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7 Most Expensive Wedding Flowers

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Many wedding couples and their families are shocked when they learn how much it costs for flowers and floral arrangements.

Depending on the size of your wedding, fresh flowers can add thousands of dollars to your budget and go even higher if you go all out.

Portrait of elegant bride wearing wedding dress and holding bouquet of pastel flowers

People sometimes don’t know that the type of flowers and how you buy them matter a great deal. Factors like the season, whether you arrange them yourself, and which florist you use will contribute significantly to your final price tag.

Knowing which flowers are the most expensive and where you can get good deals before you get too far in your wedding planning is crucial.

Here are seven of the most expensive wedding flowers and how you can find the best possible deals on your dream flowers for your special day.

7 Most Expensive Wedding Flowers

1. Orchids

Floral decoration on a chair with orchids at wedding reception

Orchids require a lot of care and time to grow, so it’s no wonder they’re one of the most expensive wedding flowers.

In many cases, orchids are shipped to the United States from other countries, adding to their price tag.

A complex arrangement of orchids can easily reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In addition, you have to pay per stem with orchids, so multiply how many stems you want in each arrangement by the number of tables you’re having at your wedding.

2. King Proteas

Beautiful King Protea flowers

King protea flowers are stunningly beautiful. They’re also expensive.

On average, a king protea stem will cost you over $50.

The good news is that you typically only need a few proteas for a large floral arrangement.

Proteas are more of a punctuation mark. An arrangement made only of king protea would be overkill.

Still, having these flowers at your wedding will raise the price of your floral budget by quite a lot. They’re also not always easy to find, so you may end up paying more because you have to ship them from a faraway florist.

3. Peonies

Gentle wedding bouquet peonies with blurry image of wedding rings on the table

Peonies are some of the world’s most beautiful and prized wedding flowers. They scream spring, and their colors go with almost any wedding theme.

But, unfortunately, they’re also some of the most expensive flowers that you can buy.

The cost of having peonies all over your wedding venue would be sky-high, so many couples reserve the peonies for the bride’s bouquet and other selective decorations.

You could only put peonies at the head table or around your wedding cake to reduce costs.

Peonies are so expensive because they have such a short season. Usually, you can buy them only from April to mid-summer each year.

Expect to pay excessively if you want them outside that timeframe.

4. Tulips

Bride holding her wedding bouquet of tulips

Tulips can be quite expensive, costing around $10 for a bunch of stems. That’s why so many wedding couples use them for bouquets instead of table centerpieces.

If couples use tulips for arrangements, usually, there use only a handful of tulips surrounded by other, more affordable flowers.

Tulips have a long history as a status symbol.

They were traditionally bought and sold in international trade. Today, they’re not as expensive as they once were, but they’re still some of the pricier wedding flowers you’ll see.

5. Gardenias

Gardenias bouquet that tie with pink ribbon on the table for wedding celebration

Not all of the flowers on this list are rare or have short blossoming seasons. The gardenia is relatively common and has a lengthy season.

Gardenia flowers are so expensive because they’re in high demand all year. You also have to purchase them by the plant instead of the stem.

Gardenias are sought after for their clean, strong fragrance. They deliver a beautiful smell for any wedding ceremony or reception.

6. Hydrangeas

Beautiful bouquet with veri peri colored violet hydrangea at wooden table for wedding celebration

Wedding couples and photographers love hydrangeas because they provide a burst of color wherever they are.

Hydrangeas are also large blossoms, so you don’t have to buy a ton of them even though they’re expensive by the stem.

People often combine hydrangeas with roses and other flowers with smaller stems. The combination makes for a stunning bouquet or centerpiece.

You can also dress any hydrangea floral arrangement up with baby’s breath to make it look larger and more ornate.

7. Lily of the Valley

Closeup of Lily of the valley blossoms bouquet in natural light background

Lily of the valley is a popular choice for very formal weddings. These flowers were made famous recently when Kate Middleton made them part of her royal bouquet.

Lilies of the valley are neutral flowers that have small blossoms, usually white or pink. You can find them early in the spring, and any other time it will cost you even more.

Lilies of the valley are perfect for people who want something classy, understated, and elegant.

Ways to Get a Better Deal on Wedding Flowers

If you want to keep your wedding flower costs down, you can do some legwork early on to lower the final price you pay for floral arrangements.

Here are some tips to help you save money if you want expensive flowers.

Buy in Season

Know what flowers are in season for your wedding date. Start making plans around which flowers will be most available instead of choosing those that aren’t and dealing with the shock of out-of-season prices.

Work With a Florist

Happy Woman florist standing and holding bouquet of sunflowers in flower shop

Work with a reputable florist who will offer good advice on what flowers to buy and when.

A florist can be an integral part of your wedding planning, so do your research to find the best florist available at the right price in your area.

DIY Arrangements

The flowers will cost a lot, but it’s going to be even more expensive if you ask the florist to arrange them all.

If you’re inclined, you can learn how to make some basic yet beautiful centerpieces, bouquets, hair arrangements, and other floral art online.

Enlist the help of friends and family to make flower arrangements in the days just before your wedding.

woman making a bouquet of fresh colorful tulips


The flowers on this list are expensive. However, you can save money if you buy them in season.

In addition, you don’t need to buy only orchids or some other pricey flowers for your wedding. Instead, use them sparingly and dress them up with affordable flowers that make your showpiece flowers go further.

Buying the right flowers at the right time will help you avoid breaking your wedding budget and still give you the wedding of your dreams.