How to Respond to a  Bridal Shower Invitation

Do you RSVP to a Bridal Shower?

If you receive an invitation with RSVPs requested it is expected that you will respond to the invitation.

When should you RSVP to a bridal shower?

Most invitations come with a time frame to respond.

Make sure to reply within that time, if you know your situation it is even better to respond as soon as possible.

How to RSVP to a bridal shower?


Make sure you post it early enough, so it will reach the bride in time.

Some people find it easier to give a quick response over the phone

Phone call:

Ways to respond to a bridal shower invitation

If the bride is a friend of yours, write more fun, lighthearted and personal responses. Or You can format a formal response if the bride is a co-worker or acquaintance. Keep it short and sweet.

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