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Marquee Wedding Checklist 2022 (Printable PDF)

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A lot of effort goes into planning weddings – even non marquee weddings. So, you can understand why a marquee wedding will require much more effort and time to plan.

It is non-negotiable; if you want a flawless event, you must get to work as soon as possible.

Beyond setting your wedding plans in motion early, having a clear outline makes planning a marquee wedding less demanding.

This is where a checklist comes in. If you have a checklist, you can envision all you must do and follow a stepwise approach to get things done.

Below, we provide a marquee wedding checklist to make planning easier for you. And if you want a handy copy of the checklist, we included a printable PDF at the end.

Setting up for the ultimate wedding venue in a marquee

Marquee Wedding Checklist 2022

We prepared the checklist below following a one-year timeline. However, you can adjust it to match how much time you have before the wedding.

We arranged some of the items on the checklist in order. But you can adjust them to suit your specifics.

10 Months to 1 Year Before the Wedding

You should make every possible reservation in the first few months before the wedding. This will make choosing the wedding date easier, as most – if not all – of the services you need will be available for your desired date.

The longer you wait, the more likely the vendors will be booked on your preferred date.

Ten months to one year before the wedding, do the following:

  • Prepare a List of Everyone Primarily Involved With the Wedding and Discuss the Rough Details With Them – In many cases, the primary participants are you and your partner. But if there’s anyone else – like a family member funding part of the wedding – involve them from the start.
  • Guest List Prepare your guest list.
  • Set Your Budget – Work with practical values when creating your wedding budget. Do not place yourself under undue pressure.
  • Wedding Planner – Conclude if you will use a wedding planner or not.
  • Wedding Date – Choose a wedding date.
  • Marriage License – Choose between a church and a registrar. Select and make reservations with an officiant.
  • Finalize the Wedding Date – Once you have a date that can work for most or all of your reservations, choose it.
  • Reception – Reserve a reception venue.
  • Reserve a Wedding Night Getaway – If you will not be spending the first night of your marriage at home, book accommodation for that night.
  • Reserve Hotel Room Blocks for Accommodation – The hotel room blocks will serve as accommodation for guests coming from afar.
  • Transport – Make transportation reservations.
  • Marquee – Book the wedding marquees.
  • Entertainment – Plan the entertainment and make reservations accordingly.
  • Choose Your Wedding Party and Inform Them – You should choose and inform your maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, and groomsmen well in advance. Doing this affords them sufficient time to prepare for the wedding.
  • Guest List – Finalize your guest list.
  • Start Making Reservations With Vendors – Reach out to photographers, hair and makeup experts, bakers, DJs, florists, and other necessary vendors. The earlier, the better; you can make bookings before the vendors get overbooked.
  • Engagement Photoshoot – Do an engagement photoshoot.
wedding portrait photographer taking photos of honeymoon couple

6 to 9 Months Before the Wedding

Six to nine months before the wedding, do the following:

  • Invitations – Send out the invites (save-the-dates).
  • Meal Type – Decide if you will have sit-down meals or a buffet.
  • Menu Plan – Prepare your menu.
  • Caterer – Find and make reservations with a caterer.
  • Wedding Cake – Choose the cake you want and make an order.
  • Wedding Colors – Select a color scheme for the wedding.
  • Decor – Choose and reserve a company to handle the décor.
  • Buy the Wedding Attire and Accessories – You may buy your wedding rings at this point.
  • Choose the Wedding Party Wear – When buying outfits for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, consider your color scheme. You could even let it guide your choice.
  • Vendors – Finalize reservations with all vendors.
  • Get Insurance Policies ­– Having wedding insurance can protect you against potential losses or damages related to your wedding. The policy can cover venue damage, theft, and vendor issues.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Location – Get a place for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Premarital Counseling – Go for premarital counseling.
  • Renew Your Passports if Their Expiration Is Not Far – If you intend to have an overseas honeymoon, renew your passports early. Doing an early renewal affords you sufficient time if the need arises. If your honeymoon will be within the country, ensure you have a valid government-issued ID.

2 to 5 Months Before the Wedding

Two to five months before the wedding, do the following:

  • Get Extra Attire for the Prewedding Activities if Needed You may need extra outfits for the bridal shower, bachelor party, rehearsal party, or afterparty.
  • Honeymoon – Make plans for your honeymoon.
  • Ceremony and Reception Seating – Come up with seating arrangements.
  • Ceremony Service – Discuss the order of events with the officiant.
  • Write Your Vows – Your vows do not need to be perfect at this point.
  • Come Up With Your Music Wishlist – The wishlist should contain a list of songs you would love to hear during the wedding. You may also add a list of tracks you do not want the DJ to play.
  • Honeymoon – Finalize the honeymoon plans.
  • Start Getting Your Body in Top Shape – It is time to start your beauty routine. Start your skincare routine, improve your diet, improve your sleep pattern, or alter your gym routine. Ensure you follow your plans to get in top shape for the wedding.
  • Have Your Beauty Trials – Trying out hair and makeup before the wedding helps your glam team choose the best look for you long before the wedding.
  • Bridal Shower – Make plans for the bridal shower. Send invites for the bridal shower.
  • Wedding Program – Finalize the event program.
  • Wedding Shower – Have your wedding shower.
  • Bachelor Party – Make plans for the bachelor party. Have your bachelor party.
  • Favors and Gifts – Buy wedding favors. Get thank you gifts for family members.
  • Wedding Invitations – Order and send out formal invites.

1 Month Before the Wedding

One month before the wedding, do the following:

  • Fill Out Your Marriage License Application – Marriage licenses have limited validity. At the same time, it sometimes takes a few days before the state grants them. So, consider both factors when deciding when to apply for your marriage license.
  • Guest List – Verify the RSVPs, then finalize the guest count with the caterer. Finalize the seating arrangements.
  • Wedding Attire Make final adjustments to your attire to ensure they fit.
  • Contact All the Vendors and Finalize Arrangements At this point, ensure the DJ gets your music wishlist. Then, send your shot list to the photographers, confirm the meal plans with the caterer, and check with the baker for the cake. Give the vendors an emergency contact. Just get in touch with every vendor one more time.
  • Seating – Make place cards. Finalize the seating arrangements.
  • Wedding Program – Print out the events program for the guests.

1 to 2 Weeks Before the Wedding


One to two weeks before the wedding, do the following:

  • Wedding Planner Make final arrangements with your planner (if you have one).
  • Wedding Vows – Go over your wedding vows and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Prepare an Overnight Bag – The overnight bag should contain everything you need at your wedding night getaway. It should have necessities like your grooming needs (lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, cream, hairbrush) and pajamas.
  • Transportation – Finalize timing with the transport service.
  • Payments – Complete outstanding payments.
  • Hair and Makeup – Make reservations for your pre-wedding beauty care.
  • Wedding Outfit Have your wedding outfit pressed.

A Few Days Before the Wedding

A few days before the wedding, do the following:

  • Headcount Finalize the headcount with the wedding venue.
  • Wedding Attire Pick up your wedding attires.
  • Spa Get a spa treatment (and any other relaxation treatment).
  • Vendor Arrangements Confirm arrangements with the vendors one more time.
  • Organize Errands Verify the small errands handed over to friends and family.
  • Vows Practice your vows.

Wedding Day

On the wedding day:

  • Relax and enjoy the day!

Printable PDF Marquee Wedding Checklist 2022

We’ve created one for free if you want to print out a list.