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Feel Like You Picked the Wrong Wedding Dress? 12 Tips to Feel Better About Your Decision

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Choosing the perfect wedding dress is a vital aspect of the wedding for a bride. You have a lot to consider when selecting a wedding dress. You will want your ideal wedding dress to show everyone how beautiful and confident you are.

When choosing the perfect wedding dress, brides tend to put themselves under pressure to make the right decision. But even after finding the dress of their dreams, many brides have doubts and wonder if they picked the right wedding dress.

So, do you feel like you picked the wrong wedding dress? If you do, we’ve got information that can ease your doubts. Below, we offer 12 tips describing what you can do when you feel like you picked the wrong wedding dress.

12 Tips for When You Feel Like You Picked the Wrong Wedding Dress

Call the Bridal Boutique

Happy bride chooses a dress in a wedding boutique-

When you have doubts about your wedding dress choice, your first option is to contact your bridal boutique and explain the situation. Ensure you speak with them politely and calmly so that they will work with you to find a solution.

If your wedding dress hasn’t come in yet, the bridal salon may be able to contact the designer on your behalf and exchange it for another dress. You can also ask the boutique if they can exchange the wedding dress for store credit.

But if the boutique has yet to put in your order, you may get back your deposit. The store may also be willing to let you purchase another wedding dress with your deposit. The bridal boutique may let you look at dresses from different designers.

If you choose to get a different dress, ensure you try on samples. This will allow you to get it right this time. 

Try the Dress on Again

Rows of wedding dresses on display in a specialist wedding dress shop.

When you start having doubts about your wedding dress, call the bridal boutique to book an appointment to try the dress on again. Trying on the wedding dress a second time may help you remember why you fell in love with it in the first place.

When you go to the boutique, take along a few accessories like a veil or shoes. Trying on the wedding dress with these accessories will give you a better view of how the dress will look on that day.

You Can Make Alterations

The process of fitting the dress in the studio of hand crafted clothes

If your wedding dress doesn’t fit you properly when you put it on, it’s because you have not altered it yet. Making simple alterations to your wedding dress can make it look like a different dress. However, making alterations to your wedding dress will cost you.

So, before you abandon the dress, visit your seamstress and listen to any suggestions she may have. The wedding dress can still be your dream dress with a few alterations. Remember, your accessories will also contribute to how the dress will look on your wedding day. 

Add a Few Accessories

Beautiful details of a wedding dress beadwork close-up

You can consider a creative solution if you are still not convinced about the wedding dress. Try to embellish it with a few bridal accessories. If you feel it is too plain and simple, consider adding jewelry, a belt, jacket, hair piece, veil, or sash.

Accessorizing your wedding dress can transform an ordinary dress into the dress of your dreams. So, if you are not keen on making alterations to your wedding dress, adding a few bridal accessories could be the answer.

Weigh the Possibility of Making Significant Alterations

If your wedding dress still doesn’t fit after accessorizing and you are not keen on getting a new dress, consider the possibility of altering it. Try to determine what it is you don’t like about the dress. For instance, do you want sleeves and not strapless? Or is the neckline too low?

Consult your seamstress, tell them what you dislike about the dress, and listen to their suggestions. However, before you agree to make any alterations, remember to ask for a summary of the total cost. Some adjustments can cost as much as a new dress. So, ensure you work within your budget.

Bring Someone to Your Fitting for Reassurance

Woman fitting wedding dress at the tailor studio

Don’t be too hasty to disown your wedding dress when you have doubts about it. Maybe you need a second opinion to convince you that you made the right choice.

So, when you go for your dress fitting, bring someone you trust along to help you decide. Although this decision is personal, it won’t hurt to get a second opinion. Having someone with you will ensure you avoid a decision you may regret.

Don’t Worry About It

If you have doubts about your wedding dress, you need to remember only you think that way. When your groom and guests see you walking down the aisle, they won’t be thinking about how the style doesn’t suit you.

When you walk down that aisle, the features and details of your wedding dress won’t matter. What everyone will remember about that day is how beautiful and happy you looked.

Avoid Looking at More Dresses You May Only Feel Worse

Once you have made your decision on your wedding dress, avoid checking out other wedding dresses. You are almost guaranteed to have doubts about your choice when looking at different wedding dresses.

If you decide to look at other wedding dresses, you will undoubtedly find more beautiful dresses. But this doesn’t mean you chose the wrong wedding dress. Focus on finding a solution for your current wedding dress, not a replacement.

Buy a Reception Dress

The process of fitting the dress in the studio of hand crafted clothes

When you feel you picked the wrong wedding dress, you can consider purchasing another dress if it wouldn’t affect your budget. You can wear the first dress for the wedding ceremony and then change into your new gown for the reception.

Purchasing a new dress means you will take pictures in two different dresses. You also have the opportunity to get a dancefloor-friendly dress.

Sell the Dress

Young women with a wedding dress

If you did not get your deposit back, you have two choices. You either accept the wedding dress or sell it. There are several platforms online where you can list your wedding dress for sale.

When you sell the dress, you can use the proceeds from the sale to purchase another wedding dress. And with your recent experience, you will most likely get the perfect wedding gown this time.

However, if the proceeds from the dress sale aren’t enough for a new dress, you can find out if your bridal boutique has any sample dresses on sale. Most times, sample dresses are usually half the original price. You can also check out online retailers where you will find dresses within your budget.

Cancel Your Order

When you feel indecisive about your wedding dress, consider calling the bridal boutique to cancel your order. You may be lucky enough to get your deposit back.

So, before purchasing a wedding dress, ensure you go through the store policies to avoid complications later. For instance, you want to avoid buying a final-sale item, especially if there is a chance you might change your mind in a few weeks or months.

Make Up for It With a Vow Renewal

Groom wearing ring on bride's hand on wedding ceremony close-up

Most brides often feel that their wedding day is the only day they get to wear a wedding dress, but this is not the case anymore. With vow renewals increasing in popularity, you have the perfect opportunity to wear your original wedding gown or purchase a new one.

So, if you feel you picked the wrong wedding dress after your wedding, you can plan a vow renewal and have a different dress for that ceremony.