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Can You Get Rid of the Train on a Wedding Dress?

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Many brides will tell you that one of the most important aspects of their wedding was and remains their wedding dress. However, the wedding dress train is not always the highlight they anticipated.

Wedding dress trains are gorgeous in photos yet not as practical as many think.

Borrowed and vintage wedding dresses sometimes have trains that some brides do not want. Brand new dresses may be perfect in every other aspect, apart from the train.

Can you get rid of the train on a wedding dress?

You can get rid of the train on a wedding dress if you want to, although it will likely add extra costs and a qualified seamstress.

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There are many ways to get rid of wedding dress trains.

Ideas to Remove the Train on a Wedding Dress

Finding a way to hide the train on a wedding dress or get rid of it completely is the best choice for brides. The following are a few different ideas for how to take the train out of the equation.

Remove the Train Completely

For brides who do not want a train on their wedding dress, they can have it removed completely. Of course, it is best to have someone who is experienced in wedding dress alterations take care of this for you.

Removing the train from your wedding dress can change the entire appearance of your dress, so make sure you are ready for the change.

Bustle It or Button It

If you want the train on your wedding dress to be there still but appear like it is gone, you can have it bustled. A seamstress can sew in an apparatus to allow you to bustle or button up your train depending on the length.

The great thing about bustling or buttoning your train is that your dress will appear like it does not have a train, but it does.

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Tie It Up

Another way to hide your train is to tie it up to either your wrist or another part of your dress. This allows you to keep the train visible without it dragging around on the floor or ground.

A qualified seamstress can install a tie on the train to allow you to tie it up in a way that remains elegant but practical.

Choose a Different Wedding Dress

If you have not purchased a wedding dress yet and you do not want a train, the easiest and less expensive route is to simply find a dress without a train. This may not be ideal if you have already bought your wedding dress.

You could also buy a separate reception dress without a train to wear for the first dance and reception festivities. Many brides choose this option to keep their train intact and dress free of dirt or possible grass stains.  

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Reasons to Remove a Train on a Wedding Dress

You Are Having an Outside Wedding

One great reason to get rid of a train on your wedding dress is that you are having an outdoor wedding. Trains of any length will get dirty as you walk across the ground if you do not bustle them.

Many brides with a train on their dress find that the train is extremely dirty after their outdoor wedding. The cost of having the dress cleaned is enough to make some brides choose to have the train removed completely before the wedding.

You Simply Do Not Like It

Maybe you fell in love with the dress but not the train, or perhaps you inherited the dress and just want to make it your own. Either way, if you dislike the train on your wedding dress, you can and should get rid of it.

While wedding dress trains are popular, many brides still do not like them, which is completely understandable. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially when it comes to their special day.

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It Does Not Fit the Wedding Motif

Trains do not always fit the feel of someone’s dream wedding; removing them may solve the problem. Wedding dress trains are removed every single day, so you are not alone.

Trains on wedding dresses create a more formal feel to a wedding.

If you are opting for a more casual atmosphere, a train may be a little out of place.

Who Can Remove the Train on a Wedding Dress?

Professional seamstresses or tailors can easily get rid of the train on a wedding dress by altering the dress for you. This is the best option to get rid of the train on your wedding dress and end up with a gorgeous dress that you truly love.

Experienced sewing enthusiasts can also get rid of the train on your wedding dress but be sure they know what they are doing.

Wedding dresses are not a time for practice, so if you do not go with a professional, opt for someone who has altered wedding dress trains before.  


Can I Remove the Train from My Own Wedding Dress?

Anyone can remove the train from their own wedding dress, but the real question is whether the final product will look okay or not.

If you are experienced in sewing the specific material of your wedding dress, then you may be fine.

The trick is to take your time and really know what you are doing. If you have never sewn much before, your wedding dress should not be your practice piece.

Before you even start to remove the train yourself, think about if you really know what you are doing.

If you do not have confidence in your sewing abilities, the best route is to call in a professional for the job.

Can You Add a Train to a Wedding Dress?

While it may seem unlikely, the truth is that you can have a train added to a wedding dress. With the right seamstress, no one will be able to tell the dress did not come with a train to start with.

Always get a second opinion if someone tells you it cannot be done. There are many experienced seamstresses that can make it happen for you.

You can also opt to add a detachable train to your wedding dress. A detachable train can be added to almost any wedding dress and can be removed when needed.

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Can You Have a Train on a Wedding Dress Shortened?

If you just want to shorten the train on your wedding dress, you can!

Of course, you need to find someone who sews wedding dresses professionally, but the right person can shorten the train on your dress.

Shortening the train on a wedding dress will allow you to keep the train but make it easier to manage throughout the wedding. It is much easier to bustle up a shorter train on a wedding dress than a longer one.

Final Thoughts

If you really do not want a train on your wedding dress, there are ways to remedy your situation. Whether you opt to remove it completely or have it bustled, just make sure you choose an experienced seamstress.