Why is Wedding Catering So Expensive?

Although choosing the right venue and getting the decor right is essential, you must also consider what food options to have at your wedding

Research done by WeddingWire.com revealed that most U.S. couples spend an average of $4,000 on food services and close to $2,400 on bar services.

What is the Average Cost of Wedding Catering?

The more people you invite, the higher the catering cost. Note that most venues and caterers charge per head or per plate, which quickly drives up the price if you have a lot of guests on your big day. 

Number of Invited Guests

Some wedding venues have catering restrictions. They may either do the catering themselves or suggest a list of vendors. These options can be more expensive than hiring your preferred caterer. 

The Wedding Venue

Some couples are opting for personalized food options for their big day.  However, personalized cuisines require extra ingredients that may be expensive, and preparing some foods is also time and labor intensive.

Personalized Menus