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What Does The Father Of The Bride Wear

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The father of the bride is one of the most important people at every wedding reception. From his role to the attire he wears, the bride’s father should be in his best form to ensure that the ceremony goes smoothly.

Generally, the father of the bride will wear attire that matches the groom and the groomsmen.

He can wear something as formal as a suit and jacket, or go with a full-set tuxedo.

father with his daughter going to her wedding

Or if the reception is being held on a beach, where the theme is laid-back and casual, he could opt for something that is easy to wear like a long sleeved shirt and chino pants.

As long as the outfit doesn’t violate the formality of the ceremony, the bride’s father is free to choose what attire he wears. It is best if the father of the bride wears something that matches the groom and the groomsmen.

You can also match the color of his outfit with the father of the groom if he agrees to it. Be sure to coordinate their outfit with other subtle details to give each of them a unique look that makes them feel exclusive.

What Color Suit Should The Father Of The Bride Wear

When it comes to the color of the suit, the father of the bride could choose any colors that represent the wedding theme.

If the dress code for the reception is formal wear, he should choose colors that represent formality like black, gray, navy blue, or dark brown.

Then, if the bride’s father wants to match the groomsmen, he should also wear the same color. If the wedding theme is informal or casual, he can go for any colors or outfits that he wants.

Accessories are optional but be sure not to overdress. Also, finding the right fit for the outfit is necessary to make sure the father of the bride is at his best during the ceremony.

The Roles Of The Father Of The Bride

The role of a father on his daughter’s big day is important to ensure that the reception goes smoothly without any hiccups.

Budgeting and planning for the wedding are just the tips of the iceberg. Here are 5 big roles of the father of the bride on the wedding day:

father and bride on a walkway

1. Support The Bride Emotionally

The bride might get nervous or anxious during one of the biggest days of her life.

Aside from the mother, the father of the bride can provide his daughter with emotional and moral support.

He can try to cheer the bride up if she looks worried and offer advice and tips on how to soothe the nerves.

2. Walk The Bride Down The Aisle

One of the dreams of every girl since childhood is to have her father be on her side during every important moment in her life.

This is one of them. Walk the bride down the aisle because this is the moment where she wants her father there the most.

This moment might be emotional but will most likely be filled with tears of joy.

3. Give A Speech

A short but sweet speech is one of the great ways to honor the bride.

It doesn’t have to be an overly eloquent, long toast but it will feel good for the bride’s father to be open and share what he feels is truly important for her daughter to hear.

4. Dance With The Bride

The father of the bride can dance with his daughter as a way of sharing his happiness for his daughter’s big day.

It can be a dance to an upbeat song or just a slow dance to capture this beautiful moment.

5. Mingle With The In-Laws And The Guests

Last but not least, try to socialize with the in-laws and the guests. This is the day where two families bond together. Make the in-laws and all the guests feel welcomed and happy by telling them how much they are appreciated for attending the reception.

7 Wardrobe Ideas For The Father Of The Bride Based On Wedding Theme

father and bride

Different wedding themes come with different types of dress codes and outfits that the father of the bride can wear.

Here are 7 wardrobe ideas for the father of the bride based on some of the popular wedding themes out there:

1. Church Wedding

It goes without saying that having a reception at a sacred place comes with its own set of rules.  A church wedding always goes with a straight formality and dress codes.

For the father of the bride, he can wear a tuxedo or a suit with colors that represent formality like black, white, navy blue, or gray.

A bow tie or a tie is also necessary for this type of wedding. Everything else is related to the tradition and how the reception is set.

2. Beach Wedding

A beach wedding signifies a casual and easy-going type of ceremony.

There are no strict rules on what to wear but following the wedding theme is always a good choice.

For a beach wedding with a formal dress code, the father of the bride could opt for a suit or a long sleeve shirt with a tie with chinos or khaki pants.

For semi-formal reception, he could wear a button-down suit or a collar shirt.

Also, it would best for him to choose lighter colors for his outfit like teal, gold, cyan, light green, or pink.

3. Rustic Wedding

Whether the wedding venue is set at a ranch, countryside, or just a small wedding hall, a rustic wedding gives a barn-like environment to the whole ceremony.

The dress code is pretty simple for the father of the bride. He can wear a suit and a jacket, or a vest and a pair of jeans, with a personal touch on the cufflinks, a pair of suspenders, or a tie.

He also could take his whole attire to another level by wearing a cowboy hat and boots, but only if it is permitted.

Most colors for men’s outfits for a rustic-themed wedding are brown, chestnut, dark gray, or light gray.

4. Outdoor Wedding

father and bride outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding can vary from a garden theme, celestial theme, or even an eco-friendly type of wedding. Depending on the dress code, the father of the bride could wear something formal or semi-formal.

For a formal ceremony, there are many options for a suit and tuxedo with neutral colors like gray, beige, ivory, or black.

For a semi-formal reception, the bride’s father can choose attire like a striped collar shirt with khakis, long sleeve shirt with or without a tie, and other casual outfits.

5. Christmas Wedding

There is no better time to wear a nice winter outfit than on a Christmas wedding day. Don’t let the cold weather limit the bride’s father’s options to wear something stylish and trendy.

For a formal winter wedding, a nice suit, a blazer, or even a tuxedo will certainly suit the father of the bride.

If the theme is casual, he can opt for something simple like dress pants and a collared shirt, a turtle-neck sweater and khaki pants, or something that is truly fit for the cold season.

6. Nautical Wedding

A nautical wedding is one of the popular and unique wedding themes. This type of wedding brings the seaside or maritime element to life in the venue.

For the father of the bride, he can wear something as simple as a white, long-sleeved shirt with beige khakis, or a navy blue jacket with a white shirt and dress pants.

The main attraction for this wedding theme is the color choice, which is white and navy blue.

7. Seasonal Wedding

A seasonal wedding comes with its own uniqueness because it varies depending on when the ceremony is being held.

For a summer wedding, the father of the bride can wear something relaxing like a suit and a tie or a dress shirt and dress pants with lighter colors.

For a spring wedding, he can go with a brightly colored outfit that matches the blooming period of the flowers, as long as it follows the formality and the dress code.

For a fall-themed wedding, a nice beige suit or a white dress with brown pants will certainly fit the theme.

Finally, for the winter wedding, it is the same as the outfit wear for a Christmas themed wedding.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best outfit for the father of the bride might look like a daunting task but it is quite simple.

Although there are many options out there, it is always best to discuss them with him firsthand so that the decision is mutual.

As long as everything is fit and follows the wedding theme, there is no reason why the father of the bride can’t look great on his daughter’s wedding day!