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How Much Does a DJ Cost for a Wedding?

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There are a ton of wedding DJs all over the country, and their prices vary greatly. So, the question of the cost of a wedding DJ does not have a definite answer.

However, you can determine a range of what you should spend given the specifics of the services you want.

How much does a DJ cost for a wedding?

Getting a DJ for a wedding can cost anywhere from $500 to $3500. The price could be higher or lower, depending on various factors. However, the average is around $1000.

Some factors influencing the cost include location, time, and date. The DJ’s level of expertise and experience and the couples’ desired package also influence the prices DJs charge.

Of course, this doesn’t cover all you need to know about the charges of a DJ for a wedding. So, in the rest of this article, we will try to answer any questions you still have.

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Average DJ Costs

You can pay as low as $500 for a wedding DJ. Then again, the cost can be as high as $3500. But on average, you can expect to pay around $1000 to $1200.

The cost of hiring a DJ for a wedding varies vastly across the country. In most cases, date, time, and location are the primary factors affecting the charges of a wedding DJ. But the pricing may also be affected by personal factors like expertise, experience, and the package you opt for.

Individual Factors That Affect the Cost of a Wedding DJ


In some areas, seasonal changes have created a wedding season and an off-season. Generally, wedding dates in-season are more expensive than those in the off-season.

Similarly, wedding dates that fall on Saturdays are more expensive than those on weekdays.

The costliness of Saturday weddings is tied to the popularity of Saturdays for weddings. The same reason applies to wedding dates during the wedding season.

Another way date affects the cost of a wedding DJ is how early you make a booking. If you book long before the date of your wedding, you are likely to get a lower bill than when you book very close to the wedding.


The time of the day does not really affect the cost of a wedding DJ. However, the number of hours the DJ spends preparing for the wedding, getting to the wedding, and performing may affect the total cost.

Of course, the longer the hours, the higher the charge.

Cost of DJs Based on Location

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Price ranges are pretty similar across the country. However, there are some slight differences from state to state. Generally, the higher the cost of living in an area, the more expensive the DJs are.

For instance, in Tampa, FL, the average DJ cost is $800. In Fresno, CA, the average is $1100, and in Austin, TX, it is $900. In Columbus, OH, it is $850.

Besides average prices, location factors can also affect DJ costs. These can include the cost of parking, distance from the wedding venue, and traffic.

DJ costs can be pretty high in places where parking costs and traffic are steep. So, if you get a DJ in a place like Manhattan, you may be paying extra. Then again, if the DJ has to travel a couple of extra miles to the wedding, they may charge more.

Cost of DJs Based on Expertise

With budget-friendly DJs, you get some of the cheapest prices – around $500 to $700. These DJs are typically new, so they are relatively inexpensive. But the downside to them is they may have conflicting schedules and may end up not showing up.

Contrarily, with professional DJs, you may be paying twice as much. However, you are assured of their talent and commitment to schedules. In fact, they generally spend some time prepping for the show (around 10-30 hours for a 5-hour wedding).

Professional DJs are typically fully licensed.

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What Is Included in a Wedding DJ’s Charges?

A wedding DJ’s charges include the following:

  • Equipment: DJs charge for the equipment they use. Part of the money they charge goes into maintaining, updating, or replacing some of their devices. This way, they can ensure the best service even if their equipment breaks down.
  • Insurance and Operational Costs: Some of the fee goes into insurance. With your DJ insured, you have nothing to worry about if the DJ’s equipment gets damaged or causes damage to the venue.
  • Time: Of course, DJs will charge for the number of hours they spend at your wedding. But beyond that, they will charge for the time they spend preparing for your wedding. The number of hours they spend creating a script and a playlist for your wedding is included in the bill. And as we hinted before, if the DJ has to travel a long distance, the transit time may affect the total charge.
  • Music: The DJ has to pay for their music, and some of the money comes from what they charge you.

What Is the Best Time to Book a Wedding DJ?

You can book your wedding DJ as early as 8 months before the wedding. Then a few weeks before the wedding, you will have to meet with the DJ to discuss your choices.

What Other Services Do DJs Offer?

Besides being in charge of everything music at the wedding, DJs can also offer the following services:

  • Lighting services
  • Photobooth
  • Ceremony sound

Note that if you are getting any of the services listed above, you will pay extra for them.

Final Take

Across the United States, couples spend an average of around $1000 on wedding DJs. But depending on the location, date, time, expertise, experience, and the services you want, the prices could be higher or lower.

To ensure you get the best value for your money, compare quotes from different DJs. Check their services and prices; they will help you decide who offers the best services at the lowest rates.