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Do You Need to Wear Your Engagement Ring Every Day? (When Not to Wear)

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In Western cultures, there are two rings that most women receive when they commit to building a life with the man they love. The first one is the engagement ring, and the second ring is the wedding ring.

While we all know that a wedding ring is essential for newlyweds, some couples prefer to skip the engagement ring and just go with the important one.

However, some questions surface in our minds from time to time for those of us who still see the significance of having an engagement ring. The most frequent question would be how often we should wear it.

To be exact, do you need to wear your engagement ring every day?

There is nothing wrong with wearing your engagement ring every day. If possible, you should wear this ring as a sign of devotion or a symbol that you are engaged to be married.

woman with engagement ring

Generally, an engagement ring is given when a man is proposing to a beloved woman to be his life partner. In many cultures, women wear engagement rings on the fourth finger of their left hand.

Back in the old days, this ring was meant to show proof of ownership that the woman who wore it was already attached to the man who gave the ring.

However, in these modern days, many believe this is an old-fashioned belief because women are free to choose and commit to any man they love. But the core meaning of the ring still stands for love, loyalty, and devotion.

When Not to Wear Your Engagement Ring

Like many accessories, there are times that you can’t wear them due to several internal and external factors. The same thing goes for your engagement ring.

There are times or places where you need to take your ring off and keep it in a safer place. This is also true if your partner has spent quite a large sum of money to purchase it.

Here are a few examples of when not to wear your engagement ring:

During Rigorous Exercise

Couple working out in a gym together

With any physical activity, especially rigorous ones, it is always better for you to wear your training outfit or clothes that are easy on the skin.

You should always take off any accessories, including watches, rings, necklaces, or other valuable jewelry.

When you’re doing any weightlifting, you are using your upper body more, especially your hands. Hence, there is a higher chance that you might exert excessive force on your ring.

Hard materials or surfaces can cause a lot of damage to your ring, especially if your ring has gemstones.

There is also the chemical factor: sweat increases the accumulation of oil and dirt on your ring.

So the best thing to do is to take your ring off before exercising.

In the Shower

Woman bathing and relaxing in a modern bath tub

Believe it or not, to keep your engagement ring as shiny as when you first received it, you should always take it off before showering.

There is no issue with your ring coming into contact with water. However, the main culprits that can cause your ring to become faded and lose its aesthetic value are soaps, showering gel, shampoo, and even your toothpaste.

This is because the chemicals in these products can cause the stones on your ring or even the metal itself to become cloudy.

Of course, you might not see it at first, but when the ring is exposed to the soaps and gels for a long time, it will affect the color and texture of the ring.

Doing Chores

Couple washing the dishes together

Most household cleaning products contain bleaching agents, solvents, ammonia, and other chemicals that can corrode and stain your engagement ring.

Although you might think that washing your hands quickly after doing the chores can wash some of these cleaning products off the ring, they can still remain in some parts of the ring that you can’t reach with your fingers or a sponge.

It is also better for you to take off the ring whenever you are using hand sanitizer. This is because some sanitizers contain alcohol and corrosive chemicals that can discolor metal or any type of jewelry.


High angle view of young woman sitting on the floor and busy with transplantation of flowers and plants in the flower garden

Similar to exercise and working out at the gym, gardening requires you to use one of your hands, if not both. This messy activity can expose your engagement ring to chemicals, fertilizers, dirt, and debris.

One can argue that you can wear protective gloves to protect your hands and ring. However, most gardening gloves are made from latex or rough material.

Hence, wearing these gloves puts a lot of pressure on your ring

The metal and stones on the ring will rub against the inner surface of the glove, leading to minor scratches or worse: leaving a dent on the ring.

Additionally, your hands can become sweaty wearing gloves made from tightly fitted or leathery materials. 


Young couple making dough in kitchen together

Cooking can be a fun activity when your hands are free from any type of jewelry.

There is no telling when any of the cooking ingredients can stick underneath your finger or inside hard-to-reach areas of the ring.

If you’re cooking a simple meal without using oil, you might get a pass not to take your ring off.

However, if you need to use your hands to mix dough or marinate greasy meat, it would be best not to wear anything on your hands.

In the Water

Woman swimming underwater in sea

Whether you swim in a pool, river, or even the ocean, it is always better for you to take off your engagement ring beforehand. The same thing goes for any type of water sport or aquatic activity.

The first thing you should remember is that all of this water is not truly clean or has been filtered.

For instance, the water in a swimming pool contains chlorine.

Chlorine possesses the ability to bleach and corrode metal. Over time, chlorinated water can cause the ring’s color to fade and turn dull.

Fading can also happen with saltwater, mainly when you frequently swim at the beach.

Salt can corrode most jewelry metals, including white gold, silver, brass, and platinum.

Another thing to note is that when your skin is soaked in the water for a very long time, it can slightly shrink and become wrinkly due to the narrowing of blood vessels. So your ring is prone to slip off your finger unnoticed.

During Daily Self-Care Routine

woman applying cream on her face looking in the mirror in the bathroom

After a busy day at work, we will spare some time for our daily self-care routine, such as applying moisturizers and whitening cream, toning our face to keep it fresh and supple, using cleansers to remove dirt and sweat, and many more.

Unconsciously, when we try to apply these beauty and facial products to our faces, we will most likely get some of them stuck under the ring. The amount might be too small for us to notice, especially when it goes it the nooks and crannies of the ring.

But over time, the accumulation of these chemical products can cause severe damage to your ring, especially when it is also being exposed to dirt, debris, and sweat.

Rings with precious stones lose their luster faster when exposed to chemicals for a very long time.

Going to Bed

Woman use of mobile phone on bed at night before going to sleep

Apart from changing your clothes to pajamas or comfortable clothes, you should also place your engagement ring in a safe box or next to your other personal belongings.

Frankly, you will never know what could happen during your sleep.

Your ring might get lost under your pillow, or worse, when rolling from one side to another, it could snag your pillow case, blanket, duvet, and other fabrics. This can be damaging for rings with precious stones because the stones might fall off due to excessive pressure or a sudden harsh movement.

During a Long Trip

Woman use of mobile phone on bed at night before going to sleep

When you’re traveling for more than a day, especially to a new place, it is advisable for you to keep all your precious jewelry at home, including your engagement ring.

Although you might need to make a statement or show other people that you are with someone, there is no telling that you won’t lose or have your ring stolen in a place you are not familiar with.

Plus, if your itinerary is full of outdoor activities, the best thing to do would be to leave your engagement ring at home.

If you’re still reluctant to leave the ring home, keep it in a locked drawer or a safe in your hotel room.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the decision to wear or not to wear your engagement ring every day is totally up to you. If you think that you can’t wear it all the time, talk to your partner and tell them about any issues you’re dealing with.

After all, this piece of jewelry is just another accessory that shows your devotion and love. What matters the most is your actions, your day-to-day commitment, and the never-ending trust between each other that can’t be replaced or conveyed with any physical materials.