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7 Alternatives to a Mother-Son Dance at a Wedding

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There’s a lot of pressure involved in planning a wedding, as it tends to be a formal event steeped in tradition. People worry about what their families and guests will expect.

Since it is so difficult, people sometimes default to following the same scripted wedding plan.

However, unique circumstances may force some people to not follow some wedding traditions.

For example, what happens if the groom doesn’t want a mother-son dance at his wedding? What happens if the mom can’t attend?

Remember that there are no rules to planning your wedding. You and your partner can choose what you want to do at your wedding.

Below are some fantastic alternatives to celebrate your wedding without a mother-son dance.

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Reasons to Not Have a Mother-Son Dance

People may want an alternative to a mother-son dance if the mother is no longer alive. If your mother has passed away, hosting a mother-son dance with someone who isn’t your mom can be painful.

In addition, parents sometimes become estranged from their children.

You don’t need to have a mother-son dance at your wedding. Your wedding schedule is completely up to you. Make sure it is something you’ll love and remember forever.

Easy Alternatives

Groom at wedding tuxedo in the forest

Here are some ways to replace a traditional mother-son dance:

Ask for a Stand-In

What if you still want to have the dance, but your mother can’t be there? Some people choose another female relative to dance with, like an aunt or a grandmother.

Dancing with a close relative can be a touching moment, and the person you ask will be very honored. The DJ can even explain to the guests what is happening.

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Include Others

Some people don’t like to dance, so the idea of getting up in front of hundreds of people to dance can be terrifying.

One option is to ask your guests to dance with you. This way, you won’t feel everyone’s eyes on you while you dance with your mom.

Alternatively, you can hold the mother-son dance and the father-daughter dance at the same time, so you’re not the only one in the spotlight.

Display Pictures

Equipment for video and slideshow projection at a festive event

If your mother has passed away, you can honor her at your wedding.

A slideshow filled with pictures of you and your mom is a terrific alternative to a mother-son dance.

You can also play music while your guests watch. It can be a beautiful moment at your wedding that everyone remembers.

Skip It

One easy option is to cut out the mother-son dance.

Guests may notice the absence of this dance, but it shouldn’t be a major issue; it will not ruin your wedding. Removing the dance may reduce stress on your wedding day.

Video Call

Female talking on digital tablet using video call, decorated garden with flowers and balloons background

Sometimes moms are too old and frail to attend a wedding. If she is in a nursing home, for example, asking her to travel to a wedding could be almost impossible, much less dance with her son.

Instead, you can ask your mother to record a video as a toast to the new couple. You could also video call her during your wedding, where she can watch her son dance.

Brother-Sister Dance

If you’re up for dancing, then a brother-sister dance is a nice way to honor your family.

Sometimes, brother-sister relationships are extremely close, so dancing with your sister can be a special moment.

Coordinated Dance

Dance of happy newlywed couple.

You can replace the traditional mother-son dance with a coordinated dance with your groomsmen. It’s a fantastic way to lift the mood and prepare everyone for the party at your reception.

Of course, this will take some practice, but it would be fun for you and your guests.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing is to not worry too much about having a mother-son dance at your wedding.

Everyone has different family situations, so don’t hold yourself to other people’s standards.

Replace traditional elements with fun or sentimental moments that you prefer more.

Most couples stress about their wedding much more than their guests. No matter what food, decorations, or dances you have, your guests are there to support you.