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Should the Groom Wear All Black?

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Formal weddings involve customs and deeply held traditions. These traditions dictate what type of cake to serve, dances, procession orders, and other wedding details.

Some people love traditions, and others prefer to chart their own paths. One of the most significant ways to break from tradition is by choosing what the groom wears instead of a traditional tuxedo.

Some grooms may want to wear all black because they think uniform colors look nice and contrast well with the traditional white of the bride’s gown.

But, should the groom wear all black?

First of all, it’s your wedding, so you make the rules. You can wear what you and your partner decide.

Elegant young groom  wearing all black suit sitting in the sofa posing at the camera

On the other hand, wearing black from head to toe may be overkill. Adding in color, whether it’s a white shirt or accents like handkerchiefs, is a sensible option for people who want traditional black but don’t want to overcommit to black.

Here are some great tips on what a groom can wear at a wedding, including the classic black and beyond.

Timeless Black

The stylish and elegant bridegroom is in the hotel room with a bouquet of flowers

You’re never going to go wrong by wearing a classic black tuxedo at a wedding. Your wedding day is likely one of your life’s most important and formal days, so swing for the fences!

A nice, well-fitted black tuxedo is timeless, and there’s no mistake you’re dressing up for the occasion.

Wearing a black tuxedo is also a fantastic way to give your bride the attention she deserves.

While there are small things you can do to change the look of a tuxedo and modernize it, it’s also sort of a fancy uniform. People know what to expect from the groom’s attire. All eyes will be on the bride even when you are standing next to her.

Black is also easy to coordinate amongst the wedding party. For example, the groomsmen can wear matching tuxedos that complement anything the bridesmaids wear.

Going All Black

Portrait of a groom in all black suit on gray background

Typically, black tuxedos are worn with white shirts for contrast. Some grooms, however, love the look of all-black everything.

Wearing all black is ok, especially if the groom is passionate about what they’ll wear.

Sometimes it’s hard for brides to give grooms freedom when it comes to what they wear. But remember, it’s the groom’s day too! Brides painstakingly choose their dress, so allowing the groom to choose what he wears for the ceremony and reception is fair and equal.

Men often look stunning in black outfits, and adding a black shirt to the rest of the traditional wedding tuxedo is a nice way to stand out and make the wedding unique.

Other Formal Dress Options for the Groom

Bride lying over sofa with groom in the field

Dressing for your wedding is a mix of honoring the ceremony and expressing your personality. Typically, brides have more options to do that with different dress styles, bouquets, veils, etc.

Sometimes men get trapped into thinking they can only wear the standard tuxedo with a white shirt. However, there are no rules for weddings, and people can wear what they want.

The best weddings are those that feel fancy but comfortable and are an expression of who the couple is.

The main thing to avoid is going too far out of the box to make the suit or the colors worn a distraction from what’s happening that day.

Here are some things to consider before you choose to wear all black or any other non-traditional colors.

Wedding Themes and Location

Groom holding his bride with wedding bouquet while walking on the beach

Most weddings have color palettes and themes. As a groom, you’ll want to ensure that whatever you wear contributes to these elements.

Dressing in all black is nice because it looks formal and contrasts well with any color. Whether you’re getting married in a rose garden or City Hall, black attire suits a formal setting best.

However, all black may seem strange or out of place if worn at a beach wedding or somewhere more casual.

Multiple Outfits

Night indoor photo of bride and groom eating cake at wedding celebration.

Brides often change dresses as they move from the wedding ceremony to the reception. Wardrobe changes are a terrific way to add variety to your pictures and show off more than just one look.

While the groom traditionally stays in the same suit, there are no rules that make this a requirement.

Grooms can change jackets, shirts, or their entire outfit if they want. An all-black outfit may fit in best during the reception when you’re dancing and having drinks with friends.

You can wear a more traditional white shirt for the ceremony and change into all-black before the party. Changing jackets into something maroon or even pink can be a fun statement outfit.

Talk to Your Partner

Young couple sitting in the bus and talking to each other

Discuss your ideas on dress and colors with your partner.

The bride will likely ask for your thoughts on what type of dress she should wear. If not, it’s probably because she thinks you may not have an opinion.

Unfortunately, a lot of grooms simply go along with whatever their partner has in mind.

Let them know what you want to wear and why. If you love the look of all-black, rent or buy the suit early and try it on for them so they can see what it will look like on the wedding day.

Sometimes it’s hard to envision what it will look like wearing an all-black outfit. Giving them an early look can ease their mind.

Adding Small Flairs of Color

luxury blue fashion men's cufflinks. accessories for tuxedo, butterfly, tie, handkerchief, style watch and smartphone

If you want to wear a black dress shirt with a black suit, you can add color by choosing non-black pocket squares, cuff links, and other jewelry. Traditional yellow gold rings, watches, earrings, tie clips, etc., all look amazing against black clothes.

You can also wear colored socks or tailor your suit with a colorful lining that only shows when you adjust your jacket or take it off. If people catch glimpses of color as you move or dance, it can make your outfit more memorable.

Final Thoughts

Plenty of celebrities have worn all-black to formal events in recent years. It’s fashionable and fits in with any color palette. Pictures of movie stars, singers, and even other grooms prove that all-black suits look great, even at weddings.