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12 Creative/Unique Alternatives to the Bridal Bouquet Toss

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The bridal bouquet toss is one of the most popular and most anticipated parts of a wedding. While it only lasts a few minutes, the enthusiasm of everyone involved is typically delightful.

As fun as a bridal bouquet toss can be, not everyone is a fan. Some brides or couples would rather not have a bridal bouquet toss at their weddings.

The good news is even if you do not want a bridal bouquet toss, there are many other fun alternatives.

If the regular bridal bouquet toss does not appeal to you or you want something different, below are twelve creative and unique alternatives to the bridal bouquet toss.

Anniversary Dance

The anniversary dance celebrates longevity in marriage.

It is a dance that involves the bride, groom, and the married guests. In some cases, the dance includes unmarried couples too.

While the couples are on the dance floor, the DJ will play some exciting music.

Then while dancing, the emcee will call out a specific number of years, and the couples who have been together that long will leave the floor.

The count increases until only the longest-married couple remains on the dance floor.

Two active seniors dance on the dance floor at a wedding

The oldest couple will then share some marital advice with the newly married couple. Then you and your spouse will present the bridal bouquet to them.

Box and Lock the Bouquet

You can put your bouquet in a box and lock it. The box or vessel could be anything as long as you can lock it.

After locking the bouquet away in the box, get a bunch of random keys alongside the real key.

Then let each guest pick a key and try their luck opening the box. Whoever opens it gets to keep the bouquet.

You can get creative with this option; in place of a bouquet, you can use any other gift item. It could be money or anything you think the winner would appreciate.

Breakaway Bouquet

A breakaway bouquet is a single unit of flowers that breaks into multiple pieces or bouquets when tossed.

A breakaway bouquet is an option that ensures that everyone that stands up for the bouquet toss gets something. This way, no one will feel uncomfortable if they do not catch the bouquet.

Almost everyone will get a piece, whether it breaks into multiple bouquets or individual flowers.

Cake Pull

Hands pulling the ribbons of the wedding cake

You could have a cake pull in place of a bridal bouquet toss.

A cake pull involves attaching charms to ribbons and placing the ribbons between the layers of the wedding cake in a way that partially exposes the ribbons.

The single ladies can take turns pulling out a ribbon during the reception. Of course, with the ribbons out, they see the charms, each with a different meaning.

Candy Toss

A fun way to get everyone involved is to do a candy toss instead of a bridal bouquet toss. Anyone can join in when you do a candy toss, not only the single ladies.

Get the DJ to play a fun song while everyone is on their feet. Then you start tossing the candies or anything candy-like towards the crowd.

Choreographed Girls Dance

bridesmaids dance around a pretty bride in the restaurant hall

You can have a dance involving only the ladies. Dances entertain everyone and inject energy into the atmosphere.

You could learn a choreographed dance with your bridesmaids beforehand to make things even more fun. But make the dance simple, so everyone else can get into it quickly.

Get the DJ to play some fun music. The songs could be classics, or you could opt for new school songs.

If you want classics, songs like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and “Who Run the World,” Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling,” and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” are top options.

Get your groom to perform a choreographed dance with the guys afterward to make things livelier. Then you can end it all with a dance involving everyone.

Flower Ceremony

The flower ceremony is a sweet alternative to the typical bridal bouquet toss. However, you should only opt for this if your guest count is low or the wedding is intimate.

A flower ceremony is pretty simple.

You tell the emcee or DJ to invite all your friends to the floor. Then when they are all on the floor, you can give each of them a flower from your bouquet.

While handing the flowers to your friends, tell them how much you appreciate them.

Have a Tribute

Instead of tossing the bridal bouquet, you can place your bouquet beside something that reminds you of your absent loved ones. It could be their pictures, an item of sentimental value, or a sign bearing their names.

This alternative can be a bit emotional but honoring the memories of your late loved ones is worth it.

This bouquet tribute is a way to show that you are thinking of your late loved ones on your big day.

Pass the Bouquet Forward

You could pass the bouquet to anyone about to get married.

Alternatively, you can remove flowers from the bouquet and give one to your bridesmaids.

Sharing takes away the intensity that comes with a bridal bouquet toss. So, this is a good alternative if you do not want that moment of frenzy.

The idea behind bridal bouquet tosses was to pass the bliss of marriage to whoever receives the bouquet. So, the main thing is to give the bouquet to someone else.

beautiful bride throws wedding bouquet to her friends

Ribbon Cutting

A ribbon cutting is a fun alternative to the bouquet toss.

To do this, tie multiple ribbons to your bouquet and let every single lady hold one ribbon. Next, cut the ribbons one by one until there’s just one left.

The person holding the last ribbon gets to keep the bouquet.

Split the Bouquet

You could do something totally different from the usual bridal bouquet toss.

Instead of giving the bouquet to your bridesmaids, single ladies, or any other guests, you could give it to a woman very close to you. It could be your mother, mother-in-law, aunt, sister, grandmother, or best friend. You may also split the bouquet and give it to each of them.

This alternative is less energetic but more emotional. It’s a way to honor the women closest to you, and no one has to scramble for the bouquet.

Toss Something Thematic

The bridal bouquet itself is a thematic part of weddings. But for whatever reason, if you do not want to toss it, you could use some other themed item at your wedding.

For instance, if you have a fairy tale wedding, you could toss pixie dust confetti in place of the bouquet.