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Groom Activities for the Morning of the Wedding

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So, it is the morning of your wedding, and you have some free time till the ceremony happens later in the day. Understandably, you are a bit nervous – it’s your big day – but you would like to distract yourself from the anxiety growing inside you.

So, you ask yourself, what can a groom do on the morning of his wedding?

A groom can take part in various activities on the morning of the wedding. Some of them include golfing, volleyball, staying in with the guys, watching a movie, and much more. Whichever activity the groom chooses to do on the wedding morning, he can do it alongside his best buds.

Of course, before the groom sets out to do any side activity on the wedding morning, his primary responsibilities for the wedding must be taken care of.

His attire, speech, and accessories must be in place, and once they are in place, he can engage in any of the activities below:

Go to the Gym

Side view portrait of a man workout on a fitness machine at gym

You may go to the gym on the morning of your wedding with the guys if you are a regular at the gym. Exercising can help dissolve your nervousness; the release of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine can help you deal with stress and anxiety.

Besides that, the activity itself can distract you from being nervous, if you are. Of course, going to the gym is also a great way to bond with your groomsmen.

If you choose to go to the gym on the morning of your wedding, do not go overboard. You do not want to get injured before your wedding. A limp will not be a good look on the groom at any time during the wedding ceremony.

Also, only go to the gym on the morning of your wedding if you are a regular. If your body is not used to the intensity of the gym, you may end up sore later in the day or on your honeymoon.


Grooms can play a round of 9 holes alongside their friends on the morning of the wedding.

This will help take their mind off the seemingly long hours before the ceremony. Of course, you should only consider this option if there is a golf course around.

Get a Hot Towel Shave

Man sits in barbershop chair and steam his face with hot towel

If you would prefer a relaxing activity, get a hot towel shave with your guys.

One of the upsides of getting a hot towel shave is that you can take care of last-minute haircuts and touch-ups. That aside, you get to relax your mind and come out with relaxed skin.

If you intend to get a hot towel shave on the morning of your wedding, make an appointment in advance. This is particularly vital because you will be going over with your guys – a group.

Go Relax at a Spa

Another way for grooms to relax on the morning of their wedding is to visit the spa.

At the spa, the groom and his guys can get a massage or a facial treatment. They can also sit in the steam room or just get the full spa service. If possible, they can get a haircut at the spa and take care of their nails.

The spa affords the groom and his guys the chance to relax and conserve their energy. But beyond that, the haircut, nail treatment, and facial treatment can leave the guys looking dapper.

Play Some Basketball

two young men playing basketball at the playground

You can have some fun and get competitive with the boys on your wedding morning while playing basketball.

You can divide yourselves into two teams and play against each other. Alternatively, each person can take turns throwing in free throws.

With basketball, you can sweat it out and distract yourself from whatever makes you nervous. But try not to overdo it; you wouldn’t want to get to your wedding injured or exhausted.

Grab a Drink

If your wedding venue is downtown, you can spend the morning grabbing some drinks with the guys. Check out one of the pubs or breweries around and have a few drinks.

If you choose to get some drinks before your wedding, you must ensure self-control. Set a maximum number of drinks and do not exceed it.

For obvious reasons, whatever you do, ensure you do not overindulge. Remember, there will likely be more to enjoy at the reception.

Grab Lunch

Food may be the last thing on your mind with all the anticipation in the air. But grabbing lunch just before the wedding can actually ease things.

You could take the time to visit new eating spots in town. You may also order in or have a cookout with your guys, whichever works for you.

Stay In

Group of friends eating pizza, drinking beer and watching football match

Instead of going out to get involved in some activity, you can just stay in with your buddies. Store up some food and drinks, and you and your friends can hang out playing indoor games while listening to a refreshing playlist.

Of course, if you are staying in, the chances of getting exhausted or injured are minimal. Also, you will be relaxed and refreshed for the wedding.

Watch a Movie

If you choose to stay indoors on the morning of your wedding, you could spend that time watching a movie or two.

Choose a few of your favorites from the past and binge on them. Of course, get some popcorn and snacks to enjoy during the movie.

Beach Volleyball

men playing beach volleyball in sunglasses under sunlight

If you are having a beach wedding or your wedding location is around the beach, you can pass the time by playing some beach volleyball.

When playing beach volleyball, you get to soak yourself in the sun while having some competitive fun. After playing volleyball, you can relax by sipping cocktails and listening to the sound of the waves.

Of course, do not go overboard with any of these activities.

Play Some Laser Tag

You can roll back the years with your friends by playing laser tag. It is pretty safe, and you can enjoy the time with your friends.

Explore the Area

If you are getting married in a city area, you can spend the morning of your wedding exploring the area. You can drive around, check top local spots, or just take in the atmosphere.


man jogging at sunrise sun over sea beach outdoor on pier seaside

As the groom, you may just spend the wedding morning jogging. Doing this can help you clear your head, destress, and remove anxiety.

You can jog alongside your best man or a few groomsmen, so it is more fun.

Falconry or Archery

You can spend the morning of your wedding on archery or falconry. Since neither of these activities is strenuous, you will not have to worry about getting exhausted.

Also, you can take part in archery or falconry as a beginner. So, every one of your groomsmen can come along with you.

Final Take

As a groom, there are many activities (indoor and outdoor) you can take part in on the morning of your wedding.

As long as the vital details of your wedding have been taken care of, you can spend the morning having fun. But do not have too much fun; if you do, you may not be in top shape for the wedding.