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11 Bridal Shower Themes for Fall

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Since you’re reading this article, I believe congratulations are in order! Either for you or your close friend or family. Weddings are a beautiful thing and they usually come with a lot of celebrations aside from the main wedding ceremony. One such celebration is the Bridal Shower.

A bridal shower is a party planned specifically for the bride, which therefore means, no guys allowed. Hence the name bridal shower.

However, there is also something called a Wedding Shower. A wedding shower is like a bridal shower, but for both genders. It’s organized for both the bride and groom, and includes both male and female guests.

American woman opening a bridal shower present with pink bride balloons

The bridal shower is planned so all the bride’s friends and family can come together to celebrate and also bring gifts for the couple.

It can range from an intimate affair in a restaurant with four people to a full blown party with over a hundred guests and all the party frills. Whichever way you prefer, this article is for you.

Bridal Shower Themes for Fall

Fall is unarguably one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year where we have left the scorching heat of summer, and are on our way to the winter cold. Old leaves are falling and making way for new leaves to be formed. The burst of orange, yellow and brown that fills the environment makes it look like a different world.

The cool air makes it easier to have outdoor parties and meetings. If you are looking for the perfect season to have your bridal shower, the fall season is a great choice as it has the perfect blend of the heat and the cold, as well as that extra burst of color.

Cake at wedding shower fall theme

Here are some themes for your bridal shower in the fall.

  1. Fall-themed. What other time to have a fall-themed party than in the fall. You can decorate the venue in fall colors, and also add flowers to the decor. You can add games where the guests talk about their favorite thing about fall, or where they compare the fall season with the bride’s personality.
  2. Elegant Tea Party. You can have an afternoon tea party with your loved ones. An intimate setting with a sprinkle of sophistication is just the thing for your bridal shower. You can have a booth where the guests can mix up their own tea in whichever flavors they’re partial to.
  3. Outdoor Barbeque. You usually don’t have to worry about whether it will rain or not during the fall. You can plan an outdoor barbecue and feed your guests till they’re full. A long table can be set and decorated with flowers, while a barbecue stand is available. You can hire a grilling pro to take over making the barbecue and also teach whoever wants to learn the barbecue process.
  4. Classy and Elegant Theme. Sometimes less can be more. A simple yet elegant shower might just be the thing you need. You do not have to go overboard with the decorations or the setting.
  5. Autumn Rustic Theme. Incorporate the fall into your bridal shower. You can spice things up with fall leaves, burlap and wood slices. You can also add these decors to your invites to give your guests an idea of the party theme.
  6. Chic Garden Party. Picture your guests walking around the garden in their beautiful floral dresses, holding up their glasses of wine and mingling with each other in a serene colorful garden. You should definitely consider having a garden party theme for your bridal shower.
  7. Tropical Shower. Create the ambience of a tropical beach using palm leaves, colorful flowers, berries and coconuts. You can even take it up a notch and use a beach as the venue for the bridal shower.
  8. 80s Theme. Throwing a bridal shower with an 80s theme will definitely be unforgettable. Guests can come dressed up as their favorite 80s person. The decor and food menu can all be created with the theme in mind. Games should also come from the era.
  9. Beach Bash. Take the bridal shower to the beach and have a great time in the sun. Menu can include coconut water, finger treats, tropical drinks, etc.
  10. Black and White Themed Party. Have a formal party where everyone dresses up in their black and white attire, to enjoy themselves with good food, drinks and soothing music.
  11. Wine Tasting Theme. You can have an elaborate supply of various types of wine. Have your guests dress up elegantly for the event. You can play a wine tasting game where guests will have to guess the wine they tasted while blindfolded.
girls celebrate a bachelorette party of bride

Who Plans the Bridal Shower?

There are a lot of opinions out there regarding this question as there is no definite answer. It is quite common and traditional for the friends of the bride, spearheaded by the maid of honor, including the bridesmaids to plan the shower for her.

They also sometimes bear the cost of throwing the shower. It can either be planned as a full surprise party or with the knowledge of the bride. However, there are occasions where the bride has been known to plan her party herself and invite her friends to be her guests.

The bridal shower can be planned based on themes, wedding colors or anything the bride is partial to. Examples of some themes to use for your bridal shower include black and white theme, winter theme, 80s theme, high school theme, high end party theme and many others.

The Bridal Shower can be thrown between four months to a few weeks before the wedding. There are no hard and fast rules to the time to organise your shower. Make sure to do what works for you.

Beautiful women friends having fun at bachelorette party

What to Do at a Bridal Shower

One of the main purposes of organizing a bridal shower is to collect gifts for the couple. But, if the shower is only about opening gifts, the party can be over in less than an hour.

Here are a few ideas of things you can do at your bridal shower.

  1. Eating. Food makes everything better. Show me a party without food and I’ll show you a party where the guests leave hungry. You can never go wrong with having finger foods at your shower.
  2. Games. No better way to turn up the fun at your bridal shower than to incorporate a few games. Games such as Find the Guest, He-Said-She-Said, Never Have I Ever, Bridal Bingo, etc. can spice up the fun at your party. Games also provide a means of bonding and forming friendships between guests.
  3. A Photo session. Adding a photo booth to your bridal shower can help preserve memories and add to the fun. Guests can take pictures with the bride and with each other at the party.
  4. Opening Gifts. Of course this is the highlight of the whole party. You can spice things up by asking the guests to remove the cards attached to the gifts while the bride guesses who brought what. Gift ideas may include practical things the married couple will need such as dishes, home appliances, pots and pans, an all expense paid honeymoon, etc. The couple sometimes will send out a wedding registry with a list of gifts they would appreciate so you have an idea of what to get for them.

Final Thoughts

The ambience of the fall season is always warm and inviting, making it a great choice for hosting your bridal shower.

When hosting a bridal shower, either for yourself or for your friend who’s getting married, always put the personality and preference of the bride first.

The shower is primarily for her, so the theme should be something that carries her personality, and some of her taste.