Why Does a Traditional Wedding Cake Have Three Tiers?

The custom of having three cake tiers is a cherished part of almost every traditional wedding.  While there is certainly room to play with desserts, cakes with three levels are still trendy

The wedding cake tiers aren’t just for show. People have been using three-tier cakes for hundreds of years. There are reasons behind the tiers..

The Meaning of Three Cake Tiers

The height of each tier doesn’t really matter, either.  Typically, wedding couples love to see taller cakes rather than wider cakes,

How Tall Should Each Tier of a Wedding Cake Be?

These days, you’ll see a lot of weddings with three-tiered cakes without the stilts that separate them.  When couples cut the cake, they eat all of the tiers and don’t worry about saving any portion of the cake.

Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

Not everyone loves cakes or the idea of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a wedding cake.  For those people, you can employ several dessert options for your wedding to make things fun

Other Wedding Dessert Ideas