy flatware, designs on your dance floor, and other cool accents.

Make your guests feel like they’re stepping into the party of the century. Hand them designer cocktails garnished with flower petals when they walk through the reception venue’s doors and have plenty of fun, uplifting music throughout the day.

Put small board games on tables for friends and families to play while they wait or listen to toasts. Build a photo booth where people can pose for goofy pictures or record messages for the wedding couple.

When you’re planning a party, the sky’s the limit.

One nice way to plan a party wedding is to have unexpected twists like late-night snacks at your reception or an unplanned (that you planned) trip to your favorite bar nearby once the party winds down.

12. Dark Wedding Themes

dark wedding theme in the forest, bride wearing a red wedding dress matching her red hair, groom wearing a black coat and pants with a long hair

Are you looking for a way to break away from some of the more popular wedding themes? We get it; some people want something different for their wedding.

Using dark accents is a great way to make your wedding stand out, especially when you juxtapose dark tables, plates, and decorations with the beautiful spring weather.

You can emphasize the dark greens of leaves, vines, and stems in your floral arrangements with highlights of white or pastel colors.

13. Beach Weddings Are In-Season!

beautiful wedding beach set up on a sunny day

If it’s spring, make things easy on yourself and plan a lovely beach wedding everyone will enjoy. If you live near a beach, you’re lucky, first of all, and you can plan a wedding that is easy for guests and caterers.

However, if you’re traveling, you can make your spring wedding intimate by limiting how many people will be there to celebrate with you.

Beach weddings are a blast because almost everyone loves the ocean. The setting takes care of most of the decorations, and people expect things to be simple.

You also don’t have to worry about things being too hot in the spring. Of course, things can still be warm if you’re in the tropics, so do your research and schedule your ceremony accordingly.

Serve fresh seafood and refreshing cocktails at your reception for a night or day to remember.

How to Start Planning the Perfect Wedding Theme

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning a wedding, it’s normal to wonder why you need a theme.

You may have an image in your mind of what you want your wedding to look like and feel like you can execute it based on your preferences.

That’s certainly possible, but it makes wedding planning more challenging. If you’re having a larger wedding, you will need some help with the flowers, music, food, venue, and more.

Having a theme is like building a vision board for your wedding.

A theme keeps everyone on the same page and makes decisions easier when choosing flowers or what color plates you want.

Final Thoughts

Decide on the wedding theme, then pare up or down based on your budget, how much time you have, and your stress tolerance level. Your theme will be your guiding light through months of planning to design your dream wedding.