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13 Night Beach Wedding Ideas/Things to Consider

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Most people get married during the day because it’s warmer and easier to see things. However, night beach weddings are often beautiful and romantic, especially with a little bit of ambient light around. 

If you have ever experienced a night beach wedding, you might have felt like you were in a fairy tale.

Is the idea of spending your wedding night under the stars dancing with your new spouse on the beach enticing to you?

Keep reading for more night beach wedding inspiration.

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Fairy night portrait of wedding couple with lights of edison lamps by blue lake under willow tree

1. What Time To Start

The first thing to consider is when the wedding ceremony will start. When choosing the appropriate time to start your evening wedding, keep in mind what time the sun will set.

You may want to ensure some daylight is left for those memorable husband and wife portraits with the sunset and the beach as the background.

Most couples who choose night weddings tend to start their wedding ceremonies around 1-2 hours before the sunset.

2. The Weather

The weather is magnificent during early summer, late summer, and early fall, and that is why many weddings are usually held in June, September, and October. Have your guests come with a covering as the beach gets windy and chilly in the evenings.

You can also opt to provide your guests with blankets as gifts. This will be a nice gesture that will make them remember your wedding.

3. Have a Shoe Valet

A designated place for shoes will help your guests put their shoes in a central place where they won’t get lost in the dark.

You can provide them with flip-flops so they can choose to either wear them or be barefoot.

Bride change shoes sneakers

4. Decorating the Aisle

Seashells, palm leaves, bright coral, dried flora, sea glass vases together with luminaries are bound to make your walk down the aisle a memorable one. You can also use lanterns and candles to light an aisle on a beach.

If you fancy having luminaria or sky lanterns lighting your aisle, let the local coast guard know about your plans so the lights are not misinterpreted as a distress call.

5. Have a Cozy Wedding Reception

A cozy wedding reception will be ideal for your guests and will look great in wedding photos. Use plush comfortable settings that will have your guests feeling warm and welcomed.

Cushions with eclectic throw rugs will create a warm lounge area that your guests will enjoy.

Cushions surrounding a bonfire or a table with delicacies that your guests can munch on as they sit will be much appreciated.

Rustic furniture and decorative items will add to the warm ambiance of a night beach wedding.

6. Ocean-Inspired Tableware

The sea could be your source of inspiration when choosing your tableware. Large shells, starfish designs, bowls, fishbowl designs, and other marine-inspired tablewares will bring the beach feel to your wedding.

Be creative and use driftwood to write the menu and make origami sailboats as decor.

Seafood buffet in a restaurant

7. Seafood Menu

What better way to sum up a beach wedding than a menu filled with seafood? Guests get to taste the ocean that will make them hail your wedding as a fully-fledged beach wedding.

Coconuts and cocktails are an excellent idea to put everyone in the vacation mood, even if just for a night.

8. Use Warm Lights for Better Photography

Warm lighting will enhance your wedding venue’s look and enhance your beach décor. You should also ensure that you shop around for a good photographer who knows how to take great photos at night.

A glowing wedding arbor will be a great place to take romantic photos with your significant other.

Neon lights will look great in your wedding photos. You can have neon lights with words related to your wedding, for example, Love, Mr. & Mrs., and so forth.

9. Visit the Beach Venue at Night

To feel what your wedding will be like, a visit to the venue beforehand is advisable. You will know how the weather will be and have a view of the sunset. 

You will be able to see how intense the waves get in the night and figure out the perfect spot to hold your beach wedding.

Pyramid empty champagne glasses and cake, wedding night party on the beach.

10. Cost

Any event that starts after 6 o’clock is automatically considered fancier, and night beach weddings are no different. Because of this, wedding venues and vendors may charge you more for your evening wedding ceremony.

They also charge more because late-night ceremonies mean they will stay late cleaning up.

Of course, every venue is different. It might be possible to save money on your evening ceremony if you negotiate well or pick a less popular day (for example, Fridays tend to be less in-demand than Saturdays).

11. Dressing

Beach wedding dresses should be simple and elegant looking. You do not want to worry about your dress getting wet from the water or sand on the windy beach. A knee-length dress is ideal for a beach wedding because it will be easier to walk down the aisle without tripping over your dress.

Many different styles and colors of dresses look beautiful at a beach wedding ceremony, but you should pick something that works well with your theme.

When inviting your guests, add whether they should dress casually or formally. This will eliminate any doubts in your guests as they will know the theme of the wedding.

12. Tie in the Theme

One thing you can guarantee when it comes to a beach wedding is that the color palette will be beautiful and beachy. Think about what colors you’d like to see for your decorations and use that as your base for choosing your colors. If you want an island feel, try out some blues and greens.

A tropical beach wedding looks great with bright pinks, yellows, purples, oranges. Don’t forget neutrals such as white, either. It’s all about making it feel like a beach wedding, so you want to incorporate things typically found at the beach, such as shells, starfish, or even seashell centerpieces.

Orchids Bridal bouquet on the beach with a blue sky.

13. Tropical Wedding Bouquet

Another great way to have a complete beach wedding is a tropical bouquet. Mix local greenery to create a unique bouquet.

Think of palm leaves, ferns, anthurium, monstera leaves, and many others you can find. Your bouquet will be unique and will withstand the weather better than exotic flowers.

Night Beach Wedding Send-off Ideas

Since you are having your wedding by the beach, your send-off ideas should be nature-friendly. You can make your grand exit using:

  • Glow sticks: Since lights will add sparkle to your wedding, glow sticks are a great beach wedding send-off idea.
  • Sparklers: Just like glow sticks, sparklers are a great way to say goodbye to your guests as you start a brand new life as a married couple.
  • Leaves / Flower petals: Using whole or broken flower petals or leaves as a send-off idea is perfect for beach weddings because they won’t pollute the beach.
  • Beach balls: What other better way to end your day than with colorful beach balls.

Final Thoughts

Night beach weddings are unique and will create an unforgettable memory in your guest’s minds.

For your wedding ceremony to succeed, you will need to plan and be on the ground to make sure everything goes as planned.

Let the coast guard know of your wedding ceremony so they will not interfere with your celebration. And be sure to leave the beach clean after your wedding ceremony.